5 Best Free Equalizer Software for Windows


Music is something which everyone loves. For a piece of music to be pleasing to your ears and make your mood okay, there are lots of processing which happens before the final output. This processing is quite essential to enhance the audio quality, and producers are always looking for good tools that will provide the best results. But many times you notice the audio output doesn’t seem to be perfect when you hear it using any media players that time you need a software called equalizer to fix it. Equalizers play a vital role in improving the audio quality of any song or video. It helps in choosing the right frequency so that it enhances the audio output.

While watching a video, the video quality and the audio output should be equally good. To enhance them simultaneously, there is a huge need for sound enhancement, also known as sound equalization. If you have a good pair of earphones, you can see the difference in audio when testing out different modes and settings in these Third-Party applications.

There are many equalizer software which is available for free over the Internet, and you can directly use them without any issues.

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Top 5 Best Equalizer Software For Windows

Some equalizer software for windows are here:


Any EQ geek would know about the Viper series of free equaliser software for all kinds of devices. I enjoy Viper4Android on my rooted phone. When I discovered that this incredible tool is also available for windows, I was thrilled as anyone would be. It equips you with a ton of awesome resets, so you don’t have to fiddle with any controls manually if you don’t want to. My personal favourite is the ViPER XClarity.


There is also ViPER XBass, Surround, compressor, convolver and more. All you need to do is select the preset you want to apply and hit OK. There are also some modes for your audio profile to set to, such as movie, music mode and freestyle. It’s a fun and intuitive way of playing around with the sound output of your system.

I genuinely believe you can unlock the full potential of the DAC on your device, and Viper is one of the software that will let you do just that.

Visit: Viper4Windows

Realtek HD Audio Manager

This is one of the most commonly used audio equalizers used in Windows, including 7,8.1,10 operating systems. It’s a graphical equalizer that enables us to adjust the sound settings through your speakers. Different types of presets like rock, hip-hop helps in producing new types of frequency sounds which are soothing to the ears and creates an environment like a forest, concert, a large room, underwater and many more according to your need.

There is also a Surround Sound mode known as 5.1 ch preset which creates a great ambiance and allows for more tuning, which can change the frequency playing from the subwoofer. The default settings of this equalizer are pretty standard and useful only if you don’t like messing around with the audio. Many features come preinstalled and are user-friendly, which help in hassle-free experience for any user.

Realtek High Definition Audio
Realtek High Definition Audio

Ten more tuning such as bias enhancements and change the frequency playing from the subwoofer. You can also toggle it as you wish. Even if you don’t mess around with any of these settings, the default mode is still pretty good on this software. Many systems also come preinstalled with Realtek audio, which is excellent.

Visit: Realtek HD Audio Manager


You can install this software in both 32-bit and 64-bit system for all versions of the Windows. It’s also a graphical equalizer, and the coolest thing about this software is you can create your configuration according to your needs only if you are not satisfied with the system settings for your audio preferences. Equalizer APO is preloaded with many awesome features and its exceptionally easy to use. It’s free to download, and this software is available on its dedicated website. The Room EQ wizard helps to set default EQ for your room automatically. Equalizer APO has many audio filters which you can use to filter the audio filter.

Equalizer APO
Equalizer APO

You can automatically set the default EQ for your room with the help of the Room EQ wizard. Select the measure option and wait for the bar to finish. Once this wizard completes, it will show you a graph of the obtained frequency response. Set the EQ for your room by selecting the save option. You can even set the equaliser type if you know what you are choosing. Or else, just do what I did. Select each one and see what changes it does to the resulting audio output. It’s the rookie way of finding out stuff.

Once you are finished with all the settings, you can head over to the final save on the home window of the software.

Visit: EqualizerAPO

DFX Audio Enhancer

FxSound is another great equalizer for Windows, which comes handy to the users and can be downloaded free of cost. This software helps to improve the PC Speakers and makes the audio quality rate much better than it was before. It will provide a 3D experience for you. FXSound consists of several features like crystal clear audio, audio booming base, bass control and stadium, concert effects. It can be used in the background and is quite fast enough.

FxSound Enhancer

You can get this software for the awesome audio quality. You can download FXSound from its website (www.fxsound.com) which is also known as DFX Audio Enhancer.

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There is also a premium version of this software which contains many more features like Volume boost without distortion, Uncompressed audio, Amazing sound quality without any hardware and many more. You have to pay a certain for the Premium version.

Visit: DFX Audio Enhancer

DeCiSoft Equalizer

Unusual name, but a great software. It is an incredibly intuitive tool for anyone who wants to fine tune the crap out of their audio files. This software has a whopping 32 band setting for different audio bands. It notices that when you do a custom setting once and then close the app when you’re done with it,. The app remembers your last preferences and preserves the slider positions as you left them. Pretty cool, huh!


Unlike most equalisers, this DeCiSoft equaliser does not require its playlist or music queue to be populated first, to apply the effects.

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It works with most popular music players such as Winamp. So you can play your music with this software running in the background. It will automatically detect the audio playing and apply the settings which you have selected in the interface.

Visit: DeCiSoft Equalizer


Winamp is a media player, but it comes with an audio equalizer too. Developed in 1997 and it’s a bit old media player. In the last decade, users kept Winamp as a primary media player because of its simple interface and accurate features.


Although the equalizer is very ordinary in comparison to the ones which we use today for sound enhancement at that time, this software helped to simplify the audio issues and can typically solve every problem regarding audio.

Today, Winamp is modified and is provided with many new codecs, plug-ins, and skins. Winamp has different audio filters like Rock, Pop, Treble, Bass which somewhat improved the quality of the audio but failed to compete with the equalizers of today. The filters are not correctly optimized, but it was once handy to the people who believed in simplicity.

Visit: Winamp

Graphic Equalizer Studio

Graphic Equalizer Studio is another software for Windows which consists of a graphical representation of the audio and the distortions occurring which can be handy for the enhancement of audio.


This software helps to fix the problem in Audio driver and other Media Players. While the audio files of the media players can also enhance. There is a dedicated surround option for experiencing 3D surround sound, and so you don’t have to afford a studio to experience 3D sound.

Features like Compressor and Limiter also helps in increasing or decreasing the audio level of any media file. The Studio level experience of this software makes it popular among the uses of this generation. This Software is a freeware for PC or Laptop and is available in both 32 and 64-bit operating systems.

Visit: Graphic Equalizer Studio


These equalizers are common and are in use by many users and can be perfect for day to day uses.

Hopefully, very soon, the software gets more updated with many more features which would provide a hassle-free experience


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