Wondering how to simplify your Kodi experience into an all-in-one streaming powerhouse? Best Kodi builds on Ares Wizard and brings together top-notch movies, shows, live TV, and more into centralized viewing hubs that are both user-friendly and regularly updated. 

Wizards like Transmission, Uranus, and Placenta offer diverse builds from top developers, with Transmission and Placenta focusing on quantity and Uranus on quality. Ares Placenta Bridge and TroyPoint specialize in live sports/PPV events, while Bex prioritizes stability on low-power devices. To know more on Ares Wizard best build, keep on reading. 

Kodi is a free, open-source media player program that lets you stream and enjoy movies, TV shows, music, live TV, and more. It works across many Android, iOS, Windows, and more devices. Ares Wizard is an addon for Kodi that makes navigating addons like streaming libraries very simple. With Ares Wizard, you can browse content genres, track what’s new/popular, and discover recommendations without using separate addons. Let us learn more about the best Kodi builds on Ares Wizard. 

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Understanding Ares Wizard’s Role in Kodi 

Kodi has come a long way since its early days as Xbox Media Center (XBMC). As the popularity of streaming content exploded in the late 2000s, XBMC needed a way for users to find entertainment across several plugins easily.

Enter Ares Wizard—first created in 2012 as a third-party addon that aimed to provide a unified interface for browsing content from major streaming sources.


Back then, each streaming service, like Exodus or Genesis, had to be loaded separately in Kodi, making for a cluttered and disjointed user experience. Ares Wizard changed that by consolidating different streaming plugins into one sleek menu system.

Users could now search for TV shows and movies across multiple libraries simultaneously from the home screen.

Small details like automated updating of addons and one-click installation made Kodi Ares Builds incredibly user-friendly for newcomers exploring Kodi’s capabilities.

Over time, third-party content providers faced legal issues due to copyrighted material. This prompted the shift of Kodi itself from an all-in-one entertainment hub to an open-source media center requiring separate addons.

As streaming libraries disappeared or changed names frequently, Ares Wizard’s role evolved from curating content to maintaining Kodi’s addon ecosystem through tools like initial configuration wizard, auto-updates, repo maintenance, and more.

Today, while Ares Wizard doesn’t directly link to third-party streams for legal reasons, it still plays an important part in enhancing the Kodi experience.

Its easy-to-navigate menus allow users to download, configure, and keep important addons up-to-date to enjoy Kodi’s full functionality without hassle.

Whether you’re a beginner setting up Kodi or a veteran user, Ares Wizard continues optimizing the platform behind the scenes through its automated maintenance features. Let us read on to know more about the best Ares Build Kodi.

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How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 

Installing Ares Wizard is a simple process, though the exact steps may vary depending on if you’re using Kodi on a Fire TV/Firestick, Android device, Windows/Mac PC, or other platform. The overall process remains similar across most devices.

For Fire TV/Firestick users

Follow the steps:

1. Launch the Kodi app and go to the main menu

kodi main menu settings

2. Select “Addons” from the top menu

addons section in kodi

3. Choose “Install from repository.”

switch on unknown sources

4. Select “Kodi Repository”

add the repo link for the add on

5. Look for “Package Installer” and click on it

add source in kodi

6. Search for “Ares Wizard” and click Install. You can find Ares Wizard under “Programs.”

complete installation

For Android devices

Follow the steps:

  1. Open Kodi and go to the main menulaunching kodi app in phone

2. Click on “Addons.”kodi application

3. Select “Install from zip file.”installing zip file addon in kodi

4. Browse your files and find the “Kodi Repository” zip file

5. Locate “Ares Wizard” in the repository and click Install

program addons

6. Ares Wizard will now be accessible from the main menu

kodi on android

On Windows/Mac

Follow the steps:

  1. Launch Kodi and click on the gear icon for settingskodi settings gear icon
  2. Go to “Addons” and pick “Install from zip file.
  3. Navigate to the “Kodi Repository” zip folder and select it
  4. Look for “Ares Wizard” in the list and click Install
  5. You can access Ares Wizard from “Programs” moving forward

ares wizard for kodi

Once installed, you’ll see a new Ares Wizard option on your Kodi home screen or main menu.

Click on it to enter the setup wizard, which helps configure initial settings. Regularly update Ares Wizard and its addons for the optimal experience. 

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Best Kodi Builds Available on Ares Wizard

Kodi builds, or curated bundles of addons, skin, and settings, have long helped enhance the user experience for those new to the platform.

It aims to recreate the interface of popular streaming devices like an all-in-one dashboard for live TV, movies, and shows. While builds used to be easily accessible through Ares Wizard, recent legal crackdowns have impacted their availability through official means, leading to Ares Wizard sometimes not working.

Previously, users could find thoroughly tested builds from reputable sources directly within Ares Wizard’s main menu.

kodi addons interface

A single click installed the customized setup, saving newbies from confusing addon configurations. However, after several streaming addons faced shutdowns last year, Ares Wizard removed direct build integration for liability reasons.

However, this doesn’t mean the best builds on Ares Wizard have disappeared. Trusted developers in Kodi-centric forums continue crafting quality setups independently. With more legwork, these can still be downloaded and installed manually.

Ares Wizard also aims to help by cataloging top unofficial build links on its website for users to access outside the Kodi interface.

Many longtime Ares Wizard fans have also switched to similar frontend tools offering robust build directories instead. Some maintain compatibility with Ares through unofficial hacks.

While the experience may not be as simple as before, with some learning, users can still enjoy top-rated prepackaged Kodi experiences through alternative means, even without builds in Ares itself.

Ultimately, it remains about finding reliable sources providing value without legal risk.

Top Kodi Wizards for Best Builds in 2023

Here are some of the best Kodi builds on Ares Wizard in 2023.

Transmission Wizard

One of the most popular wizards for its sleek, customizable design.

Within Transmission, you’ll find a diverse catalog of builds sorted by genre, premium links, and full descriptions to preview what each contains before installing.

kodi addons

It also allows you to manage builds and update addons.

Download: Transmission World

Uranus Wizard

For fans of a neatly organized layout, Uranus delivers over 80 top-rated builds culled from top developers like GameOfRemotes.

uranus kodi addon

All content is thoroughly tested to ensure stability with easy recommendations based on your interests. It is a favorite for build quality rather than quantity.

Download: Uranus Wizard

Placenta Wizard

Placenta amusingly belies its extensive offerings with a playful monster theme, including PVR/live TV builds and Fusion builds focused on multimedia-like music.

placenta wizard kodi addon

Search by customized playlists and install directly to Kodi from Placenta’s dedicated portal. Popular for trialing different build styles.

Download: Placenta Wizard

LibreELEC Wizard

A welcome addition for those wanting dedicated OS builds like CoreElec or OSMC at the frontend level.

libreelec wizard

LibreELEC handpicks trusted preconfigured images tailored to mini PCs/SBCs for Kodi performance without bloat. Great for newer users exploring alternative platforms beyond commercial streaming boxes.

Download: LibreELEC Wizard

Choosing the Right Build for Movies and Shows 

Whether you’re looking to cut the cord or enhance your streaming setup, Kodi media builds can take your home theater experience to the next level.

But with so many builds, how do you know which is right for your movie and TV show needs? Here are a few things to consider when choosing a build geared toward these media types.

One of the most popular Kodi builds right now is Serenity. This build has everything you need neatly organized with quality addons for movies, TV shows, live TV, and more.

Navigation is simple thanks to their custom-built plugin. Updates are frequent, so you’ll always have the newest content and bug fixes. Serenity is a great all-in-one option that works right out of the box.

serenity kodi build

Fen is a powerful build focused on video addons if you want something more customizable. It has top-rated addons like TheOath and The Crew for movies and TV alongside live TV and catch-up options.

With Fen, you can tweak things like the skin and add new sources. However, it may require more tweaking than a preset build like Serenity.

For die-hard genre fans, Project Cypher is tailored for action, adventure, and sci-fi content. In addition to movies and shows, it has comic book addons, anime categories, and game trailers.

The organization is top-notch, with dedicated sections for different types of media. Project Cypher delivers an immersive experience for specific interests.

No matter which build you choose, use a VPN for added security when streaming copyrighted material. A good VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN will mask your online identity from your ISP.

Staying safe is important, whether cutting the cord or taking your existing setup up a notch. We hope these tips help you find the perfect Kodi build for your movies and shows!

Troubleshooting: When Ares Wizard Build is Not Working

The Ares Wizard build has been a popular Kodi option for some time now, but sometimes things can go wrong. If you’ve tried launching Ares and it’s not working correctly, have no fear – there are often simple fixes you may not have thought of.

When troubleshooting issues with the Ares Wizard build on Kodi, addressing problems may involve using maintenance tools to ensure optimal performance. Outdated or conflicting addons are common culprits; navigate to the Update section in Ares to update all addons or force-close Kodi from Settings if it crashes on startup.

Another option is doing a fresh Ares installthis will remove any corrupt files causing issues.

ares world interface

It’s also possible certain content sources within addons are no longer available due to takedowns or site changes. Check the specific addon settings to swap alternative sources if your favorites aren’t coming through. You can even remove and re-adding troubled addons as a last resort.

Pay attention to any legal or operational changes regarding Ares, too. While a great build, its use of third-party sources in a legal gray area means availability isn’t guaranteed.

Have a backup option installed, just in case. To avoid disruptions, consider switching to another preset build with similar functionality, like The Crew or Incursion.

Most problems have DIY fixes if you dig into the settings. But remember to stay safe – always use a VPN when streaming and only download free content.

With some troubleshooting know-how, you can get AresWizard up and running smoothly again in no time.

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Ares Wizard Alternatives for Diverse Needs 

Ares Wizard is one of the most popular addons for Kodi, allowing users to easily browse and stream movies, TV shows, sports, and more.

But it’s not the only game in town. Depending on your priorities and preferences, some great options are worth exploring as alternatives to Ares Wizard.

supreme build kodi addon

  • Supreme Builds Wizard is worth checking out for those who want a simple interface focused purely on video content.

It has a minimalist layout, which makes finding what you want to watch very straightforward. There’s none of the extra fluff sometimes found in more full-featured addons.

  • Lost Builds Wizard takes a similar approach but includes live TV options if watching sporting events is important to you.

Supreme and Lost Builds Wizards receive frequent updates to keep links working smoothly.

  • Are you someone who games on Kodi as well as streaming media? Then, Incursion and Placenta are two addons combining video streaming links with a gaming section.

While the gaming side is modest, it’s a nice bonus for multi-purpose Kodi use.

  • For advanced users who like tweaking settings and customizing their experience, Project Cypher provides much flexibility.

You can configure just about every element of the interface and backend. Setting up initially takes more work than most but yields a tailored long-term experience.

  • Those prioritizing video quality over the quantity of links available may want to check out Gaia.

It searches publicly tracked torrents and Usenet in addition to standard hoster links. As a result, quality tends to be top-notch, though choices can be more limited.

Ultimately, there’s no best alternative for everyone since our media priorities and technical skills vary.

But these addons offer solid options for mainstream power users looking for something besides the widely used Ares Wizard. So that’s all about the best Kodi builds on Ares Wizard.

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Can I get live TV through Ares Wizard builds?

Yes, many popular builds like The Magicality build integrate live TV addons, letting you watch live sports and TV channels from all over the world for free.

Is it safe to use builds from Ares Wizard?

As long as you choose reputable builds from Ares Wizard that are open source and updated regularly by trusted members of the Kodi community, it is generally safe since all the addons come from their official GitHub repos. However, you should still practice standard online safety habits like using a trusted VPN and avoiding downloading unnecessary third-party addons or app addons of unknown origin for streaming. Widely used builds keep user security in mind.

How do I get movie and show titles in 1080/720P?

How do I get sports content?

Builds like The Crew or GAIA integrate sports addons like Pro Sports for live sports content, including sporting events, games from various leagues, PPV, and more in top quality.

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Taking the time to explore different build options can make a big difference in your Kodi experience. Consider what matters most for your media viewing.

Also, pay attention to any that get frequent updates. Choosing the right alternative to Ares Wizard allows you to get the best experience from your Kodi setup.

We hope this article on the best Kodi builds on Ares Wizard has helped you know everything about it. 

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