12 Best YouTube Channel Name Generator Tools

YouTube Channel Name Generator is an amazing way to find the best YouTube names for your channel. In this modern age of Information Technology, we need something unique for everyone. It may include a unique name or any trait that distinguishes us from the rest of the crowd. And just like channel name, even YouTube banners matter a lot. For this, you can refer to this article. One of the most prolific mediums to be used by us on the Internet is YouTube. Most people share their ideas and views about a variety of topics on this platform.

Now it is not easy to comprehend millions of people with different ideas sharing a common platform. It may appear that they all have a different goal but almost the same views.

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So how, as a viewer, will you differentiate among the pool of ideas? The first thing that any aspiring YouTubers can do is to find a catchy name for your channel. This makes you stand out from the rest.

You might be thinking that it is very difficult to get a catchy channel name. Well, it is but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The name of the channel also helps you to distinguish yourself from all the other generic media out on the platform. To generate free fake names and stay safe while surfing the internet, click here.

List of Best YouTube Channel Name Generator

In this list, we will see 12 top YouTube Channel Name Generator tools on the Internet. So without any delay let’s dive in!


Kparser is one of the best YouTube Channel name generator tools. It’s completely free to use and offers a variety of features to generate catchy channel names. It lets the users view the keywords that they must accommodate in their channel names, video tags as well descriptions.


What makes this tool stand out from others is its input options based on the Country and language. From gaming name channels to vlog ideas, Kparser can provide you with the best channel name at a shot.

Visit: Kparser

BNG- Business Name Generator

If you are looking for a platform to boost your online career, Kudos, your quest has come to an end. BNG- Businesses name generator is one of the best YouTube Channel name generator tools that one can recommend to you.

BNG-Business Name Generator

It is absolutely free to use and has a great interface. Moreover, it also allows users to check if the name is already used. The popularity, as well as ratings for this app, are pretty high, and downloads run into thousands.

Visit: BNG- Business Name Generator

Username Buddy

This is yet another Best YouTube Channel Name Generator tool with distinct features. It enables users to generate unique and creative usernames for free. From professional usernames to funky social media usernames, this tool has covered it all.

Username Buddy

You can generate usernames for just your YouTube channels; Twitter handles, Tumblr usernames, and Instagram. All you have to do is select a starting letter for your username and then select a prefix or suffix category. The tool will do the rest of the task and provide you with a unique and apt username.

Random Username Generator

It’s one of the best Youtube Channel Name Generator Tools for people who like being anonymous on the Internet. You can certainly safeguard your privacy while connecting with the audience of cyberspace.

Random Username Generator

This tool also leads the way to come out with names that are not too revealing. Thus, protecting your identity. You can easily generate one or more usernames for your multiple social media accounts.

Visit: Random Username Generator

Speedy Password

As the name suggests, this is a password generator website. But, it also astonishes the users with its ability to create unique and creative usernames.

Speedy Password

All you have to do is fill up the details they’re asking for. Enter your first name, last name, and other details. Once you’re done with this, a Generate Now button will appear on the screen.

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After clicking this button, you will be provided with hundreds of usernames for your channel within a second. Select an appealing username so that audience can easily remember you. This will help you to grow your channel too.

Visit: Speedy Password

YouTube Name Generator

It fits this list to start with something simple and effective. YouTube Name Generator is the simplest YouTube channel name generator out there on the Internet. The layout of the website is straightforward and easy to use.

Two fields need to be filled to get the desired result. All you need to do is head over to the website of namegenerator.biz & click on the YouTube Name generator.

YouTube Name Generator

Proceed to write the “prefix” and “suffix.” And with just a click, you’ll have a list of creative YouTube channel names. The website is very clean to use and efficient. The names generated are always different. So every time, a new and unique name could be obtained by the users.

Visit: YouTube Name Generator

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SpinXO is one of the most exhaustive forms of tool that can be used to generate good YouTube channel name ideas. The website offers many questions based on interests, topics, keywords, etc.

It is important to note that the site is exact in the name generation. The algorithm that generates the name also asks the users to provide a number of characters that the channel may have.


The final result is nothing stellar. With around 30 unique names to choose from, it is safe to say that Spinxo is one of the most useful YouTube channel name generators on the market.

It should be noted that the names generated are all unique and have the same number as provided by the users. The names produced by the site are also all unique.

Visit: SpinXO 

Username Generator

One of the handiest and most versatile sites on this list is Username Generator. The website is fast in response and highly useful when it comes to YouTube name generation. The Username generator uses the algorithm to incorporate the desired name or choice of the user and create a new name that is catchy.

It is achieved by just filling up just one field on the website. The one field on the site prompts you to fill in the name of your choice and then just select the length of the channel’s name.

Username Generator

The results are exceptional with more than 50 suggestions of names popping up for the user to choose from. This is a highly efficient way of obtaining a catchy name for the channel.

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It is due to this applicability that Username Generator is among the best YouTube channel name generators on the Internet.

Visit: Username Generator

We the Unicorn

We, the Unicorn, are fun and handy at the same time. There is flexibility to choose any name the user wants with a few unique features. The users have options to choose their birth date, Month, First Name, Last name, etc.

Then the website would apply the algorithm to integrate these and combine them to provide you with the best name for your YouTube channel.

We The Unicorns

The specialty of the site is that the customization of the names is very clean. There are unique names for every person that visits the website. You won’t be disappointed if you visit them.

Visit: We the Unicorn

Screen Name Generator

The most specific generator on the list is Screen Name Generator. It is user-friendly and straightforward. The general layout is very appealing. Usage of the website tool is simple. To use the tool, all you need to do is head over to the website.


Then click on the “prefix” and “suffix.” This will lead to the prompting of the name generated. If you don’t like the name, you can click the “see another” button to generate a different name for your liking. This is precisely why this highly efficient generator is one of the best YouTube channel name generators on the market.

Visit: Screen Name Generator


This YouTube Channel Name Generator helps in finding a great Screen name; which one can customize your screen name by adding a prefix or suffix or even both to the already generated Screen name, and you can even add a character that would represent your year or month as part of your screen name.


Sometimes it happens that the name which we like already exists, and hence by using this NameNami you can try putting a “the” or “a” or “my” as a prefix. The other services provided by this name generator are fantasy name generator, username generator, thing name generator, real name generator, username generator, and place name generator.


After trying the above, if still if you are unsatisfied with the names you are looking for, then you should go with Jimpix. It helps in creating a regular random username generator which lets you generate a list of usernames made up of words picked from the list of categories where you can enter your word.


From here, you choose from the list of categories to type a word or random words from the username category you select or select any word at random if you leave the category, it is set to a random category, and then you have to click on the go button.

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Once you have submitted the form, you can then choose from a lot of additional options suggest using the starting letter username or length the position of your word, and so on. It also has a unique character of show Bells and whistles in which you ask for a niche or plural or reverse plural of the first word for the next word as you desire.

It also has a particular passphrase generator which is useful if you want to generate a memorable passphrase or password it also helps in generating social media usernames for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat names which is a simple, primary free online YouTube channel name generator.

Visit: Jimpix

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With this, we conclude our list of the five best YouTube channel name generators in the market. It is important to note and understand that each generator is viable for a different user.

Although any user can opt for any YouTube Channel Name Generator, it is still advisable to see the one that best suits you. Also, the generators are specific to the instructions which the user inputs.

So, it is advisable to choose the right instructions while using the YouTube Channel Name Generator. Hope you would be using the generator sooner.

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