How To Save Photos To SD Card By Default on Android [Complete Guide]

The new generation is ready to renovate the entire process of digitalization completely. We will see a lot of improvements in the coming years. Moreover, technology is advancing at a high pace, and new gadgets are coming into the market. There is no doubt that mobile phones are one of the most used electrical gadgets in the community. Also, every person on the planet has a mobile phone or at least a couple of them in the family. Smartphones are the new face of technology and hence are possing more features. Further, Android phones have made lives simpler through their advanced features. One of the most useful aspects of any general Android phone is considered to be its camera. Also, these images or videos are internally stored in the memory space of the mobile phone itself. Users can get access to these files anytime as per their convenience. Some of you out there may consider connecting an SD card to your mobile phone. Therefore, it increases the capacity of your mobile phone to store more images and other data files. A lot of people think that Android save photos to SD card by default.

android camera
Android camera


But in reality, all the images and other data files are saved in the internal storage of your phone. Therefore, it is advisable to convert the default storage to your SD card. This will help in maintaining cleaner internal storage of the Android mobile phone. Hence, our team has come off with some tips that will make Android save photos to SD card by default.

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How to Change Camera Storage Location Android

Android has always combined some of the latest technology in their mobiles to create a better gadget for the users. By default, the Android camera storage location is the internal memory slot of the phone. Almost every mobile has the option to change the storage location. Therefore, it is necessary to know the steps for the same.

Step 1

First, open the default Camera application on your Android phone. Also, you should have a perfectly working SD card already attached to your mobile.

Step 2

Next, look for the Settings option in the camera itself. Most probably, the icon for it will be similar to a ‘gear.’

amera settings
Camera settings

Step 3

Click on it, and you will reach the settings page of your camera roll.

Step 4

Look for the option that says something similar to Storage Location. It is 99% sure that you will find the option in the settings menu.

storage location
Storage location

Step 5

Finally, change the location to SD Card by clicking on the option. This will now successfully store all the pictures in the future. Also, note that it won’t affect the location of the images that were already present on your phone.

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What if My Camera doesn’t have Storage Location in Settings?

Sometimes users are unable to find the option to change the Storage Location on their phones. The reasons can be that you are using an older version of Android, or your mobile model doesn’t support the feature. It is important to save your pictures on an Android camera SD card to prevent data loss. Further, we have covered all the different variations of Android and their respective methods to change the location. Make sure that you are aware of the Android version that your phone is currently using.

Android 10, Android Oreo, Android Pie

There is no option to tweak the configuration settings of storage in several android mobile phones.

android 10, oreo, pie
Android 10, oreo, pie

Therefore, you can download an application like MX Camera to solve the issue and make Android save photos to SD Card by default. Then, follow the given steps,

Step 1

In the beginning, you have to download the MX Camera app and install it on your phone. It is easily available on the internet or your PlayStore.

Step 2

Next, open the application and click on the menu option present in it. It is represented using the icon with three dots.

mx menu
MX menu

Step 3

Then, click on the Settings menu to open the MX Camera settings menu. You will find a column that states “Custom Storage Location.”

custom storage
custom storage

Step 4

Finally, you can click on that option and change the default storage location to the SD card present on your phone.

Android Nougat

The users can change the Android photo storage location directly from the factory camera app. As soon as you put in the SD card, the camera will automatically detect it.

android nougat
Android Nougat

Therefore, it will ask for your confirmation to change the storage location to that SD card. In case you don’t get the message, you can always perform the steps mentioned in the previous section of this guide.

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Android 4.4 Kitkat and Android 5.0 Lollipop

These Android versions are among the initial version of the system and didn’t have many features. Similarly, there is no provision for making Android save photos to SD card by default.

android kitkat and lollipop
Android kitkat and lollipop

However, users can download third-party camera applications like MX Camera on their phones. This will help you to override the default settings of the phone to save images and videos. You can directly choose the exact location of the folder in the SD card where you want to save the files.


We hope that this guide will prove to be beneficial for you in solving your problem. It clearly states all the methods to have Android save photos to SD card by default. Moreover, you can change it back to the internal storage at any time. Hence, it is recommended to use the SD card as it is more convenient.

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