All famous YouTubers in India, like AIB, Geeky Ranjit, Superwoman, etc., have their intro videos, which you will see at the beginning of every video. This intro video usually takes 2-4 seconds with some jingle and their logo. Such intro videos add a more professional touch to their videos. Professional graphic designers make intro videos for these YouTubers. Thus, you must know about the best Free Online YouTube Intro Makers.

Most YouTubers start the channel with a tight budget and cannot afford a professional to make an intro video or banner template. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore the intro video. You can easily make intro videos with the help of online YouTube intro makers. The best part about these tools is that you don’t have to spend any cash to create an intro video. You also don’t have to invest much time making an intro video.

A good intro video helps you grab the attention of your viewers entirely at the beginning of your video and also enables you to gain new subscribers. There are many free online YouTube intro makers.

Best Free Online YouTube Intro Makers

Here are the best online YouTube intro makers that can be effective for any YouTuber.

Wondershare Filmora9

It’s one of the best free online YouTube intro makers that offer unique built-in transitions, animations, and designs. You can edit videos of any size effortlessly. It includes everything you need to make the kind of videos you want.wondershare_filmora The key features include an audio mixer, video stabilization, and excellent 4K edit support. They can make your YouTube videos look fantastic and help to enhance your editing skills.

Moreover, you can access a plethora of royalty-free music through a paid version. If you don’t mind paying a bit, it’s pretty good. To get an honest review of Filmora9, refer to this article.

Visit: Wondershare Filmora9

This website lets you download and edit various video intro templates according to your requirements. Customize them as you wish, add the logos of your channel, insert texts, and remove watermarks.movietools .info

With a user-friendly interface, it is beneficial for beginners. You must download the background, and the website will do the rest. Try using it now and familiarize yourself with the fantastic features this website has covered.



It is yet another free online video editing platform that you can use to generate amazing videos. It provides users with an abundance of cool templates that they can insert into their videos.


Now, quickly grab the audience’s attention with an excellent intro and catchy texts. The popularity and ratings for this site are quite tremendous and let you see pretty much all other websites combined.

Visit: OFFEO

YouTube Intro Maker

It is one of the best tools available today to make one-of-a-kind videos. You can make the most of this tool by getting a premium version for $10-$20. Moreover, it lets you add text to your videos and allows you to add logos, too.

youtube intro maker

As the name suggests, it is specially designed for YouTube videos. However, you can also use it for your office projects and modify the intro style per your needs. So what are you waiting for? Download it now and start creating intros with unique templates this site prides itself on.

Visit: YouTube Intro Maker


It is one of the best YouTube intro makers designed for Android users. You can add up to 75 images, set a custom duration, and add music of your choice. Make the format apt and impress your channel visitors.gopro-quik

This application is increasingly becoming popular among YouTubers. Make your videos quickly with the Quik application and enhance your editing skills. The interface is quite user-friendly. Thus allowing the newbies to make videos effortlessly.

Visit: Quik 

Free Intro Maker

Free Intro Maker is a website that will let you make some high-quality intro videos for YouTube. You can choose from among many templates that the website provides for free. You can add cool effects and animations and easily create your intro video.renderforest

It suggests templates according to the category and target audience of your video. You can add your logo if you want and add some cool effects to it. As its name suggests, this intro maker is completely free.

Visit: Free Intro Maker


So, here is another fantastic free online YouTube intro maker offering various professional animations that add an immersive beauty to your video intro.renderforest .com

It is also user-friendly; you have to choose an animation that best fits your video type and which will directly affect your target audience.

Visit: RenderForest

Tube Arsenal

Tube Arsenal is the new user-friendly YouTube intro maker that will help create beautiful and unusual-looking animated intro along with the logo and whatever text you want to arsenal .com

It is simple as it does not need technical skills to make a professional video intro.
Its editing interface is straightforward, and you will quickly understand what the options available are for you.

Visit: Tube Arsenal


Here is the VideoHive, which is by Envato Marketplace and offers you a fantastic collection of animation and some stunning designs. It gives access to nearly 700k video effects and stock pictures for custom use.

This site also offers some incredible and stunning designs every month for free, so keep an eye on them and grab an amazing one for free.


So, these are some of the best five free online YouTube intro makers in 2019.
Use these best and most excellent professional video intro maker tools and create great, unique, and stunning-looking video intro for a significant and broad impact on your audience.

Visit: VideoHive

Intro Maker

It is a very basic one of the Free Online YouTube Intro Makers, which can be used for making intro videos for your YouTube channel. Intro maker is the easiest method for creating an intro video. No download or signup is required.intromaker .com

You can create an intro video by selecting your video’s category and a theme of your choice. There are many different themes for different types, like fun intros, business intros, Video game intros, etc.


Biteable is one of the best Free Online YouTube Intro Makers with a professional touch. If you want to make excellent and professional intro videos for your business or YouTube channel, Biteable is your

You can easily create an intro video by adding your logo and channel’s name to the theme of your choice. You can also add some credits to it. After doing all this, you can preview the video on the website. If you like the preview, you can download it by clicking the download button. This website is accessible.

Visit: Biteable

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Panzoid is another free YouTube intro-making website. The best thing about this website is that you can add some cool 3D animations and effects to your intro videos. If you don’t like the background of your video, you can change it easily on Panzoid.panzoid

On its homepage, you will see intro videos created on Panzoid by other users. You can select from these intro videos, add whatever you want, and make your intro video.

Visit: Panzoid


RendrFX can be used for creating high-quality intro and outro videos for your YouTube channel. You can add text, audio, video, and logo for games and your videos. Customize your intro video.


If you don’t want to spend time creating your theme, you can select from thousands of available themes and music. RendrFX is a straightforward and quick way of creating intro videos for your website. On its homepage, you will see some intro videos created by other users with the help of RendrFX. is a free website for creating intro videos for your YouTube channel. You can add and customize your logo by adding animation effects to it.intromaker .net

It has a lot of cool animations and effects that can be used to make your video look more professional. If you already have one, you can use this website to create a logo for your YouTube channel. This is one of the most used websites for creating intro videos.



You can use this website if you want to add some complex and excellent graphics to your intro video. You can pick the theme of your preference from the list. They keep adding more and more pieces to the website almost daily.


Once you choose the theme of your choice, you can add text, audio, logo, animations, effects, etc., and make an intro video easily. Once you have completed this, you can download and share your videos.

Visit: Ivipid

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Flixpress is a website you can use for making intro videos for YouTube. The reason this website is last on the list is that this website is not entirely free. It is a very cheap option for creating intro videos if you want to create professional intro videos.flixpress .com

This website has lots of excellent templates and animations to choose from. You can add your audio file to your intro video. You can also preview it before downloading it.

Visit: FileExpress


IntroCave allows you to choose a simple video, then, at that point, add excellent content, and afterward render it as per your download needs. This device permits you to utilize different resolution levels. It’s the best intro maker for YouTube.


The eye-catching particle effects you can use when creating videos are the most eye-catching because these designs are easy to develop in a matter of minutes.

Visit: IntroCave

Intro Champ

The most intriguing thing about utilizing Intro Champ is that you can quickly alter this tool to meet your creation needs. With Intro Champ, you can make convincing videos with YouTube video intro maker.intro champ

The video is mainly used for logo introductions, and every video can be tweaked by the particular logo design you need to incorporate. The different top-quality screensavers you can utilize will assist you with making captivating videos anywhere.

Visit: Intro Champ


Videobolt permits you to make a video in almost no time. The site is named for its focus on making fascinating video effects promptly.


This makes it an unexpected decision for some limited-time occasions you should mastermind. The video is edited as you would prefer to set up the arrangement.

Visit: Videobolt


MakeWebVideo is another significant viewing choice. For the most part, creators make commercial videos and commentary videos, even though you can utilize this tool to create short introduction videos for your YouTube videos.makewebvideo .com

All the content in this tool is displayed on the Internet, so you don’t have to download anything you prefer not to use for work.

A few templates are incorporated, although some of the more alluring templates include whiteboards and logo animation solutions. With MakeWebVideo, you can make a YouTube intro and utilize any logo style you have, including text styles.

Visit: MakeWebVideo


Moovly’s web-based editing tools are ideal for some things that may be valuable to you. Moovly assists you with making awesome videos through the built-in drag-and-drop interface and keeps everything working—the best free YouTube intro maker.moovly .com

The UI improves admittance to your work and permits you to get ready new videos for various purposes. This content is reasonable for essential intro videos; however, you can utilize Moovly to make explainers, guides, and instructional videos. Each category contains custom templates, giving you additional control over the content used.

Visit: Moovly


Explee’s fascinating design to assist individuals with making interesting videos settles an extraordinary decision for your tool needs. Explore gives a total format that permits you to create videos in minutes, including instructional videos.

Nonetheless, the best thing about Explee is that the tool mainly centers around amazing custom videos, incorporating recordings with exciting illustrations.

explee free online youtube intro makers

When creating compelling videos, Explee prides itself on being a tool that emphasizes the art of surprise. This is the best YouTube intro creator.

Visit: Explee

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Can I customize the text and visuals in the intro templates?

Absolutely! Free online YouTube intro makers allow you to customize the templates' text, fonts, colors, and visuals to match your brand or video content.

Are there any limitations to using free online YouTube intro makers?

While free online YouTube intro makers offer a range of features, some may have limitations on template choices and video quality or require attribution in your videos.

Do I need any design skills to use a free online YouTube intro maker?

No, you don't need any design skills. Free online YouTube intro makers provide pre-designed templates that you can easily customize without specialized knowledge.

Can I use the intros created with free online YouTube intro makers for commercial purposes?

It depends on the specific terms and conditions of the intro maker you're using. Some allow commercial use, while others may have restrictions. Always check the licensing terms.

Are there watermarks on the intros created with free online YouTube intro makers?

It varies depending on the intro maker. Some free online YouTube intro makers may add watermarks to the generated intros, while others offer watermark-free options for paid plans.

Can I use the intros created with free online YouTube intro makers on platforms other than YouTube?

Yes, in most cases, you can use the openings created with free online YouTube intro makers on various platforms, including social media, personal websites, or other video-sharing platforms.

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