How to Clear/Remove Video Cache in Kodi XBMC (Jarvis/Krypton)


XBMC/Kodi Foundation has developed the open source media player software which allows the users to play and view streaming videos such as music, videos from the internet, podcasts and several digital media files. It is the favourite platform for many users for streaming videos and songs from their set-top boxes and Android devices to televisions and speakers. There might be some reasons which would make you want to Remove Video Cache in Kodi XBMC.

Mostly add-ons must require a pre buffered amount of data to run the video smoothly without any interference. This video buffer can be saved in the RAM which has been already allocated by default. But using Kodi for a long time, Kodi add-ons may override the default settings, and during this time it may save the buffering data on the hard drive of your phones.

Thus streaming boxes and your phones will begin to slow down and does not work as before. Then it is the correct time to empty your cache to free up space and to get back your excellent streaming performance. You might also want to buy new Kodi Boxes.

Before knowing how to clear the cache, I would like to add some information in this article. The information is about the basic of the cache.

Different Types of Cache in Kodi

Kodi has five different types of Cache and here is a little description about that.

Video Cache: To run your streaming video smoother Kodi will save few seconds of video before playing in the RAM. But this cache is not permanent, but using Kodi long time for videos, you have to clear the cache to further use Kodi.

Addon Cache: The addon data include wallpapers, logos, menus, etc. Some of the addons can be automatically clear their cache. But some cannot, such addons cache can be cleared by installing cleaners.

Image Cache: Image cache does not occupy more space. The album arts and the covers of the DVD get saved in Image cache. In case if you are downloading a lot of video and music albums to manage the storage you have to clean up the Image cache too.

Android Application Cache: As android is the small device with less storage than windows. Using Kodi in Android may accumulate cache in the hard drive. During this time your other useful folders can be get corrupted due to Kodi cache. Install some cache cleaning utility to clear the Android application cache.

Temp Files: It has all the miscellaneous files of Kodi. If you extract zip files or rar files and subtitles, then your Temp file cache will be filled which should be cleared regularly.
Among this video cache will occupy more space than another cache, so it must be cleared regularly to use Kodi as before.

Kodi can clear cache automatically when it needs space for its add-ons. Here I have given way how to clear the video cache automatically.

Fix buffering issues due to the full storage: (Way to clear cache automatically in Kodi)

Merlin Auto cleaner is the newest one which is now mostly available on the internet to Remove Video Cache in Kodi XBMC. This is available in the Merlin repository.

How to install and use Merlin Auto Cleaner?

How to Clear/ Remove Video Cache in Kodi XBMC (Jarvis/Krypton)
How to Clear/ Remove Video Cache in Kodi XBMC (Jarvis/Krypton)
  1. Open ‘Kodi’ and click on the ‘Settings’ icon which is located at the top. Then ‘Go to the file manager’ where you can see several options from that click on the ‘Add source option’.
  2. Then type in the URL on the add file source box. Click Ok and then type ‘Merlin’ as media source name. Then click OK to proceed.
  3. Next to go back to the Kodi main menu click on the ‘Backspace’ button multiple times.
  4. On the Kodi main menu click on ‘Add- ons’. Next, click the ‘Package installer icon’.
  5. Next, you will be asked from where to install the file. Select the option ‘Install form Zip file’ within which select ‘’.
  6. After few minutes your repository will be installed.
  7. Then go to Repository Merlin Repository-> Program Add-ons-> Merlin Auto Cleaner. Then click on the install option, and wait for Add-on option to be enabled.
  8. Next click on backspace to go back to the Kodi Main menu, in which select on the Add-ons and within that select Program Add-ons. From that right click the Merlin Auto cleaner and select on the settings option.
  9. After giving the commands, a box will appear and in that Turn On the Clear cache on startup and clear Packages on startup options.

Yeah, it’s done your Kodi cache will be cleared automatically when your storage become fills. Now you no need to worry about playing videos, as the cache is get cleared your video can run without getting paused in the middle.

You can also install Xunity maintenance to Remove Video Cache in Kodi XBMC in the same way given above.

How to manually clear Cache within Kodi?

Indigo Installer from TVADDONS is the one which can be used to Remove Video Cache in Kodi XBMC manually. It has the maintenance tool using which you can manually clear the cache. It can also be installed in you Kodi in the same way as I gave above.

Echo wizard auto cleaner is one of the alternative caches cleaning software which you can install in Kodi to clear all the video cache in your Kodi

Final words

Yeah, I think I have given way how to clear the video cache in Kodi XBMC. Install such cache cleaning software inorder to free your device to further run the Kodi in a faster way as earlier. It is an easy task to free your space on your hard drive. Just try it out.


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