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The most annoying thing everyone has faced while using YouTube is the annoying “Recommended for you” videos that appear on your YouTube’s home page. These videos are the videos from the channel that you have previously watched. YouTube’s algorithm automatically shows all the other most viewed videos from the channel that you might have watched previously. Sometimes these videos from a particular channel might contain NSFW content, and you might be wanting to look on how to Block a Channel on YouTube. YouTube recommends videos for you based on the last searches you made and the videos you saw. Though there are several videos, music, movies and TV Shows alternative for YouTube, but all of them have their issues which YouTube easily covers up. And so in this guide, we will teach you how to block a channel on YouTube.

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Blocking NSFW videos or channels on your computer is the right thing to do if you are using YouTube from a computer that is also used by children. If you don’t do this, children might end up seeing something that they should not have seen. YouTube does not let you block a channel as such; but, there are other ways in which you can block a YouTube channel or certain videos. Following are some of how you can block YouTube channel or videos.

Ways to Block a Channel on YouTube

Here are some easy ways to block a channel on YouTube.

Download an Extension

The best extension to Block a Channel on YouTube is Video blocker extension. You can block channels and videos on YouTube by simply adding this extension on your browser. There are more than one ways to block videos and channels on YouTube using Video blocker extension. To be precise, there are three ways for blocking videos and channels in video blocker.

Video Blocker
Video Blocker
  • The first method is “channel” method. You have to be extremely careful while typing the name of the channel that you want to block on YouTube by this method. All you must to do is a tap on add, type the name of the channel that you want to block (Remember: This method is spelling and case sensitive) as it is and click ok.
  • The second method is the “wildcard” method. This method is not case-sensitive and will block absolutely anything. The third and the final method is the “keyword” method. Using this method you can block videos and channels that have a particular keyword that you want to be blocked.

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Reject YouTube Video Recommendations

You can choose not to see a particular video on your YouTube homepage again by clicking on the “not interested” option. You won’t see the same video again amidst the “recommended videos for you” section again once you select the not interesting option.

Reject YouTube Video Recommendations
Reject YouTube Video Recommendations

However, you will still get other videos as recommendations from the same channel. You can select the “not interested” option by clicking on the three dots that appear when you hover your mouse over any video.

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Use Restricted Mode

When you use the restricted mode, you will not be able to see videos that have been flagged inappropriate by other YouTube users. You can restrict NSFW contents up to an extent by doing this.

Restricted Mode
Restricted Mode

You can find the restricted mode option on the bottom of your YouTube account. This is a very good way of protecting children from inappropriate content on YouTube.

Download YouTube Kids App

YouTube kids is specifically designed for the use of kids. If your kid uses YouTube and you are afraid about your kid viewing something inappropriate on YouTube, it is best to download the YouTube kids app and let your kid watch videos on YouTube through this app.

YouTube Kids App
YouTube Kids App

This app does not view any NSFW or inappropriate content at all. This app is available in countries like USA, UK, Canada and a few others.

Sign Out of your Account

Before letting a minor use YouTube from your device, make sure you sign out of your account. Although YouTube may have inappropriate or NSFW content, it requires the person to verify the age by signing in to the account before letting the person watch the video.

YouTube Account
YouTube Account

So, if you log out of your account before giving it to a minor, the problem to Block a Channel on YouTube can be solved.


These were some of the methods through which you can Block a Channel on YouTube. Because giving your kid unrestricted access to YouTube might be risky.

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