20 Kodi Skins You Must Install | Updated 2023

Kodi skins are best when it comes to adding utility to your Kodi browsing experience. The Kodi media player (which was previously known as XBMC) is arguably one of the most influential, open source, and free media players that work well with many devices such as Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, Raspberry Pi, Amazon Fire TV and so on. It also lets its users play their latest and favorite movies, music, and TV shows. You can also record live TV if you use Kodi.

However, the actual power of Kodi lies in its Add-ons which enhance the overall experience by providing what you need in the best layout possible. Some of the common cool Kodi Add-ons include

  • Genesis
  • Neptune Rising
  • Project M
  • Cerebro
  • Arctic Zephyr 2
  • Titan
  • Andromeda
  • Box

These Kodi skins that you can use on your media player will make it satisfying to look at.  Similarly, for Overwatch players, there are Overwatch skins available for download.

Today, we will show you the way in which you can enhance your favorite media player’s look with the help of various freely available skins up for download. But first, let us first show you how you can change Kodi skins in the settings. After this, we will move on to see some of the best Kodi skins available for download.

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How to Change Your Kodi Skin?

When you install your Kodi for the first time, the default skin that has been set is Confluence, which also turns out to be one of the best skins out there. However, if you do decide to change Kodi’s default skin, to something more graphically pleasing or catchy to look at; follow the steps given below.

Steps for changing the Kodi Skin:

  • Open your Kodi.
  • Go to “System” and then click on Settings.
  • Find the option named “Appearance” from the list and select “Skins” under the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Get more.”
    changing the Kodi Skin
    changing the Kodi Skin

This option may be available in a different format if you are using another version of Kodi – it has been shown below:

  • Visit the official website of Kodi.
  • Choose the “Add-ons” option which is available in the top portion of the screen.
  • A new page will start loading now. Under the “Category” column, choose “Skins” and click “Go.
  • Once you are done with that step, you will be re-directed to the Skins page of Kodi. Here you will see the skin that you want, and you can just click on “Download.”

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The Best Kodi Skins Available Till Date

Kodi has a community like no other. Their forums are overflowing with questions, answers, tips, and guides from around the globe. There are many Kodi Skin add-ons created by the Kodi community. You may not want to personally search and use each one of them so we will present to you some of the best Kodi Skins to try today and see if the fuss is worth the hype. Are you ready to give your media center a brand-new look? Let’s begin!

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Arctic Zephyr 2

The Arctic Zephyr 2 is a compact design feather-light Kodi skins which seems graceful. Jurialmunkey developed this skin. The Jurialmunkey also created the Aura skin; that is the reason why these two look pretty similar. It features menus and submenus in a circular user interface. The user interface is elegant.

arctic zephyr 2
arctic zephyr 2

Although the Arctic Zephyr 2 and Aura look alike, there is a massive change in these two’s workings. Aura is hefty and can crash on low-duty device. But, Aura works fine when you run it on a heavy-duty system. On low-duty system or Raspberry-Pi Arctic Zephyr 2 is the best. Every essential feature and new-era designs are loaded in this.

Visit: Artic Zephyr 2


Surfing the net for a Kodi skin, which is classic but cool? Well, stop searching and download Titan. Although being the earliest of Kodi skins, it is regularly updated every year by the designer. Titan is entirely custom. When it comes to imagery and efficiency, this skin hits the top list. Titan comes under one of the most organized skins, helping the user find what they want with ease.


Widgets like climate forecast and clock can be appended on the main screen. You can even change the display as per your accord. You need a robust system to take full advantage of the skin as it’s cumbersome. It also predicts searches for you.

Visit: Titan

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Are you a professional at using Kodi skins but can’t seem to customize as you want? Well, you haven’t used BOX then. BOX Kodi is a superb choice to alter your Kodi skin. LightBox & nbox inspired DjCisco to create this skin. It shows your media in unique ways every time to remove the dull feeling.


The best part about this is that you can play video in the background. You can alter the color, conceal the touch commands, and much more. It helps in organizing media. You can list movies, music, etc. based on the genre using add-ons. You can fully customize it as you desire.

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Visit: BOX


No! This skin is not related to the Andromeda Galaxy. Andromeda is one of the most impressive and easy to use Kodi skins. It is packed with all the essential attributes for your desired skin. It is a hefty skin but can smoothly run with light-weight systems. On the main display, you can adjust the menu’s topmost-bar setting and play the icons of music, films, etc., in a slideshow.


It also provides suitable Intel of pictures and videos on the top area. One of the critical attributes of this skin is that it efficiently sorts out your local library. If you still ponder that your Kodi is monotonous, allow Andromeda a chance.

Visit: Andromeda

Aeon Nox

Among thousands of Kodi Skins, this Skin is one of most recommended Skin after Confluence (which is Kodi’s default skin). It works quite well with all the devices since its lightweight and doesn’t hang up the system frequently. Its a rare combination of ease and beauty of a customization.

Aeon Nox
Aeon Nox

It is an excellent combination of the comfort of customization and beauty to look at. It boasts a modern look while still retaining the classic Aeon Kodi Skins feel.

Visit: Aeon Nox


The Skin ReFocus is a beautifully designed, feature rich skin and offers a lot of customization options in general.


ReFocus lets users customize artwork down-loader, gives touch support, skin widgets inside, and home items, etc.

Visit: ReFocus


Mimic Kodi Skin is a feature vibrant skin with a few touches of ReFocus and Aeon Nox. It also has a lovely and bright approach.

Mimic kodi
Mimic kodi

Mimic works well on every device. Its available in many different colors, and lets users customize home items, extra fan art and uses touch support and TV shows logos.

Visit: Mimic


As you may have already guessed from the name, Xperience1080 is a full width (1920 x 1080) panel based Kodi skins.

Xperience1080 kodi
Xperience1080 kodi

The skin’s features include horizontal home menu, custom home items, TV shows logos, etc. Its only drawback is that it partially supports touch.

Visit: Xperience1080


It holds a place in the list of Best Kodi Skins because of its fantastic appearance and a more attractive interface.


Despite all of that, Metropolis is a Heavy skin, and hence it will take some time to download and install this skin on Kodi media Player. After you install this skin, Metropolis will ask you to install “Add-on Helper.” The group has done a lot of updates in their latest version of the skin.

Visit: Metropolis

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Chroma is one of those Crystal Clear Kodi Skins Player. If you like a Crystal Clear Kodi Player, then this Skin will be the best skin for you.


Chroma is designed entirely for Full HD TV screens. The Chroma Skin is up for download from Kodi Website itself.

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Visit: Chroma

Black Glass Nova

The Black Glass Nova skin is kind of similar to the Chroma Kodi Skins. Green is the theme color of Chroma Skin whereas, in Black Glass Nova, multi-colors are used extensively.

Black Glass Nova
Black Glass Nova

Other than that, the skin is light and can be downloaded an installed in a much shorter time.

Visit: Black Glass Nova


Out of numerous Kodi Skins, Confluence stayed default Kodi Skin from the year 2009 to the year 2017.

Definitely, it doesn’t have the quality of some of the more attractive skins. Nevertheless, since it is the Kodi developers’ skin of decision for such a prolonged time, you can be sure that its plan and layout is working to be user-friendly.


The skin itself utilizes blues and blacks; it generates cable TV-Esque feel mostly. Menu items are shown with a unique level bar that goes through the center of the home screen.

Visit: Confluence


You must have seen a continuous appearing theme in all the Kodi skins we have highlighted so far. And that is that they are all dark.

That’s not a characteristic of our collections. The substantial majority of Kodi skins out there practice deeper colors, tones, and shades. People appear to favor them.

nebula kodi
nebula kodi

If you’d want to use a light theme, we suggest Nebula. Off-whites and bright shades govern the interface and menus. A dark variant of Nebula is also available.

Our most significant criticism of Nebula is its urge to fit lots of table items on the screen together. If you desire a more streamlined experience, you might not approve it.

Visit: Nebula


Grid is a different theme that completely changes the appearance of Kodi Skins. It doesn’t repeat a form of the low center bar.

Grid Kodi
Grid Kodi

The developers have concentrated on minute details rather than countless features. For example, the main menu is clear and presented on the left-hand side of the screen. And when you scroll through your content, the whole background image shifts to reflect the correlated artwork. It all seems entirely professional.

Visit: Grid


Amber is another lightweight, adjustable Kodi skin with rich features that can run consistently on all gadgets. It has a simple-to-read UI, clear text, and smooth menu navigation even on more slow devices.

amber kodi skin
Amber Kodi Skin

Naturally, your main shelf is horizontal, and the primary categories are straightforwardly visible. If you don’t care for the horizontal menu, you can pick the vertical menu. Best of all, you can modify nearly anything, like a home shelf or home menu, background, and so on, so this is outstanding amongst other skins for Kodi.

Visit: Amber


On the off chance that you like effortlessness, Pellucid is your Kodi skin, and its spotless and smart UI is ideal for you. The menu is on the left, and the start menu has a picture at the lower part of the screen.

pellucid kodi skin
Pellucid Kodi Skin

For Kodi clients who need to watch live broadcasts in the Kodi Media Center, we suggest Pellucid because of its unrivaled quality. Even though Kodi Jarvis clients can’t utilize Pellucid as they do now, it is just accessible on Kodi Krypton. It is one of the best Kodi krypton skins.

Visit: Pellucid


Eminence has a basic UI. This skin has great speed and it is the best skin for Kodi. However, it isn’t pretty much as adjustable as other Kodi skins. It is a lot smoother to use than some other skin, and we recommend it to clients who have countless additional Kodi items set in their media community.

eminence kodi skin
Eminence Kodi Skin

This skin has a black background with white icons. These icons turn light blue on being selected. As it has menu items with detailed texts, Eminence is easy to scroll through. Also, there are many small icons located at the bottom of the screen.

Visit: Eminence


Transparency is a popular fan art Kodi skin. This means that Kodi users can customize this skin in the blink of an eye as per their desires. It supports all the features of Kodi Jarvis and is known for its ease of use. Some of its main attributes are a vertical home menu, TV shows’ logo, custom home items, etc.

transparency kodi skin
Transparency Kodi Skin

This skin has a dark background with white images. At the point when chosen, these symbols become blue. Since it has menu items with definite text, Eminence is not difficult to explore. There are numerous little icons at the lower part of the screen.

Visit: Transparency


AppTV can unquestionably be called an updated form of Apple TV. The skin has a staggeringly quick UI. Likewise, clients can tweak it depending on the situation.


We recommend this skin to Apple clients since its appearance is the same as Apple TV. The design and symbols are pretty much like Apple TV.

Visit: AppTV

KOver 2

KOver 2 is the best Kodi theme with a refined appearance. One of its primary highlights is that it can show data without jumbling the screen. The most amazing aspect of this skin is the KOver Designer work, which permits clients to redo different GUI components expertly without requiring any specific abilities.

kover 2
KOver 2

This skin depends on KOver Designer, so you can attempt to set it up after installing this skin. Another incredible component accessible to clients is automatic creation. It permits clients to naturally make skin view types that are fundamentally reduced over the long run. You just need to change the skin.

Visit: KOver 2


Did you like our list of the top 14 Kodi Skins? If you tried these Kodi Skins and you like them, leave a comment in the comments section so that others can know about it too. Do you have any suggestions that you would like to add to this list of top Skins? Is your Kodi buffering a lot? Thanks for reading our guide, we hope to see you again!

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