10 Ways to Launch the Command Prompt in Windows

Cmd.exe or commonly called as command prompt is a command line interpreter which is preinstalled on any Windows operating system. It is meant to duplicate the applications of MS-Dos prompt which was utilized in Window 9x operating systems. The command prompt is the goto software for people who want to use many features which are present in the native application of the operating system.

But sometimes finding this application can be a bit tedious and confusing for new programmers. Hence today we are here to show 10 ways to launch the command prompt.

How to Launch the Command Prompt

The following are the various ways the user can launch the command prompt in Windows:

Using Search

One of the quickest and fastest ways the user can launch command prompt is by searching it up using the search bar provided next to the start menu. The search bar can be spotted on the right-hand side of the start menu button, which in turn can be found default at the left-hand side bottom corner of your screen.

To follow this route to launch the command prompt, all the user has to do is to click on the search bar next to the windows button and type in “Command prompt” for the search engine to pop up with the corresponding result. Once after the result has popped up the user just has to click on it to launch the application.

If the user wants to launch Command prompt as administrator, he or she just has to follow the above same steps but instead of clicking on the result, right-clicking on it will make a drop down box appear. This drop down box will give the user the options to launch the parallel application in administrator mode.

Using Cortana

Cortana is a virtual assistant feature which is the Windows answer for Apple’s Siri. Taking inspiration from there flagship game called Halo, Cortana was initially released on the 2nd of April 2014. To use Cortana to launch command prompt is very simple and easy to execute on the condition you have a mic installed and recognized by the computer.

Windows Cortana
Windows Cortana

Hence ensure that a mic is installed for the smooth execution of this tip. The user can summon Cortana to his or her aid by just calling out the virtual assistant by saying “Hey Cortana.” If calling her by her name doesn’t work then the user can summon her by clicking on the microphone icon aptly placed on the right side of the search bar.

This will wake her up from her sleeping state to make her available for the user’s aid. After her icon becomes animated in the start menu, the user can launch command prompt by just asking her in a clear and audible tone to do the corresponding. Unfortunately, you can’t tell her to launch the command prompt in administrator mode. Hence limiting the usability of this tip.

Using the Run window

This tip has been used so many times that it deserves to be third on the list. To launch command prompt using Run window is considered to be the goto tip for many programmers as it is one of the most comfortable tips the user can execute to do the corresponding.

Run Command
Run Command

Hence to launch command prompt using the run window the user primarily has to press the Windows key plus the R key (Win+key). Once the keys have been pressed immediately, the run window will appear. After the run window has appeared, typing in “cmd” and pressing enter will launch the command prompt.

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Through the start menu

Launching command prompt through the start menu is the most direct and straightforward way of doing the necessary. To launch the command prompt in this manner, the user just has to click on the Windows icon default placed in the left-hand corner of his or her screen. After which the user can click on the shortcut of the command prompt to launch it.

If the user wants to launch it in administrator, then he or she has to the right click on the option to make a drop down box appear. Within the drop down box, the user can observe the choice to run the program in administrator. Once the option has been selected the application will run in administrator mode.

Through shortcuts

The fifth way one can launch command prompt is through shortcuts. To create a shortcut for command prompt, the user can right-click on the necessary application to make a drop down box appear. After which the user can select the option to create a shortcut. The reason behind creating a shortcut is to have easy and quick access to the program in need of utilization.

After the selecting the choice to create a shortcut immediately, the shortcut will appear on the desktop. Remember not to have too many shortcuts on your desktop as it can lead to a disorganized screen making it harder for the user to differentiate between programs. You can also launch shortcuts in administrator.

Through the taskbar

The sixth tip the user can execute to launch command prompt easily is by pinning it to the taskbar. This can be done by right-clicking the application you want to pin to the taskbar and selecting the necessary option to pin the corresponding application to the taskbar. Applications pinned to the taskbar can also be run in administrator mode by right-clicking on the pinned icon and selecting the option to run in administrator through the drop box which appears.

Using power menu

The specialty of Windows 10 is that it keeps a power menu hidden for users who fully utilize the operating system to its maximum potential, hence the apt name of power menu. Pressing the Windows key and the “X” (Win+X) will give any user access to the hidden power menu.

A problem might arise due to the fact with the latest update of Windows 10; developers removed the option to launch command prompt through the hidden menu. But if the problem does arise from choice to launch command prompt has been replaced by the option to open Windows Powershell, the user still can fix it.

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To fix this problem, the user just has to access the settings of the computer which can be done by clicking on the gear icon usually placed below his or her profile picture. Once inside the settings window, clicking on personalization category and then selecting the task bar option will make the user reach the desired destination to execute necessary changes.

After reaching the task bar settings, turning off the option of replacing Command prompt with Windows Powershell will allow him or her to launch command prompt through the special menu. Now you can apparently launch command prompt through the hidden menu as all obstacles to access the option has been removed.

Through File explorer

This tip is for the ones who use the file explorer a lot to get around in there computer, in other words, anyone who organizes files in an orderly fashion or anyone who keeps on checking the C drive to see how much space is left. Typing in “cmd” in the address bar of any file explorer window and pressing enter will launch the command prompt.

The launched command prompt will reach the user through the folder the user was present in, hence be careful if you are going to use command prompt through the file explorer. The only problem with this step is that you cannot launch command prompt as administrator.

By using an executable file

To launch CMD through an executable file, you might consider it confusing, hence making it have the ninth place on our list. One can execute this tip by going to the right system partition where Windows has been installed.

Once within the right partition, clicking on System 32 will make the user find cmd.exe which is the executable file of Command prompt. The advantage of this tip is that the user can run it as administrator by right-clicking on it and then choosing the option to launch it as administrator.

Through Microsoft edge

The last way one can launch command prompt is through Microsoft edge, the new default web browser of Windows. To run this tip the correct way copy and paste the following into the address bar of the browser:


After which pressing enter will launch the command prompt. This tip can also be done through internet explorer.

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