4 Ways to Fix Malwarebytes Won’t Open Error {Latest}

Malware or technically known as malicious software is a general term used to refer to a vast array of hostile or intrusive software. These software’s can range from the standard virus, spyware, adware, scareware or even the newly known ransomware. Thus, you must know how to fix Malwarebytes Won’t Open issue right away.

The origin of such infections can never be traced unless once being infected by it. The unpredictability of the threat is so enormous in nature that, even it could come from official white-collar companies.

Malwarebytes Scan Now
Malwarebytes Scan Now

The software’s become malware only when it goes against the interests of the user. This, it will do secretly, hence making it harder for any anti-virus to root out the malware. Sixty-nine percent of most malware are trojans. Trojans are malware which enters the user’s workspace without raising any red flags. But, as soon as it’s in the trojan kicks into full gear and starts to contact a controller. This, in turn, gives the hacker full access to your computer, allowing them to grab any private information you have stored on your computer.

The presence of malicious programs and the like of, makes the internet look like a place unpredictability and of fear. That’s where Malwarebytes makes the internet look like a paradise.

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What is Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes, abbreviated for MBAM, is an anti-malware software created by Malwarebytes Corporation. Firstly released in January of 2006, Malwarebytes promised a malware free workspace irrespective of the OS you use. Currently, covering the Android OS too, it offers users both a premium version and a free version.

The free version allows for scans and the ability to remove malware, while the premium version helped in scheduling scans and real-time protection. Even though Malwarebytes being a robust anti-virus, sometimes it can run into issues with itself.

The issue that sometimes Malwarebytes won’t open is a problem confronted by many at a time. And it makes one angry when it doesn’t even after trying various solutions you think which will work. So today we are here to give some tips and trick to fix the program when your Malwarebytes won’t open.

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How to Fix Malwarebytes Won’t Open Issue

Follow the below steps if you want to fix malwarebytes won’t open error.

Safety’s on

Even if Malwarebytes won’t open when you double click it normally, try to run it in safe mode. Safe mode is defined as a diagnostic option of a computer.

It only allows essential programs and processes to run on startup and most of the time it helps to fix problems present in the OS.

To access safe mode on a Windows 8 and above OS’s, the user must run command prompt which can be accessed through the troubleshoot menu and then clicking on advanced options. Once the command prompt is open, execute the bcdecit command shown below:

bcdedit/set {default} safeboot minimal

After typing in the above command hitting enter will give you an “operation completed successfully” message. If not try again with the same command.

If you have successfully executed the code, then clicking will make your device restart. Once it starts up login as usual and it will be in safe mode.

Once the computer is in safe mode, try running Malwarebytes now. You could also try running it using administrative settings while being in safe mode or normal mode.

You can run any program in administrative mode by right-clicking on it and selecting the option in the drop-down menu. If Malwarebytes won’t open still then try the next solution.

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Ultra fresco install

Sometimes the reason why Malwarebytes won’t open is that during installation something must have gone wrong.

To execute a full clean install of Malwarebytes, one has to uninstall it.

A clean uninstallation can be guaranteed by using Revo uninstaller. The specialty of this program is that it hunts down any remnants of the uninstalled program and gets rid of it as a whole.

After uninstalling the program using Revo uninstaller, restart your computer.

Revo Uninstaller
Revo Uninstaller

After which to be on the safer side of things, the user can download MBAM cleanup utility.

This utility allows you and ensures that it will ultimately and utterly remove Malwarebytes.

Hence, leaving your computer clean Malwarebytes. A recommended restart is necessary after which the user can download Malwarebytes and install it. If Malwarebytes won’t open still then unto the next solution.

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Malwarebytes won’t open still on the condition, that your computer is infected by a virus that is denying access to the program from running.

To make Malwarebytes run under such circumstances, the user must run Malwarebytes Chameleon. Malwarebytes Chameleon is a robust program that disguises Malwarebytes so that the viruses will stop targeting it.

It will also kill any processes stopping MBAM from installing or running.

The best part is that it comes free with Malwarebytes and you can find them in the respective folder. This will help solve Malwarebytes will not open problem. Running Malwarebytes Chameleon doesn’t need much more than a double-click on the executable file, this is because it installs its drivers as it starts to run.

Along the way, it updates MBAM to the latest version.

While doing all this, it kills all kinds of processes that are denying MBAM from running.

It should launch Malwarebytes automatically, and in turn, a scan will begin. If still, Malwarebytes won’t open then there are still a few options to try.

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Fresh install the OS

The last and final thing you can do if Malwarebytes won’t open still is to reinstall the OS itself.

This is because your computer has become so fragmented from the various attacks from a wide array of malware that even the mighty Malwarebytes Chameleon has failed.

After reinstalling the OS, you can immediately reinstall Malwarebytes, and this time it should work.

Rename mbam.exe File

Sometimes the solution to an error is easier than you might anticipate. Malicious software can usually be the barrier preventing the execution. Malwarebytes has the mbam.exe file. You can navigate to this file using the directory path of your Malwarebytes installation. It will probably be in the Program Files folder on your C drive. Look for MalwarebytesAnti-Malware.

Inside this folder, you will find the mbam executable file. Right-click on the file and choose to Rename from the menu list that appears. Rename it to explorer.exe and rerun it. Be mindful that you will need administrative permission for this process. Renaming should start your Malwarebytes once again. Once it has started, scan and reset the executable file name to its default.

Create A New Account

Corrupted accounts have had a reputation for preventing Malwarebytes from opening. Usually, one of the methods given above should work for you, but you can always try this if they don’t. A possible reason behind Malwarebytes not opening could be that it’s been infected. To overcome this, you could create a new user account in Windows. You can move all your files and folders to the new account, thereby resolving your error.

To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Press Windows Key + R simultaneously to open the Run dialog box. Type cmd in the dialog box and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Alternatively, you could also search for cmd in the start menu. Right-click on it and run as administrator.

Step 2: Once the admin command prompt is open, type “control userpasswords2” and press Enter. This will allow you access to User Accounts on your Windows.

Step 3: Click on add account and then follow the instructions being shown. To create a non-Microsoft account, look for the option of signing in without a Microsoft Account. Click Next.

Step 4: Select Local account and fill in the other details that might be displayed on the screen.

Step 5: At this point, your account will have been created. Go back to the command prompt window and type shutdown -L to log out from the account currently in use.

Step 6: Log in to your new account and continue using your Malwarebytes application.

This will probably resolve the Malwarebytes won’t open error.

In case the Malwarebytes application has stopped working after you made any significant changes to your system, try restoring it. You can restore Windows using the Windows system recovery point. If you still have problems with Malwarebytes not opening error, it is suggested that you contact Malwarebytes support using their contact number.


How long does Malwarebytes activation take?

To activate Malwarebytes on Windows it could take a few minutes.

Does Malwarebytes protect against Trojan?

Ideally, your Windows Defender does most of the work of protecting your PC. But for better security against viruses, Trojan, or malware, Malwarebytes could help.

How to turn on Malware protection?

Navigate to the protection tab in Malwarebytes. Select settings and then startup options, where you can enable protection.

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