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The Windows 10 Anniversary update has improved aesthetics and added many features, but it also comes with specific errors and bugs, a common one being unexpected store exception error. Every time this error shows up, your computer will completely freeze and force you to restart it.

It is also often accompanied by the Blue Screen of Death or BSOD and associated BSOD errors like Critical Process Died.

Fix Unexpected Store Exception
Fix Unexpected Store Exception

In this article, we talk about the Unexpected Store Exception error accompanied by the BSOD in your Windows 10 computer and how you can fix the problem.

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Solve Unexpected Store Exception Error

Unexpected Store Exception Error Causes

To successfully solve a problem, it becomes essential to know the cause or probable causes of the problem. Hence we first look at some of the reasons for this Store Exception Error. As with any of the other dreaded BSOD errors, the reason behind could be Driver problems, Hardware Issues and often due to third-party programs and softwares.

Here are some of the characteristics of this error:

  • The error has very random occurrence. But generally, it has been seen that the error occurs in two ways- while rebooting the system or while running specific programs.
  • The error has frequently been observed when the system has been running for long hours, or the system resumes after long duration of hibernation.
  • If the system is left untouched for a long time after this error occurs, the system will automatically restart but will not display the Bios logo. For a proper startup, you will have to shut down your computer forcefully and boot it up again.
  • After this error has occurred multiple times, another BSOD error called critical_process_died also occurs.

Since the cause of the error can be different, hence the solution will also be different. Now, we will explore some of the possible solutions to this error.

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Solution 1: Repair the Corrupt System Files

Using the built-in System File Checker program that accompanies the Windows 10 you can scan and repair corrupt files on your computer. Open the Command Prompt (Admin) box from the Start Menu. In this box, type ‘sfc /Scannow’ as written here and press enter. This command should start the file checker which will take time to do its work and solve the problem.

SFC Scannow
SFC Scannow

You can also use third party softwares like Reimage that can thoroughly scan your computer and detect any corrupt system files or missing files that can cause errors like this one. After detection, it can also repair or replace these files. If the corrupt or missing files were responsible for the Store Exception error, then the problem would go away after a simple restart. But, if the problem was for a different cause then you will have to use one of the methods mentioned below.

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Solution 2: Remove Anti-Virus

McAfee Anti-Virus Program has been the culprit for Store Exception error after the Windows 10 Anniversary update. You can remove the error by disabling the McAfee.

For uninstalling, go the Control Panel and select the section called ‘Programs.’ Scan the list to find the McAfee Anti-virus program or any other virus protection softwares that you may have installed on your computer. Ideally, you should uninstall all of them (if multiple) by right-clicking on them and clicking on ‘Uninstall.’

After the uninstall procedure is complete, restart your computer, and the chances of the error reappearing should now become very low. If the error persists, refer to the solutions mentioned in this list.

Note: – The ‘Microsoft Defender’ in Windows 10 is a powerful and efficient antivirus application, so removing other similar third-party programs will not pose any threat to your computer from viruses.

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Solution 3: Disable Fast Startup Feature

The Fast Startup is an exclusive Windows 10 feature that allows the computer to boot up faster. Now, though this is a good feature, it causes errors like Store Exception error on older machines.

Thus, if you have an older device, it is best to disable the fast startup feature by following these steps- Go to the Power button in the Start menu of Windows. There will be an option, ‘Choose what the power button does’ on the left-hand side of the window.

Choosing this option will show ‘Change Settings that are currently unavailable’ option, under which you will have to select the option of Turn Off fast startup option. You will have to save these settings and restart your computer to check if the problem persists.

Solution 4: Driver Upgrading

An outdated Windows driver may also be the cause of the error. Software’s like “Drive the life “or “Slimdriver” can check your computer and update required drivers. In other ways, you can also do it manually by using the Windows Device Manager, where you have to the right click on the driver and select the option of ‘Update driver software.’

Solution 5: Windows Update

Sometimes an update can be the cause of the problem, or a further update can solve the problem. If your computer was working well before having the updates, then uninstall the update in ‘programs and Features’ section of the Start Menu. To install a new update, go to the ‘Check for updates’ section under ‘Updates and security’ in the ‘Settings’ windows of the Start Menu.

Windows Update Settings
Windows Update Settings

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Solution 6: Check Hard Disk Health

If you hard disk has bad sectors, then this could be the cause of your unexpected_store_exception error. To understand if the issue is with the hard drive, check the health of your hard disk.

To do this, in Command prompt (Admin), type ‘chkdsk C: /f /r /x’ as given here and press enter. For scanning, replace the letter ‘C’ in the command with the name of the drive you wish to scan.

You can also wish to check Hard Drive health using third party softwares like Crystal Disk. Once you complete the checking, reboot your computer.


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