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There was a time when most of us had to hire professionals to get our birthday videos edited, with beautiful effects and transitions and then receive them in the form of a CD. Well now, technology has taken many steps forward, and we have several interesting and innovative software that can cater to our need for video editing with very simple operations.

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The most important functions on which we can grade these video editors are:

  • Quick editing, such as increasing video quality, adding transitions, animations, etc.
  • Easy to use controls
  • Support for conversion into DVD for better storage purposes
  • Apple has always emphasized photo and video editing on its computers.
  • Adobe Premiere and After Effects are the leading packages which are not cheap.
  • iMovie was the best option, as a video editor, but currently, it is not free.

The list below contains best free video editing applications which shall accomplish your video editing needs satisfactorily. We also have a similar list for video enhancement softwares for Windows.


Free Video Editing Software
Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac OS – Avidemux

It is an open source video editor, capable of supporting several types of video formats such as DVD, MPEG, AVI, etc. To go along with it, it has decent support range for audio including WAV, AAC, MP3. It is quite basic and provides well enough for simple editing.

The application is easy to install and comes with a detailed tutorial. So even if you are a newcomer in video editing, Avidemux shall still help you have a good experience with its easy to use interface. Advanced features cater to more experienced customers. The project has undergone many updates, with development at every step. And it’s still on.

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Blender is another Free Video Editing Software to look for if you are also into 3D rendering. It supports best of animation needs such as modeling, shading, rigging, UV unwrapping, game creation and more.

Its user interface features many intrinsic tools. In a way, Blender is very good for graphic artists and 3D enthusiasts. Being free and providing excellent 3D quality output adds to its virtue.

But, beginners will find a hard task getting around it, and may need to see a few tutorials before being able to use it.
It is also worth to note that Blender is a very capable nonlinear video editor.
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Da Vinci Resolve

Da Vinci Resolve, though the Studio version may cost $1000, the basic version is completely free. The good part of this Free Video Editing Software in this is that the image processing quality and its color correction capabilities stand head to the Studio version.

Da Vinci Resolve has certain limitations, as in fact, that it outputs in SD, HD, and Ultra HD only. This may meet the needs of most people. The basic version also limits on advanced grading and tracking tools, but this is to convince to upgrade to the pricier version. Nevertheless, Da Vinci Resolve is one the most powerful video editing software available.

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It is an open source, free video editing software, which supports cross-platform operation. The shortcut is still under active development stages. The interface has a variety of functions but is still laid out properly, that gives it the professional tier look.

Shotcut supports a wide range of video formats that includes 4k, coupled with the audio. Along with cutting, copying, and editing, it has an impressive set of video effects including composting and transitions, which make using this software much more worthwhile.


Lightworks is Oscar nominated editor’s chosen video editing application. The free version of Lightworks has video effects, titling, multicam editing as well as a multi layered timeline approach.

But on the bitter end, rendering your project is limited to only 1080p on Vimeo and 720p on YouTube. Though Lightworks Archives is another option to render to, there is no proper H.264, MP4 or DVD manipulation.

So as powerful as it is, you might need to try it for free thoroughly before upgrading it to the paid version to make it more appealing.

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Kdenlive, abbreviated as KDE is an open source Mac video editing software, that supports nonlinear video editing.

Its package is based on MLT platform, which focuses on easy to use features and flexibility in operations. It has support for a considerable range of video format that includes AVI, QuickTime, WMV, FlashVideo, and MPEG.

The latest version of Kdenlive features multi track video editing, support for keyframes and a customizable interface. Though it may lack the capacity for commercial suites, it holds enough to meet the amateur needs satisfactorily.


Jahshaka was previously known as CineFX. It is an open source, cross platform Free Video Editing Software. Along with video editing, 2D and 3D animation, compositing, color correction are other areas it works well. Amateurs, as well as professionals, can rely on this software.

The user interface uses the library of OpenGL to make the GUI. As of recent, the developers have started to expand into the VR market, with the launch of a new toolkit called Jahshaka VR.

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora is one of the finest video editing application that can stand on par with iMovie. Video editing as well video conversion, both of it is serviced by this software. To couple with this, it has a vast range of video format support and for a huge array of devices.

It has more than 300 eye catching effects to add to your videos. Add music, and trim videos to the length you want, and it also supports almost all audio and image formats.


OpenShot is a cross platform open source video editor, that launched in 2008, with the aim of providing high stability, and free accessibility.

It has a lot of features which include vast support for a variety of formats, unlimited video and audio tracks, animation keyframes, transitioning and compositing, titling, and many other features that a modern editor is expected to provide.

There have been a lot of criticism regarding its reliability, but OpenShot is worth trying for free.

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VideoLAN Movie Creator

This video editor is based on one of the ultimate media players, VLC. It is a non-linear Free Video Editing Software that has a simple and easy to use interface. It does not need any particular skills to use, and can conveniently adjust to your video manipulation and media creation needs.

There were some issues that occurred due to sudden crashes, but this is a very promising video editor and certainly, adheres to the user’s requirements.

Of all the above-mentioned editors, each has its virtue. Adobe has the strongest might, but as per free availability, these editors do a lot in satisfying our media manipulation, audio editing and especially video editing requirements.

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