How To Remove Watermark From Photos Quickly- Complete Guide

Watermarks are specifically used to safeguard the owners’ authenticity, barring others from making use of these images without their permission. It may happen so, that you need to use some images urgently in your presentation, but there are watermarks present on them. People in marketing often undergo such situations wherein they need to edit a picture owned by the company, but are unable to access the original. Thus, you must know How to Remove the Watermark from Photos.

Sometimes it is much easier to buy the picture if it is a stock photo. But in case you cannot afford it, and keeping the value of time in mind, there are certainly quick and easy ways to remove the watermark from the photo.

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What Is A Watermark?

A watermark is defined as a message embosomed in an image or a video in such a way that it does not hide any part of the photos. It is printed very transparently in order for the viewers to easily see that photo in the presence of a watermark too. A watermark used can be a logo, a stamp, a signature, or a piece of text.

what is a watermark

You can easily add the desired watermark to your work using any application available on the google play store or you can also use online websites designed to edit photos and add watermarks without photoshop.

Why Is Watermark Important?

Watermarks are important to protect your work from being purloined. Imagine working hard on a digital image for days, putting every knowledge you have into it, and then in the end someone else just steals your photo for his/her work without giving you the credits you deserve. It protects the use of any asset without permission from the real owner. Along with that it also helps a brand to maintain a consistency.

importance of water mark

They can share a lot of pictures for their promotions without having a fear of someone stealing their work. Watermarks help to assure the owner and provide a clarity to the viewer which assets, they can only view. The third benefit that watermark provides us with is Return On Investment (ROI). ROI is used by the investors to evaluate the investments done by them and to keep in mind which investment helps them to earn greater profit Watermarks help to increase the ROI for these assets by protecting them and securing distribution

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How To Remove Watermark From Photos

Read on to know these simple methods.

Using Aiseesoft Watermark Remover 

The Aiseesoft watermark remover app is suggested for the ones who work on the desktop. It helps us to remove all the watermarks for free and with ease.

aiseesoft free watermark

It is one of the best tools that can be used for the purpose of removing watermarks. You should try this application as soon as possible

Visit: Aiseesoft Watermark Remover

Remove And Add Watermarks

This is also a nice choice for the ones who want to edit the pics and remove the watermarks. The android users can use this app for their purpose.

remove and add watermark

You can also add watermarks to your pics using this app. Another application that works for free and also with ease.

Download from the official website

Inpaint by Teorex

Inpaint is a highly advanced and innovative picture editor that saves a considerable amount of time in removing unwanted objects from images.
To remove watermark, use the following simple steps:

Remove Watermark

  1. Open the image that contains the watermark, in Inpaint. Alternatively, you can go to this link. This is the Web version of Inpaint.
    On opening Inpaint, you will notice several tools on top and left of the screen.
  2. In this step, you need to pick the watermarked area of the photo. To effect this, use the “Marker” tool, present in the left toolbar. It looks like a crayon being used on a piece of paper. You may also use the “Magic Wand” tool to select the watermark in one click.
  3. Now you need to restore the image. For this, click the “Erase” button in the top toolbar. This will process the image and remove watermark.

As evident, this is a very quick method to remove watermark and get the result.

Visit: Inpaint by Teorex

Photo Stamp Remover

Photo Stamp Remover is a specialized program from SoftOrbits, designed to Remove Watermark from photos. Let us see how you can use it.

  1. You need to upload the picture with a watermark first. Use “Add file(s)” option in the top toolbar. Photo Stamp Remover also allows you to select multiple photos, as it has batch conversion mode.Photo Stamp Remover
  2. Use the “Marker” tool to select the watermarked area. The icon for this tool features a marker with blue rim.
  3. After selection, use the “Remove” button in the top toolbar to remove it.

These three steps do not take long, seconds or minutes, depending upon on the number of photos.

Visit: Photo Stamp Remover

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop (versions CS5 and later) supports a feature called “Content-Aware Fill,” which shall help you save a lot of time, and gets the job done 9 out of 10 times. Follow these steps to make use of the feature, and get watermark deficit photos.

  1. Launch Photoshop. As always, you need to open the photo from which contains watermark .
  2. The left toolbar has a “Spot Healing Brush Tool.” It has a bandage over a white spot in its icon.
  3. Check the radio button for “Content Aware” on the top toolbar.
  4. Use the cursor to move the brush carefully over the watermark. The “[” and “]” keys could be used to increase or decrease the size of the brush. Thinner lines may require thinner sizes of the brush. Moving over the watermark will erase a portion of it.
  5. Continue doing it over all of the watermarks, and erase it completely

Adobe Photoshop

If areas of the watermark are large, use the “Lasso” tool.

  1. Select the “Lasso” tool in the left toolbar. It looks similar to a cowboy lasso.Step
  2. You need to drag a lasso around the watermark. Position the cursor on the border of the watermark, and drag around it.
  3. Open the “Fill” menu by pressing “D” on the keyboard.
  4. In the “Use” drag-down menu, select “Content-Aware.” Next, click “OK.” This will cause the watermark to blend with its surroundings, and in this way we can remove it.

Visit: Adobe Photoshop

Wondershare Fotophire

Fotophire, the best in our list with the most comfortable and handy user interface. A tutorial inbuilt with the app will help you ease up with your time. The user- interface helps with all the complexity of the software and has to be the most modern watermark software out. All levels have the advantage of using precise instinctive controls for image editing, from amateurs just starting to veterans studying for a smart way to address this exact dilemma.

Wondershare Fotophire

The watermark removal software can also offer a full editing series, including background editing and replacing, photo retouching, and covering 200 outcomes, which come at no add on value. If using a Windows PC, this is our priority suggestion.

Visit: Wondershare Fotophire

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Super Eraser

If you’re a Mac user, there is a similar offering. The watermark software doesn’t come with the full editing set that others offer, but it admittedly uses exceptional and innovative retouching software to erase some selected things without somehow affecting the background.

Super Eraser for Mac

This software easily handles the distorted shapes removal in high contrast images without leaving adrift. Inpaint is also an option for the Mac.

Visit: Super Eraser

Unwanted Object Remover (Android)

Removing objects from photos can be done by using android devices too. This app helps you a lot when it comes to remove watermark from the images pretty quickly. It can also erase any objects like a date stamp, logos, or organizational name.

unwanted object remover

It’s a simple user interface, which being perfect for beginners has a lot more to produce. You can install it from the playstore and then use it for further editing.

Visit: Unwanted Object Remover (Android)

The best window stock image editor It is one of the major players on the field, and most users love the ease of user interface on paint as it has most of the tools we need to work, including the ability to remove watermark.

It has a clone tool similar to photoshop or other complicated softwares out there and works almost the same. Open the original image, select the clone tool from the toolbar, select the area next to the watermark, and apply it all over the watermark. 


Alternative ways

We can crop the watermark, if present on the corners, or near the borders, using any simple photo editor. Or, you may use the “Snipping tool” in Windows to take a screenshot and edit it. Mac users can tap on “command + shift + 4” to use a screenshot tool to the same end. Though you lose a part of it, this method maintains the spirit of the photo.

Try and find a version of your photo with no watermark. You can drag your image to the Google image search bar, and find an alternate version in the results. Popular free photo sites like Flickr and FreeImages may also help in this case.

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Is it correct to remove the watermarks?

You can edit your assets as many times as you want. But removing a watermark from others’ assets without permission is not a legal action.

Can watermarks be used in videos?

Yes you can add watermarks in videos as well. Just use the suitable editing application for it and they will do the rest of the work.

Do I need money for removing the watermarks or adding them?

Some applications can ask for money to add or remove watermarks. But as mentioned in the above articles there are many applications that can help you to remove or add watermarks for free.


There are other online tools like Pixlr and Photoupz which also prove useful to remove watermark. You may get them free of cost, or sometimes they require a license for the product. However, the above-mentioned methods will nevertheless prove very useful to Remove Watermark and will consider both time and quality in their operation.

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