How to Fix NVIDIA Driver Crashing in Windows 10

There is something wrong with the new versions of NVIDIA drivers. After the installation of Windows 10 from Windows 8.1, your PC may malfunction and experience some problems regarding the graphics and the drivers. It includes freezing of your PC, blacking out of the screen, and driver crashing depending on the graphics card and the drivers you have on your PC. It not only affects the program you’re working on but also affects the background processes. Thus, you must know how to Fix NVIDIA Driver Crashing.

If your PC is facing these issues due to the graphics and drivers, here are some of the things you can try to fix it.

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Methods to Fix NVIDIA Driver Crashing

Here are a few methods to fix NVIDIA Driver Crashing

Download and Install the Latest NVIDIA Graphics

Although you have updated your Windows to Windows 10, there might be a chance that your Graphics drivers are not updated. In some cases, it may happen that the drivers are updated, but they’re not compatible with your PC. So, it’s important that you check the compatibility of the driver with your PC as per the configuration of your computer before downloading and installing any particular diver because if it’s not compatible with your PC, you are not solving anything.

Drivers GeForce

I would suggest, always downloading the drivers from the official website of NVIDIA and not from any other site. It maybe happens to be faulty, or it may contain bugs which affect the functioning of your driver as well as the graphics card resulting driver crashing and blacking out of the screen.

Here is the link to the official website of NVIDIA graphics, from where you can download the drives you need.  Although even for doing that you should know about the hardware your PC is using, i.e., which NVIDIA Graphic card your PC has because the website asks for the product details to find out the required drivers.

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Don’t worry if you are not sure. Here are the steps you can follow to know about the product details.

  • Press WIN + R. A small dialogue box will appear at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Type ‘dxdiag’ and press ‘Enter.’


  • A dialogue box will appear. There will be two display tabs on it. One of the integrated graphics cards and the other for NVIDIA graphics. Switch to ‘Display 2′.
  • And there you have all the information about your graphics card that you need.

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Switch Back to the Previous Driver

As the new version of the NVIDIA drivers has some bugs which are leading to the malfunctioning of the driver, the company will be releasing the new version shortly. But if NVIDIA driver is crashing is very frequent with your PC and affecting your work, you can also switch back to your previous driver to Fix NVIDIA Driver Crashing and wait till NVIDIA releases the fixed version of the driver. This would definitely be going to help and improve the functioning of your PC.

Here are the following steps you can follow to switch back to your previous driver:

  1. Go to ‘Device Manager.’
  2. Expand ‘Display adapters.
  3. Right-click on ‘NVIDIA graphic Card’ and select ‘Properties’.
  4. A dialogue boll will appear. Switch to the ‘Driver’ tab.
  5. Press ‘Roll Back Driver.

Let your PC reboot once the process is done. This will definitely stop NVIDIA driver crashing on your PC.

There is also an alternate method for the same. You can simply uninstall the NVIDIA driver you are using right now and then download the previous version of the driver from the official website.

Here are the following steps to uninstall the previous version of the NVIDIA driver.

  • Go to the ‘Control Panel’
  • Click on the ‘Programme and Features’

Programs and Features

  • Right-click on the ‘NVIDIA Graphics Driver’ and press ‘Uninstall’.

Download the previous version of the driver from here.

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Change Power Management Setting

Usually, there are three power-saving plans on our computer. They are Balanced mode, High-performance mode, and Power saver mode of which Balance mode is recommendable but sometimes there is a chance that power is saving drivers effects the process of your graphics card.

Power Options - Windows

It depends on the power-saving mode you have chosen. So to prevent that you can simply set your computer in High-performance mode and do a minor change in your graphics setting. This can Fix NVIDIA Driver Crashing.

Here are the steps you need to follow to make these minor changes. It may seem to be a little longer but it works:

  • Go to ‘Control Panel’

Control Panel

  • Click on ‘Power options’

Power Option

  • A dialogue box will open showing your power plan. Set it to High-performance mode.
  • After that click on the ‘Change in plan’ written right in front of High performance.
  • Another dialogue box will open. If you see there will be an ‘Advance power setting’ written at the bottom. Click on it.

  • Expand PCI Express and make sure ‘Link state power management’ is Off.
  • Now close all the tabs, go to your desktop. Right-click and go to the NVIDIA control panel.
  • Click on ‘Manage 3D settings and go to the ‘Global setting’ tab.
  • Click on the Power management mode to ‘Prefer maximum performance.
  • And finally, press the ‘Apply’ button.

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Learn about NVIDIA Container, HERE!


What is the most probable reason behind a user’s driver from NVIDIA crashing?

There could be a lot of reasons as to why this issue keeps on happening. The most probable one for the crashing of these NVIDIA drivers could possibly be a corrupted driver on your computer device. It could also be due to the fact that the driver you do have on your device is actually not compatible with it and hence keeps on malfunctioning. In these cases, the possible fix is the oldest known to mankind- reinstall the driver. Uninstalling and then reinstalling the driver from NVIDIA usually allows the operating system of Windows to fix the issue by itself when it is reinstalling it on the computer device.

What is the best possible way for me to mend a graphics driver that has crashed?

There are a few possible methods, but you can try the one mentioned here. First of all, you will be required to update the graphics driver. Once you have done it, you now have to roll back the driver. Then, you have to go to DirectX and make sure that it is updated to its latest version again. If you have ensured that is done, you have to now reset the software you have for your graphics driver. You could also just play the Valorant game in a different way; i.e you can try playing in the windowed mode. Another fix you could try is to stop overworking your device and then shut down all apps that are possibly working in the background. If all these do not work, you could try switching off Vsync and see if that finally fixes the issue. At least one of these fixes is capable of fixing the issue in the longterm and suits you and your needs.

What is the most probable reason behind the crashing of my display driver?

This issue can crop up due to multiple reasons. Now, most probably you might be facing this problem due to an outdated version of the driver or maybe you are just using the wrong one. Surprisingly, that occurs more often than most people think it does. In these cases, the best possible way to mend the issue is to just update the driver. Usually, this fixes the problem, but if it is still persisting you might have to update the display driver all by yourself in a manual fashion. However, if you do not feel confident doing that, or you feel like you do not have enough expertise, you can actually employ Driver Easy to do it for you.

What would be the easiest way for me to update my Nvidia drivers on Microsoft devices?

There are a lot of ways through which you can achieve that. But the most easily accessible way would be through the control panel. All you have to do is press the desktop button for the Microsoft devices and then follow it up to the control panel. Once you are there, you can go to the help section and then choose the option to Update.


And now you are all set. By setting your power setting on Maximum performance mode, it wouldn’t restrict the graphics cards to work at their maximum efficiency. Thus it would prevent NVIDIA drivers from crashing.

You can follow either of the three methods to Fix NVIDIA Driver Crashing in your PC. I hope this article was helpful to you.

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