How to Watch Game of Thrones on Kodi [Latest Guide]

I’m pretty sure all of you out there have seen, or at the very least, heard of an amazing TV show called The Game of Thrones, right? It is available exclusively officially on HBO, as usual, since it first started airing back in mid-July and concluded by the end of August. So you might be looking to catch the latest season, season 7, for free around the web, wondering if it is available at all. Well, it is, and you stumbled upon the right place on the internet to get to it. We, along with a little help from Kodi, will have you binge-watching GoT in no time. Thus, you must know how to Watch Game of Thrones on Kodi. If you want to watch animes online, click here.

If you have been living in some other dimension until now, I should tell you that Kodi is a free TV and media streaming service that gives you hassle-free access to premium quality content around the web. So obviously, you don’t have to ask if you can get the most torrented TV show on earth over at Kodi because you can. So here is how to watch Game of Thrones on Kodi.

How to Install Game of Thrones on Kodi Box

Kodi Box is a TV add-on that is best known as Plug and Play piracy. Sounds notoriously cool. That’s because it is! If you don’t have it, you should consider getting one. It has HDMI capabilities, and you can use it to stream media onto any platform of your choice for having Kodi game of thrones, ranging from a Windows PC all the way down to your Android smartphone.

First, you have to get yourself a proper add-on. Because Game of Thrones is not globally available on the air for some reason. HBO says even previews are not available at my geolocation, which sucks. But we can bypass all of these annoyances with the right add-on sources.

Earlier, there was a popular repository called the Fusion repository, which was meant to watch the game of thrones free and now seems unavailable. But there is another alternative to that, which is good to know. It is called as Ares repository. It has shown itself to be a pretty good alternative to our beloved Fusion repository for getting Kodi game of thrones, so let us see how to get it in the Kodi Box.

  • Go to Settings -> File Manager -> Add Source. Select the option that says “none.”
Add Source in Kodi
Add Source in Kodi
  • Enter this URL at hit the OK button.
  • In case the earlier URL did not work, you can also type ares-repo.EU and then download the file named
  • In the box you see below for Kodi games of thrones, enter Ares Wizard. Select OK.
  • Come back to your home screen and select Add-ons. In that, select the icon that says “Unbox.”
  • Select Install from zip file option. Then, select Ares Wizard.
Install from zip file in Kodi
Install from the zip file in Kodi
  • Select the arts repository and wait for the wizard to be installed completely.
  • After installing the arts repository is finished, go back into Add-ons and then select the Unbox icon again.
  • This time, select Install from Repository-> Ares Project followed by Program Add-ons.
  • Then select Ares Wizard from the list.
Ares Wizard
Ares Wizard
  • Select the Install option and once again, wait for some time and let the installation finish.

Ares Wizard will now be available to you on Kodi. You can access it anytime from Program Add-ons.

Simple Steps to Watch Game of Thrones on Kodi

Now that our tool to free Game of Thrones has been installed, let us proceed to how we can start to watch Game of Thrones on Kodi. Note that these steps are made by keeping the Kodi Krypton 7 in mind. But it should work fine even on earlier versions like Leia or Jarvis.

  • Head over to Settings > System Settings > Expert Mode > Add-ons from your home screen. You will have to enable Unknown Sources for installation. If you get a warning prompt, click Yes to it.
  • Navigate to Settings > System Settings > Expert Mode > Add-ons and there, select None.
  • Enter ares-repo.EU in the text box and then download the
  • Name it as Ares Wizard and click on OK.
  • Go back to your home screen and now, for a game of thrones Kodi, select Add-ons and then click on the Package Installer Icon.
  • Now go to Install from Zip file > Ares Wizard > Kodi-repos > English.
  • Once you get the notification saying that Add-on enabled, select the Install from repository > Exodus repository > Video Add-ons > Exodus. Click on the Install button once again.
  • Now return to your home screen and launch the add-on by selecting Exodus from Add-ons.

Great! Now you are capable of watching Game of Thrones on Kodi. But beware, you are now officially an unofficial pirate, so you might get in trouble for using your unprotected IP for Kodi game of thrones. Ensure you have invested in a proper VPN service to secure your activities and hide those details from your ISP. There are several good options for VPN services for Kodi.

Note for Those Without a Kodi Box

So hopefully, you now have the exact method to follow by which you can watch Game of Thrones on Kodi and a lot more on your Kodi Box. Enjoy your unofficially free subscription and try not to binge-watch too much!

Some customized plugins are available that can get you free access to stream game of thrones and many popular paid shows. Illegality at its peak, huh? Anyway, let us see how we can get ourselves some GoT goods!

I imagine this would be of interest to those who do not have Kodi. Good news! Well, sort of. Even the people who do not have any TV add-on and are not planning on getting one anytime soon can watch Game of Thrones over at iTunes and Google Play Movies. You can pay per episode instead of paying the entire subscription fee. But seriously, invest in Kodi plug and play piracy and become one of the cool pirate kids.

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