10 Best Free Ford VIN Decoder Tools

Every vehicle has a VIN code. It is a 17 character long alphanumerical code that is physically present in the body of the car. It acts as both a signature to identify the individual vehicle as well as provide information about each car.

If you plan to buy a car, it would be wise to look up the VIN of the same to find information regarding whether the vehicle has been involved in any illegal activities or anything of the sort, or just to look up the date of manufacturing, plant and other vital details.

The following is a list of online Ford VIN decoder that you can use to look up your VIN information.


Vincario is a handy website if you wish to decode your VIN information. The site provides a basic schematic of the VIN at the home page itself. It can be used to get an idea of what the VIN indicates.

You can obtain the information by merely typing in your VIN on the home page. An API is available for bulk checking as well. However, this is exclusive for registered users. Registered users can access this and vehicle search history and more. The registration is free of cost, but multiple uses of the API will be charged.

Ford VIN Decoder

This is another handy and simple way to look up your VIN. This website can provide vehicle history and is a free decoder with build sheet and specs as well. It is easy to use, by just providing the required VIN on the homepage.

The website also holds a list of Ford vehicle models. These can be used to decode VIN based on the vehicle model. The site is useful if you wish to search for Ford parts, as this can be done by using VIN as well.

Team BHP

Team BHP is a website dedicated to automobile enthusiasts. They too offer a Ford VIN decoder on their website. However, this is a bit more manual when compared to the previous sites.

Here, you are given the information encoded in your VIN in a detailed and concise manner. You can look up the various information provided based on the vehicle manufacturer to get the details you seek.

Ford Truck Enthusiasts

Ford Truck Enthusiasts is a website for Ford Truck lovers. They offer a Ford VIN decoder feature as well. This can be accessed from their homepage by entering your VIN code. They can decode and provide information including engine specifications, interior, exterior, safety equipment, vehicle features, technical specifications and much more. The Ford Truck Enthusiasts support VIN codes from 1971 to present.

Vehicle Identification Number

This is a website that shows VIN decoding information in a list form for the user to decipher by themselves. It has a list sorted by manufacturers and displaying make, model, year of manufacture and similar data. This is useful for users who wish to use the VIN to find out such data. However, an advanced VIN decoding option is available by pressing the button on the homepage, which takes you to Carfax.


In the previous tool, there is a button at the bottom that redirects to Carfax Once the VIN is entered on the homepage, the user is automatically redirected to the Carfax homepage, where the details are displayed.

This website offers VIN decoding tools that include the complete vehicle history including mileage check, title information, and accidents. This information includes details of vehicle status, problem checks, and police records. This information can be obtained by using this tool


This is a service by the US NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). It can decode input VIN codes to obtain the service information and safety recalls over the past 15 years.

However, it does not contain several vital details including international vehicles, complete protection recall information and ones that were done 15 years ago.


This Ford VIN decoder is available for Android platform. It is available in the Google Play store for Android versions 4.0.3 and up and is developed by MTS Dealer Solutions LLC.

This is a quick, on the go application that can decode your VIN with the help of a barcode scanner and can share the details of VIN by email or text. This can also give you your vehicle values from Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds.com. This is quite a useful tool.

Vehicle History

Vehicle History is another website that can be used for VIN decoding. The website interface is pretty straightforward. The Ford VIN decoder can be accessed from the homepage, and then the VIN code can be entered to access the vehicle history corresponding to the VIN entered. This is a free and convenient service.


It is a website that guides people to fix some issues in their vehicles on their own. Their site offers a decoder for VIN and can be accessed from the above-given link. However, it is still in the beta phase, and not all VIN codes may work. The basic VIN info obtained after decoding is free to access. But to get the detailed history report, a fee is to be paid.

The VIN code can be found on the car, either on the corner of the dashboard and windshield when seen from outside of the vehicle, or where the door latches when it is closed, on the driver’s side. The above-given list has the 10 free Ford VIN decoder that you can use to obtain vehicle information.