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Windows diagnostic policy service is a service built by Microsoft Corporation inbuilt into the Windows operating system. The diagnostic policy enables users to troubleshoot problems related to Windows components, and find an appropriate solution for the same.

You may have faced internet problems on your system, and that is when the diagnostic policy service kicks in, it helps you find the problem and troubleshoot it. Many times you may have observed, whenever your application crashed or your system hanged, there was always a Window which prompts you to send the diagnostic data to Microsoft and find the appropriate solution for the same.

Windows Diagnostic Policy Service is Not Running
Windows Diagnostic Policy Service is Not Running

Yes, that’s a part of the diagnostic policy service. There have been a few cases in the past where the diagnostic policy service crashed by itself. So here is a guide to fix it.

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2 Steps to Solve Windows Diagnostic Policy Service is Not Running Error

Step #1

Open the Command prompt also called as cmd or Windows Powershell. You can open the same by searching for cmd in the search bar, or through the start menu. There is also a shortcut key, that is ‘Windows + Q’ that directly opens the search bar in Windows 7 and there you can type cmd. Remember, you have to open is at Administrator, hence, right click on the cmd icon and click on ‘Run as admin’ option.

Step #2

  • When the command prompt windows are open, you need to run these two commands in the given sequence:

net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice

  • Once you are done writing this command, and the command has been initiated, move on to the next command, and that is:

net localgroup Administrators /add localservice

If both the commands have been undertaken successfully, then you will see a message “The command has been completed successfully.”

Once you are done with both the commands correctly in cmd, restart your computer for the changes to be saved.

Now in case if you want to check the diagnostic service policy is running or not, press ‘Windows + R’ key to open the Run Window. Type ‘services.msc’ and hit OK.

Now find out the Diagnostic policy service, right click and enter the properties, and check whether the service is running or not.

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