7 Best Defrag Software for Windows (2019 Edition)


Utility tools play a key role in our everyday lives. From work and official stuff to unofficial and fun, everything is somehow in connection to some kind of utility tool. Whether you’re designing a cool graphical logo or fixing some DLL errors or maybe creating an e-book to be published online. There are so many utility softwares out there and here we will be focusing on Defrag software.

Defragmentation is a technique of placing data bits together so that your hard drive can access them quickly, minimizing the seek time. Now, this has been around since ages, and the pro geeks among us have been manually doing it all the time. But if you are not that tech savvy and don’t understand how it’s done, don’t sweat it mate! There are some excellent Defrag software out there that can do the job for you.

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Now, you have to admit that fragmentation originally arises when your computer, being the genius that it is, created too much disk space to spare when you created a new file. That space must not be wasted and will be converted as a fragment for something else when it is created.

But we can help out our hard drive and make it a bit easier to find all the bits and pieces of some data that you tend to access often. So here are 4 Best Defrag Software for Windows to help you out with just that, in 2019. Let’s begin.

Best Defrag Software

Here is the list of best defrag softwares.

Piriform Defraggler

Piriform Defraggler is a Defrag software that can be used to defragment files present on your internal or even external storage space. You can use this freeware to do some brilliant stuff, like moving the least accessed data to the end of the disk space, defragmenting hot zones that are pretty much always in use, and even check a selected drive for error at run time or boot.

Piriform Defraggler
Piriform Defraggler

There is a particular version for flash storage units that can detect and list all the fragments available. You can select the fragments you want and deferment them at your will. This will reduce internal fragmentation and helps you get the most of your high-speed SSD.

You can get the Defraggler for your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC from their official website. There is a standard installer and portable version available for free download.

Visit: Piriform Defraggler

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Disk Speedup

Disk Speedup is one of the simpler ones out there when it comes to Defrag software for Windows OS. What I find refreshing about this software tool is that you can set your custom range for the sizes taken up by directories, so they can be listed for defragmentation only if they fall under your specified range of storage sizes. That’s pretty smart if you ask me.

SpeedUp Defrag
SpeedUp Defrag

This software can be configured to automatically shift lighter, smaller fragments to the front and keep the larger memory chunks to the back of the disk, to make it easier to launch the smaller files. Don’t be fooled by its simple look; it has a lot of features packed under its software hood.

You can download this software for free on your Windows PC. Just head over to the glarysoft official web page.

Visit: Disk Speedup

Puran Defrag

Irrespective of how it is supposed to be pronounced, Puran Defrag is one of the best Defrag software tools out there. To move the commonly accessed lighter files to the end of the disk, it uses an exclusive, custom optimizer called as PIOZR or Puran Intelligent Optimizer.

Puran Defrag
Puran Defrag

There are some fresh options as to when to run the defragmentation algorithm. You can set it to execute whenever your system screen saver pops up when left idle. Also, you can set it when you know that you will be watching movies the whole day and want this tool to run once every few minutes.

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You can get this defrag software easily from anywhere around the web. That’s the beauty of Windows freeware. The sources to get your hands on free stuff are practically unlimited. That said, I did notice that this Puran Defrag tool tends to install some other things that you did not intend to have on your system. You can quickly detect and uninstall these recent programs later on, so I guess it will not be a huge bag of worries to many.

Visit: Puran Defrag

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Toolwiz Smart Defrag

Toolwiz Smart Defrag is a rather lightweight software which was the quickest to install among the lot. When compared to most of the tools out there, this one is not the prettiest one to look at when it comes to user interface but is fast at what it’s meant to do.

Toolwiz Smart Defrag
Toolwiz Smart Defrag

This software is for people who want to get the defragmentation process everywhere at an ease. Even if you aren’t one of those lots, you don’t have a choice here. It does not give you any scheduling or timing options. Furthermore, it focuses on being fast at what matters, listing and defragmenting the sections that the user selects. That’s it!

This is my kind of a software and happens to win my personal preference. If you want a fast and functional tool for limited time usage. Moreover, you don’t want some advanced stuff running in the background, I encourage you to check this one out.

Visit: Toolwiz Smart Defrag


Defraggler is a freakish defrag software for Windows that appears along with a decision to either independently defrag the files or defragment the whole disk in a single go. This disk optimizer enables you to defragment by choosing specific data and performs any task within less than no time.


All you would want to do is run an analysis, and it’ll prepare down all the fragmented data on the drive. Hence, you’ll be able to collect the data that you necessitate to defrag.

Visit: Defraggler

O & O Defrag

O&O Defrag Free Edition has a simple, designed, easy to utilize interface. It underpins conventional components located in comparable defrag programming, such as developing a drive, survey a rundown of all the classified documents, and monitoring a drive for several errors. The app holds all those features which gain it one of the best disk defragmenters for Windows amongst many available apps.

O & O Defrag
O & O Defrag

Moreover, it defrags your disk on a hebdomadal basis as well, which you can besides arranging O&O Defrag Free version to begin a defrag in an automatic manner when the screensaver jumps up.

Visit: O & O Defrag

Smart Defrag by IObit

When it gets down to cataloging an automated defrag process then, Smart Defrag shows out to be one of the best defrag software for Windows.

smart defrag by IObit
smart defrag by IObit

Smart Defrag is able of prohibiting documents and folders from a defrag, patch Windows Disk Defragmenter, defrag only Windows Metro Apps, and jump defragging documents that are over a specific file size.

Visit: Smart Defrag by IObit


This is our list of best defrag software. Hope you liked it. Let us know your opinion down in the comments.

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