11 Best Duplicate Photo Finder Tools for Windows (Updated)

In these days where social media apps are enjoying their roaring success, content sharing has become very common. I am sure that I’m not the only one who uses apps like WhatsApp and Hike Messenger. There are these groups in which you will be a member and whatever media is shared in a group will naturally be available to you. If you have kept automatic media downloads, you will most likely have tons of duplicate photos in your gallery, since the same things are shared in multiple groups of which you might be a member. Thus, you must know about the finest Duplicate Photo Finder out there.

So when there are tons of images shared each day, keeping track of unique pictures by manually deleting the duplicates is next to impossible. Note that I said manually. You can click here to know how to save photos to SD card by default.

So how about we use some software to help us out with it? Here is a list of 5 best duplicate photo finder tools to remove duplicate photos. Let’s get started. Also, read this article to know the Best Duplicate File Finder For Mac.

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Top 11 Duplicate Photo Finder Software

Here are top 11 Duplicate Photo Finder Software for you to use in 2019.


Visipics software tool automatically detects the duplicate photos present in a folder and delete them. They say at their website that they apply five different sets of filters for comparison of photos to avoid removing the pictures that you might’ve taken from your camera, which might happen to look identical since you deliberately pressed the shutter multiple times to get a right image.


It is one of the fastest ones I’ve seen out there, at least concerning the interface. Depending on your system speed, it could take a long time to load all the images and find duplicates from the path that you have chosen.

The left pane displays all the photos, with the duplicates marked automatically. You can choose to move or delete the selected items. You can even choose to ignore the entire folder and unselect the current entries.

To resume its execution, you just need to press the play button again. All the important details about the selected duplicates will be listed in the middle window. Things like their sizes, type, name, and image resolution will be listed as the attributes.

It is a speedy and straightforward duplicate photo finder tool for Windows-based systems. (XP/Vista/7) The system requirements are relatively minimal.

You need a minimum of 512 MB RAM and a dual-core 2 GHz Intel Pentium Processor. A piece of cake, right? It is worth noting that though they have only mentioned Windows OS up to Windows 7, the software runs just fine on my laptop running on Windows 8.1, so go ahead and download it on your newer systems.

Visit: Visipics

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a duplicate photo finder software that runs on your Windows/Mac based system. You can scan for duplicate photos like a pro! One can change the matching level and bitmap sizes in your comparison criteria.

Duplicate Photos Fixer
Duplicate Photos Fixer

You can also use this software tool to scan external drives and devices. So if you have a ton of photos on your external hard drive like me, you can hook it up and tell this software to look for duplicates in there.

You can also drag and drop a photo in there and have it look for similar or exact matches on the designated drive. I did not use this feature at all, but it could be useful if you want to know how many copies of the same image you have in your storage, eating away precious space.

Alternatively, you can check out their website and find out a bit more for yourself.

Visit: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

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Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is one of the preferred duplicate photo finder tools used by experts and amateurs alike. If you have a vast collection of images because you like to click several shots at a single object, this will help you get rid of repetitive duplicates.

Duplicate Photos Cleaner
Duplicate Photos Cleaner

The picture finder is to automatically detect a duplicate and select the copy which is of lesser quality. The higher resolution sample is intact unless you choose otherwise.

It works very well on windows, though I have not personally tried out the Mac OS version of this tool. But I’m almost sure that it will function equally well, if not better. The download links are readily available on their website.

Visit: Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Images Finder

Duplicate Images Finder is one if a reasonably minimalist software, with only the necessary options available. It allows you to scan and detect seemingly duplicate files and nothing more.

There does not seem to be any options for changing the sensitivity or increasing any other image finder conditions. You just select the folder you want to target and hit the giant scan button in the bottom right corner.

Duplicate Images Finder
Duplicate Images Finder

It gives you a list of images found with some percentage of similarity in them. I don’t think you should take those percentages into serious consideration, as they seem rather non calculated.

But it finishes the job by removing duplicate files. And that is more than enough for most of us. Find out more about this duplicate photo finder tool over at mind gems website.

Visit: Duplicate Images Finder

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is one of those tools which does not contain any spyware or Malware or any annoying pop-ups and gets the job of finding duplicate photos in your systems done efficiently. Which is top load or select a picture from the existing files and click on the scan button to find identical files in your file system. And it’s pretty smart at searching it as well!


It looks for any changes such as resizing of the same picture or if the images have undergone any color changes and are taking up space unnecessarily in your computer’s storage. We have displays the duplicate photos in such a way that user can directly access them and delete them or move them elsewhere if desired.

Make sure you check it out once before you decide to move on to other options. If you’re looking for a simple highly functional tool. A tool which finishes the job quickly without a lot of gimmicky features, then you have found it.

Visit: Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder


Even though it sounds like the title of some cool murder mystery game, Anti-Twin is a software that is used to detect and delete duplicate photos that are eating away storage on your computer. It looks like a highly sophisticated and complex piece of software, but it is really easy to use and works very well.

You can choose a file to be put as a reference for searching other files in your hard drive. From the list of matches found for a selected image, you can either choose to navigate to its location or delete it straight away. To delete it simply click on the box to the left of the entry and click on the Red X mark to delete it, in a sense, send it to the recycle bin.


Other than you find duplicate files and deleting them for your hard drive, you can also look for duplicate MP3 files which have always been a pain, in my case. I download a ton of songs on my smartphone as well as my PC, and then I copy them to and fro now and then. I have a lot of songs, and they can’t ask to choose through every single one of them, so I just copy the entire folder every single time.

This results in a lot of duplicate copies in both my smartphone as well as my PC. I can handle the ones on my smartphone, because my music player, that is Poweramp Pro, automatically picks the relevant ones and leaves out the duplicate ones and the relevant audio files, but it becomes a problem when the traditional File Manager of my Windows PC. A software like anti-twin can be beneficial if your someone like me making it a great Duplicate Photo Finder tool.

So, if you are someone like me and have problems with either MP3 files or duplicate photos in your system make sure you give this one try.

Visit: Anti-Twin


If you are looking for a twin photo finder that can find duplicates irrespective of filters on them, PictureEcho is the one you need. It can search and help you remove all similar photos from the device. It is supported by a fast similar image scanning technology, which flawlessly finds duplicates. Also, it can check your system to find resembling images irrespective of their file size and editing effects. It is ideal for graphic designers and photo editors as they often create duplicates of a different size or apply enhancing filters. It comes with a smooth-running and stylish interface. In addition, you can examine photos before removing them by using PictureEcho’s preview option.
Not only does it scan photos inside folders, but it can also compare folders. BMP, PNG, TIFF are some file formats PictureEcho supports for the scan.


PicturesEcho can be easily surfed on Windows versions 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and even supports Adobe Lightroom. In addition to this, it doesn’t clog disk space. However, to run the application, you will need a high performing CPU and might drain memory usage than other duplicate cleaners.

Visit: PictureEcho

Similar Photo Cleaner

If you are seeking for a neatly compiled folder with no duplicates, we suggest a Similar photo cleaner. Both experts and novices often prefer this software. Not only this is powerful; it is extremely easy-to-use as well. Additionally, the software restores the storage space that you might not even know existed.
The software works with all common image file formats like jpg, png, and others. It runs smoothly on Windows.
The best feature of this photo copy finder tool is that it suggests tutorials on how to use the application for easy photo management. The user interface is also sleek and convenient to use.

similar photo cleaner
Similar Photo Cleaner

Other than these features, it also offers a wide array of photo systemizing and management tools. It is known for its fast and precise scanning. You can get rid of multiple copies in one-click.
This tool also provides a preview option, and thus you can take informed action.
It also shows you the best picture among duplicates with the ‘Auto Mark Files’ feature. You can choose to keep or delete it.
Another added benefit is you can filter your search and get the desired results. You can use these tools on external devices like Pendrive and USB. However, if your use XP and Vista Microsoft Windows, you might not be able to utilize Similar Photo cleaner.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro

This is available for Windows versions 10, 8, and 7.
Unlike other similar software, Duplicate Cleaner offers an option where you can choose what basis you would like to sort files. It could be file content, name, size, and so on. It has more advanced features, and you can even use this tool to delete duplicate music files and as well as documents.

duplicate cleaner pro
Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Furthermore, you can choose to exclude a folder from the scan and view bigger thumbnails. You can test Duplicate Cleaner utilizing a 15-days free trial. However, if you input large data, scanning might consume some time.

Visit: Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Similar Image Search

Similar Image Search is a simple standalone JAR file to run which you need Java installed on your system. It’s one of the simplest and one of the most straightforward software. Which allows you to scan for duplicate images on your PC, and delete them.

Firstly, you will have to add the folder which you want to scan. Then, click on the library search and click the option that says reverse image search from the sub-menu. It will show you the list of all the duplicate images. All that are present in the selected folder, and then you can easily delete them.

Similar Image Search
Similar Image Search

You can right-click on either one of them. And select whether to reveal it, or open it, or delete it straight away. This duplicate file finder tool is a very high-performance app. It was designed for photographers to go through a large number of photos in their SD card’s dump. So don’t underestimate based on it simple looks. It can take some very heavy photo workloads. And compare them against the one that you want to check with.

Just a reminder that requires Java 7 to install on your system. As long as your system meets the requirements specified by it, it should work just fine making it a more than fine Duplicate Photo Finder tool.

Visit: Similar Image Search

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Duplicate Image Remover Free

Duplicate Image Remover Free is one of the best Duplicate Photo Finder and Remove tool for your PC. There are numerous highlights present in this tool that will let you clean up every duplicate file from your PC with just a few clicks.

Duplicate Image Remover Free
Duplicate Image Remover Free

First, Duplicate Image Remover Free will run the scanning process on your system. After running the scanning process, it will generate a report for you to know which files & photos you will want to save. With the help of this report, you can quickly delete the unwanted or duplicate files & photos permanently from your PC. Additionally, the User Interface it offers is simple to use and will fetch you great results.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer tool is a pretty decent Duplicate Photo Finder Tool. It provides all the essential features to the user that a Duplicate Photo Finder and Remover Tool should offer without any limitations. Although there are no new unique features that this tool provides a user, it does the essential work of finding duplicate photos and removing them from your system.

Duplicate Files Fixer
Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer gives you with complete system automated scan resulting in the display of all the duplicate files on your PC. After viewing these duplicate files, you can quickly delete them permanently from your system. This tool is best for users who prepare stand-alone tools for specific tasks. It is simple to use and doesn’t complicate the user experience with additional fancy features.

Visit: Duplicate Files Fixer

Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder tool as the name suggests is one of the easiest to operate Duplicate Photo Finder tool. It is, again, a very decent choice for a user to select. On launching this application in your system, it will display a few basic settings which you can customize and set up according to your needs.


Just like most of the finder tools, it permits you to select the option of the Automatic Scan. Automatic Scan will scan your PC and provide you with the needful information of the duplicate files. It is a very decent choice for a user who wants to get over with this whole process without any hassle.

Visit: Easy Duplicate Finder

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is yet another great option. This tool offers the primary search and deletion of duplicate photos to the user from their PC. Additionally, the scanning feature it offers has exceptional time-rate. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder’s user interface decreases the scanning process time. This decrease in time lets you delete all the duplicate files in just a few minutes.

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder
Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

This application comes in both free as well as paid versions. You can select the paid version to explore multiple features that it offers only to paid users. The paid version will serve you perfectly well, just like any other premium application and will become your go-to place for duplicate files deletion. You can install this tool on your phone and set it up for your needs as you wish.

Visit: Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

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