4 Best Tether Apps To Use For Smooth Wifi Tethering

How many times has it happened that you can’t get your WFH on point because the internet on your system won’t stop flickering? Or sometimes, in between a top priority zoom meeting, the internet goes flat because of a power cut or for whatever reasons. That’s when the best tether apps feel like guardian angels to you.

To tell you more about a WIFI tether app, it’s an external tool that connects your cellphone to another device. Which consequently permits the latter to use your phone’s internet when in jeopardy. There are so many tethering apps, and it’s upon you to see through the awesome tether apps for android as well as the arch-rival iPhone to end the occasional embarrassing struggle.

Now, considering we all, more often than not, have our phones on us, just getting the best tether apps could help you save the day when you’re stuck somewhere. Also, imagine how much money it’ll save you. Even if you don’t have separate connections, which you won’t need, as long as you conceal your actions. And the money saved is money earned, right?

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Can’t Afford To Lose Connection In That High-Priority Meeting The Next Time? We Got You.

It is all pretty uncomplicated if you ask me. There are not many things you need to make sure are to accomplish the so-called tethering. The items you need to tick off are the basic ones, like a cellphone with the best tethering apps, and a PC, and of course, probably the most important one, a good internet connection in your smartphone. That’s all you have to invest in.

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It won’t be an exaggeration if I call this one of the free WIFI tethering apps smart as a fox. Not just to get it to rhyme with the name but because of the tethering facilitation that it offers. To get done with the mission, no root or any thing is required. If you got one of those older devices, where tethering is a far cry, then to accomplish it, this is the perfect option for you.


It is in the race for the best tether apps because it offers a beautifully crafted and user-friendly interface and undetectable activity. But there are a few catches to its use. It can only be used for phones that permit older hotspot technique, which means what? That the newer phones won’t be able to use it for their good.

Also, you might need to pay for the paid app to use some features, rather than just restarting it and keeping using it. The app though, is available on play store for you to go ahead and install.

Visit: FoxFi

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Telus MyWifi

Now, this app does more than just providing the capability to use the internet straight through your phone, which could make it the best android tethering app. Firstly, it supervises the arrangement and guides you on where and how to put the boosters for the unparalleled, uninterrupted, and top-notch flow of WIFI. It allows you to do a lot of stuff that would otherwise require you to make it to the WIFI portal.Telus my WI-FI

Telus my WI-FIApart from that, if you’d like to stop the service, it is not a lengthy process. Just take a click here, a tap there to do that. That is how simple it is. Furthermore, it also lets you take a look at the credentials of your WIFI. What else do you need in the best WIFI tethering app for android?

Visit: Telus MyWifi for Android | iOS


Another app running for the best tethering apps for android is probably one of the most efficient ones. By going for this one, you’ll have to choose which way to proceed. The thing is, some phone carriers would not allow you to use these sneaky tools for internet usage, so in that case, you’d have to set up a VPN or that sort of thing.

On the other hand, if you have an old phone and it allows you to go to such heights, then the app is the perfect go-to option. You could get the app from google rather than from the official play store for another way.


Talkin about the actual thing, the latest app has got the Bluetooth portion removed, while it comes with the other two: the Wireless and USB modes. So it still has brought the two most reliable and unquestionably efficient ones to work for you. To top all of that, it also has the application for a computer if you’d like a platform for that.

Visit: PDANet+

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iTether App

Are you an iPhone user who feels left behind in all this talk for the best tether apps? Well, worry not, I haven’t forgotten you guys. Together as you might guess from the name, is one meant for your sleek and splendidly elegant iPhone.

The work put behind making the app is ingenious. If you ask me, as you don’t need to get any app at all to get things done. This is how it works. You connect both the parties involved, i.e., the phone and computer, over a standard wireless connection. You hop to a particular address and use a tool to access the internet. That is just all.


But the downside is, it doesn’t come free in all its entirety. The amount you have to shell out for the initial annual year is 15 dollars. Which goes up to 30 dollars after that welcome year.

Visit: iTether App for Android | iOS


So that was about how you can make a successful connection between your two favorite devices to use your one favorite thing: the internet using these best tether apps. Well, I think, funnily enough, it takes the fear out of the equation. So the next time you have a power cut, just configure both devices through tethering applications, and experience uninterrupted internet. 

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