How To Convert YouTube Video To WAV File {Updated}

YouTube is world’s best online video streaming site and app. It has gained positive response since its launch by Google. There are millions of videos being watched by its users every day. It also has provided an offline service in its app in which users can download the content and watch it when they are offline but cannot store the video on their microSD card or internal storage of their phone. Downloading videos from YouTube always have a serious issue faced by the users. But by providing offline option YouTube has helped its user up to some extent. Even then, you might want to download it in an audio version and for that you can Convert YouTube Video to WAV file.


There are many apps and websites that are available which lets you download the YouTube videos online or in the app. You have to copy the URL of the video you need to download and paste it in the apps address box or URL box.

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Then click the download button beside the video, and your video gets downloaded. There is YouTube downloader apk file available so that you can download the videos.

Do you want to Convert YouTube Video to WAV? You don’t know how to do it? You have tried many times but are not succeeding? Then you have reached the correct place. Converting a YouTube file to a WAV file is not a big task.

You need to know how to download the YouTube video, and you need to have a perfect converter to convert the video file to audio file.

Need to Convert YouTube Video to WAV?

This a common question people ask while some one asks about how convert YouTube video to WAV format. WAV is Waveform audio format file is the oldest audio form before MP3, AVI, AAC, MOV, etc.,You can also select any of the formats you want to convert and then just go on with the flow. WAV supports every player and you can play it anywhere.You can play a WAV file in your CD player also.It is very useful.

How To Download YouTube Videos?

All you need to do is get a YouTube video downloader installed in your PC. Just search YouTube video downloader in your search box and then various results are displayed from which you can pick any one video downloader and then get installed in your PC.

After installing open YouTube and copy the URL of the video you want to download.

Paste the URL in the search box of video downloader. Then click the download button beside the video, and then your video is downloaded.

How To Install YouTube to WAV Converter?

To get your video converted to WAV file from YouTube video file you need to have a good converter so that you do not face any issues after downloading it.

Many of them contain some virus or malware in them. So you need to check the converter properly while installing.

There are many online and offline converters available to convert the YouTube file not only into WAV format but you can also convert it to MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV, AAC.

Convert YouTube Video to WAV

Here find the latest descriptive list of how you can Convert YouTube Video to WAV format using these converters in 2019.

Online Video Converter

This is an online converting tool which helps you to Convert YouTube Video To WAV format. It allows you to convert the selected file to any format you wish to.

Online Video Converter
Online Video Converter

It is slow due to the traffic online and takes some time to convert your file into WAV format. When the traffic is less, it works very smoothly and provides high-quality audio you need.

Online Convert

This also helps you to convert the YouTube file to any format you want and also has a vast number of options for converting files.

Online Convert
Online Convert

This is a great way to convert Youtube Video to WAV and any other format too.

Visit: Online Convert


It is also an online converter which converts your files into various formats. It has a basic user interface and no extra downloads.

Online YouTube
Online YouTube

The conversion rate is also fast as compared to other converters.If the above sites do not work. These were some of the online converting sites, but there are offline converters which need to be installed in your PC.

Visit: OnlineYoutube

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How to Install Offline YouTube to WAV Converter?

  1. Search for a converter such as iTube studio (available for MAC and Windows).
  2. Then download the converter from the website.
  3. After downloading open the setup and follow the instructions and let t he converter be installed in your PC.

How to Convert YouTube Video To WAV File?

YouTube supports FLV files, and to convert the files; you need a converter installed in your PC.

After you have installed any converter, follow these steps:

  1. Open youtube and then search for your favourite video or the video you want to convert it into WAV file.
  2. Then copy the URL from Youtube site.
  3. Open the converter and paste the URL into the search box.
  4. The video appears then download the video.
  5. After downloading the video, add the video to the convert list.
  6. Open convert list and select the video you want to convert.
  7. Then decide the format in which you want to convert the file(i.e., WAV format).
  8. Your file will be converted successfully.

Note: If you are converting the file online you need to download the converted file after conversion.You also need to remember that the conversion will be done based on the traffic on the site.If there is less traffic the video will be converted fastly, or else it may take some time.

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YouTube to WAV
YouTube to WAV

Another method to Convert YouTube Video To WAV 

  1. Open the converter and click on the “+” button present on the top left of the converter.
  2. Then select the downloaded video (video that you need to convert and that you have downloaded from youtube downloader).
  3. After that, add the video to convert list.
  4. Then select the video and format in which you want to convert the video.
  5. Your video will be converted within few seconds or minutes.

These were the steps involved in converting a Youtube file to WAV file.Some of the offline converters are XY Downloader, Bender Converter, DocsPal, Convertforme, youconvertit,, etc.,

The sites may contain some virus or malware content so after downloading the file (in Windows)select the file and then right click on it and then select “scan with” and scan the file with your antivirus to prevent malware attack on your PC.

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We hope you you liked our article on How to Convert Youtube Video To WAV. Do comment and let us know which way works for you!

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