Now, more than ever, deepfakes have found their way into meme culture, and one clip spearheads the movement. The Japanese track from the well-known game series Yakuza is featured in the Baka Mitai meme. One of the lines in that track, ‘Dame Da Ne,’ is sung by a character named Kiryu in the game’s karaoke area. It is easy to use Dame da ne meme maker to make Baka mitai deepfake.

These are the steps to make a Dame Da Ne meme:

  1. Find an image and resize it.
  2. Build a folder on Google Drive with four files
  3. Script code opened
  4. The first coding should have a line added.
  5. Run the program
  6. Speed up and save
  7. Download the meme and add a video.

Making the meme faster is possible if you follow this tutorial. This article explains how to use a Dame Da Ne meme maker for designing and creating. It is a simple process. But to get accurate results, you must follow the exact steps.

The Method For Creation Of The Dame Da Ne Meme

Follow the steps described below.

Find a suitable image and resize it.

You must first locate the image you wish to transform into the ‘Dame Da ne‘ and resize it. Make sure the subject is looking directly into the camera. Anybody or anything can be the topic of the picture as long as it is in the middle.

image resize You should resize the image up to 256×256. The script must have these dimensions to function correctly; otherwise, you will not be able to create the meme, to conclude. Resize the ‘dame da new template if the matter is not in the middle. Cropping the image may bring the subject to the center, which will help the script run more smoothly.

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Make A Folder In Google Drive

Check out the Google Drive webpage. Sign in to your Google profile before opening the Drive in a browser. Making a new folder in Google Drive is necessary. google driveCreate this subfolder on the ‘My Drive‘ drive’s home page. Do not produce elsewhere.

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Put Documents in the Folder

  1. Include the mentioned files in the Google Drive folder you created. Be sure to include every file; otherwise, the script will not be able to catch it.documents
  2. The image you resized as the target. Call it 02.png instead.image rename
  3. a Baka Mitai template video. Then give it the name 04.mp4
  4. For the script to function, the Tar files must have exact titles. The names of the two Tar files must be ‘Tar 1‘ and ‘Tar 2,’ respectively.

Before uploading, the template video must be scaled to 256×256 and muted. These are needed for the scripts to function.

Upload documents to Google Drive

Open The Baka mitai generator’s code script.

Now, you have to execute the code script:code script

Enter the code script for ‘First Degree Motion Model for Graphic Animation‘ (Chrome or Safari) in a web browser.

To run the code, your computer must have the required processing capability. To forewarn you, It cannot operate on all computers.

Insert a line of code.

Embrace coding!

During the first line of the code, type pip installs PyYAML==5.3.1.

codingThis piece of code aids in PyYAML installation. Python scripts may read inputs and generate outputs using PyYAML, a YAML parser.

Start the Dame Da Ne meme maker and run the script

On six program codes, tap the play, step by step, starting at the top to process the meme.script

Thump the play key at the top of the webpage to run the code.

Connecting the Dame Da Ne meme maker to Google Drive

Tap ‘Clone repository‘ and ‘Mount your Google Drive storage.’ You will be prompted with a blue link to authenticate users to your Google Drive as part of this process.uploading

The link leads you to the Google Drive site when you click it, where you can provide access. By granting permission, google drive will be connected to the program and accessible.

Make use of the Dame Da Ne meme maker to animate the image

Now, we must revitalize our meme template.

  1. Use the keyboard’s ENTER key to continue.
  2. Then select the ‘source image‘ and ‘load driving video’ blocks. The script will read the drive’s source video and photos.
  3. Then select ‘build a model and load checkpoints‘ and press ‘play.’ The script will build the final output model required for an ideal animation.animation
  4. Play the ‘perform picture animation‘ block last. The visual effects on the Baka mitai template you supplied will be done in this step.

When you click a button and it turns red, you should be aware that the code is still running. Please read the warning messages and make an effort to understand them. If you have yet to gain experience cracking codes, try searching for your concept on Google.python prompt

The Baka mitai meme generator will display your deep fake on the screen and be available for download. For the generated.mp4 file to start downloading, click the icon there on the left side of the screen.

This in-depth false video will be sluggish due to the script. To make the audio and video coincide, you must speed up the video.

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Increase the video’s speed.

You can synchronize the sound with your sluggish video using external programs or online applications.

  1. Add the ‘Dame Da ne’ video to the program. Also, include the ‘Baka Mitai music that you downloaded.increase loading speed
  2. Select the speed at which you prefer your meme clip. Now, increase the video speed.

The song is downloadable and flawlessly syncs with the ‘Dame De Ne video.


A Meme: How Do I Make One?

To ensure that your meme has accurate information: 1. Do your homework before you start. 2. Pick a meme maker of your preference. 3. Make the necessary modifications after uploading the image to the Dame da ne generator. You can also add messages and effects if you like. 4. Ensure that they are simple enough for your audience to understand. 5. Get your meme and then spread it.

How Are Deep Fake Memes Made?

Foremost, choose the image that you like to deepfake. The clip into the code after that. The script will understand the logical flow of the image. Then include the sample video with it when uploading. After processing the code, the script will produce a deepfake animation version of the topic.

What Does The English Word 'Dame Da Ne' Mean?

The Japanese term Dame Da Ne, from the song 'Baka Mitai,' signifies useless or bad. However, it has a lot of applications.

What Country Is 'Dame Da Ne' From?

A line from the Japanese music 'Baka Mitai' is titled 'Dame Da Ne.' It originates from the Japanese series of video games Yakuza, in which 'Kiryu,' the lead character, performs at karaoke events.


You now understand how to use the Dame Da Ne meme maker to make the ideal Dame Da Ne meme. We hope making this meme was fun for you. You could run into several issues while doing this. Therefore, be sure to avoid making any mistakes. In case you have any queries about this manual, do not hesitate to contact us and get your doubt resolved!  

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