[Solved] How to Fix YouTube Comment Failed to Post


All of us know that YouTube is a video sharing website and how it works. So it doesn’t need any introduction. Despite being so popular, YouTube has its own set of problems. Sometimes, users have to face such minor issues such as the YouTube comment failed to be posted.

The Story of YouTube

What people don’t know is the background story of why was the idea of YouTube was evolved. The founders of YouTube, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim were all earlier employees of PayPal.

They had difficulties in sharing the videos that were shot at a dinner party hosted at Chen’s place. After that, they came up with various marketing ideas and created a branding story which was agreeable to everyone. Moreover, their original plan was to make an online video dating website service. This design was influenced by the dating website Hot or Not.

Another instigating element for the founders was when they were looking for specific videos and could not easily find clips after the incident.

The videos included the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and the 2004 Super Bowl incident when Jannet Jackson had been embarrassed in public.

This made them realize how important it was for them to create a website where people could conveniently find any videos and share it with their friends, family, and colleagues.

They also made it easier for people to upload any original content giving people a chance to present their talent to the world.

YouTube by far is one of the most fabulous ideas ever executed in the 21st century. You can consider it to be a synonym for videos in the true sense.

Google has always been looking for ways to increase convenience for its users and providing them a one-stop destination for all their search-related problems.

The Place Where YouTube is Right Now

Thus, we can also say that both Google and YouTube were a blessing in disguise for each other. Google bought the site for US$1.65 billion in November 2006.

Every video search on Google led users to YouTube’s website before any other video hosting service which made it even more popular.

Google promotes majority of its ads on YouTube from Google AdSense which makes advertising revenue for YouTube. YouTube allows people to create their channels and provides subscriptions facilities to other users.

The content available on YouTube includes Movie trailers, short and documentary films, live streams, video clips, audio and music recordings, TV show clips, short original videos, educational videos and also video blogging.

YouTube is a gift to the Entertainment Industry. Users are allowed to present their views on the uploaded videos, upload their videos, share and add to favorites, give video ratings, report and comment on the videos along with subscribing to other videos.

Research shows that around 1 billion hours of the above content are viewed on YouTube every day. This means people spend a significant part of their day watching videos.

In today’s world, everyone has an opinion of their own and consider their right of Freedom to Speech very seriously. People are very much open about their thoughts and are not scared to share them on the social media platforms which is a good exercise.

Every voice must be heard. Thus, when the YouTube comments failed to be posted, people get disappointed. They are not able to express their views and thoughts.

We found out ways to fix YouTube comments failed error so that nothing stops you from sending your views about any video you want. Following are the ways to help you fix the YouTube comment failed to post.

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Solve YouTube Comment Failed to Post

  1. Many times you need to figure out what kind of browser are you using. Browser settings create an enormous impact on the kind of content that we are looking for. Make sure your browser settings accept third-party cookies, especially from YouTube.com and goggle.com or you can try using another browser.
  2. Another possibility is that you have specific applications or downloads running in the background and the video played on YouTube had been paused. Resume the video and then try again. Your YouTube comments failed to be posted will now surely be published.
  3. Sometimes, you might need to disable specific extensions temporarily, such as NoScript and AdBlock. To allow commenting, you can probably reconfigure the extension again, if you find out that the problem is not being caused by an extension.
  4. Even after so many updates, YouTube channel still requires being connected to Google+ to post a comment. So make sure your Google+ account is linked. Eventually, you will not need to connect to Google+, but since the process of disconnecting Google+ from YouTube is so slow, we will have to wait and follow the same for now.
  5. You can also change compatibility in the settings if you have used any other account right before the current one. After the changes are made, your YouTube comment failed to post, will be a pass.
  6. It is also possible that you have been logged in for a long time. So, your connection has been timed out. All you need to do is refresh the page or maybe try restarting your router. After that, check your internet connection.
  7. Clear the cache and cookies. Check if your Adobe Flash Player is updated to its latest version or not.

Since you were wondering about why you couldn’t show support for your favorite dancers, singers or video bloggers since your YouTube comment failed to post, now you know how to fix the problem.

YouTube provides a platform to millions of people across the world to spread their message and connect with them on an emotional or heart to heart level through their videos.

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People gain knowledge about so many topics from the various tutorials available on YouTube. YouTube comment failed to post is indeed a very tiny problem in front of all the things that YouTube has to offer to us.

No matter, we hope the website quickly solves the problem on a permanent basis.

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