13 Best Computer Diagnostic Software Tools to Download

Computers are an integral part of any business nowadays. It is difficult for any business to survive in the modern business environment without the help of computers. Computers make business activities faster and more accurate. Almost all our work is dependent on our computers, and our work can come to a stand-still if something is to happen to our computers. Thus, you must know about the best Computer Diagnostic Software Tools to avoid any issues.

Continuous and non-stop usage of computers have its effects, and sometimes your computer might face some or the other problem due to this. In this case, you would want the computer repairing person to repair your computer as soon as possible so that you can start working on your computer again as soon as possible. You can also opt for using some anti-malware tools.

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Diagnosing the problem quickly is the key factor in solving the problem quickly. The problem can be solved swiftly only if the problem is identified quickly in the first place. For diagnosing the problem quickly, the person repairing the computer can use computer diagnosing software tools.

Computer Diagnostic Software Tools are software that helps in detecting the problem on the system that you have installed the software to.

Such software scans the computer completely and shows you all the problems that your computer has, especially hardware and driver-related issues.

Best Computer Diagnostic Software Tools

Following are some of the best computer diagnostic software tools to download.

Process Explorer

Although the size of the process explorer utility is small, it is a quite powerful diagnostic software tool. It helps in identifying which handles or DLL files have been opened or loaded. This is a very helpful utility for finding problems related to DLL problems or handle leaks that lead to problems in your computer making it one of the Best Computer Diagnostic Software Tools.

Computer Diagnostic Software Tools
Best Computer Diagnostic Software Tools to Download – Process Explorer

There are two windows in process explorer. Along with the owning accounts, the top window also shows the currently active process. The bottom window will display the handles or the DLL’s loaded currently according to the mode that you have selected.

Visit: Process Explorer

Sysinternals Suite

Sysinternals Suite is a bundle of various diagnosing and troubleshooting utilities that has been rolled up into one single suit. This suite contains all the necessary tools for diagnosing and troubleshooting various problems in your computer making it one of the best computer diagnostics software tools.

Sysinternals Suite
Sysinternals Suite

The Sysinternals Suite is a bundle of the following Sysinternals utilities. AccessEnum, AccessChk, AdExplorer, AdInsight, AdRestore are some of the troubleshooting utilities that have been included in the Sysinternals Suite.

Visit: Sysinternals Suite

Reliability Monitor

The Reliability Monitor is a free pc diagnostic software that has been around since Windows Vista, yet countless individuals have never at any point known about it. It’s in the Control Panel under System and Security > Security and Maintenance > Maintenance > View the reliability history.

reliability monitor
Reliability monitor

Here you’ll see a background marked by your framework and a timetable of occasions and blunders that happened during a given time frame. The blue line is a gauge from 1 to 10 of how stable your framework is over the long haul.

On the off chance that something is crashing a lot, this is a decent spot to look since you can choose the mistake and Check for an answer.

System Explorer

This tool gives you an in-detail diagnosis of the problems in your computer. This tool is very useful for diagnosing and solving various problems on your computer. System Explorer gives you in-depth details about tasks, processes services, opened files, etc.

System Explorer
System Explorer

File database in the system explorer helps you in finding suspicious files that might be causing problems in your computer. You can fix the suspicious file once you successfully find it using system explorer.

System explorer also gives you a detailed graph of system resources. You can easily monitor processes activities and system changes in your computer using system explorer. System Explorer is an award-winning software.

Visit: System Explorer

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System information for Windows

System information for Windows is another one of the Computer Diagnostic Software Tools. It gives you the following information regarding your computer.

Software information

Information regarding OS, software licenses, Installed programs, security, Regional settings, running processes, loaded DLLs, drivers, defragging etc.

Software Information Windows
Software Information Windows

Hardware information

Information related to hardware parts in the computer, for example, information regarding motherboard, BIOS, CPU, memory, Sensors, System slots, Network adapters, video card, etc.

Hardware Information Windows
Hardware Information Windows

Network information

Basic extended information about network statistics, connections, configurations, etc. System information for windows is a very good diagnostic software that collects detailed information about your system and helps you in finding various problems in your computer.

Network Information Windows
Network Information Windows

Visit: System Information for Windows


HWinfo is one of the really good computer repair tools that give you alerts about the health of your system by real-time monitoring. This software is very good for monitoring software utility and hardware monitoring. A detailed analysis of your computer is provided by HWinfo.


Hwinfo has won various awards in the diagnostic software tool category and is one of the best diagnostic tools for a computer in the market. It can create reports and log files in XML, HTML and CSV formats.

This software also has customized tables and graphs option for showing different problems in your system.

Visit: HWinfo

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Speccy is one of the Computer Diagnostic Software Tools designed specifically for detecting hardware problems in your PC. It finds diagnoses problems in your motherboard, CPU, RAM, graphic card, etc. The best part about this software is that it is absolutely free of cost. It is a fast, lightweight and advanced system information tool. There is a free and pro version of Speccy.

The interface of this software is user-friendly and clean. Speccy shows you real-time temperatures of critical components in your system. This will help you in stopping the problem from causing before-hand only.


You can save snapshots of your scan results or save them share them as XML or text file. Speccy free version has fewer features as compared to the Speccy Professional version.

The pro version has Advanced PC insights, automatic updates, premium support and is recommended for home users. The price of Speccy pro is 19.95 USD. Speccy free does a good enough job of diagnosing the problems too if you do not want to shell out any cash.

Visit: Speccy

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HD Tune 

HD Tune is one of the greatest Computer Diagnostic Software Tools when it comes to HDD and SSD diagnostics. The primary feature it offers is that it allows you to ‘benchmark‘ your storage device, which many tools don’t offer. This benchmark will show you the minimum, maximum, and average transfer rates, which will give you a brief idea of your data drives.

HD Tune Pro
HD Tune Pro

Along with the benchmark feature, HD Tune also offers error scanning, drive health, and detailed drive info. Its PRO version permits you to check the health status of multiple such drives. It also provides you with folder usage info, disk monitor, cache test, extra tests, and secure erase.

It helps you discover different problems and also to fix them, within your network and hard disk’s configuration. You don’t have to search for small problems manually, rather it will work automatically requiring you to provide next to no effort.

Visit: HD Tune

AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 is a computer diagnostic software program for Windows 10 that takes into account home client, corporate architects, and organizations, and it offers point by point data for more than 1,85,000 equipment gadgets.

This valuable programming assists you with keeping a watch on the equipment’s subtleties consistently, in any event, when you are watching a film on the full screen or playing a game.

aida64 extreme
Aida64 extreme

AIDA64 Extreme estimates your framework’s exhibition with different counts contrasting it with different frameworks precisely or crushing the client’s scores during overlocking.
It likewise permits clients to oversee business distantly and screen any adjustments in the product and equipment adjustments.

Visit: AIDA64 Extreme


On the off chance that you notice a few spots on your screen that are not brought about by residue or stains, at that point, your screen may have some stuck pixels, which can be exceptionally irritating.


A stuck pixel is a prominent speck of shading that neglects to change when the adjoining pixels change. Such pixels become entirely observable when the screen becomes dark.
On the off chance that the stuck pixels are not because of imperfections in the screen, at that point, JScreenFix computer diagnosis software can fix the issue. It works by flushing the influenced territory with many various tones each moment. Along these lines, it requires just approximately a couple of moments minutes to unstick the pixels.

Visit: JScreenFix

Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

Of the relative multitude of segments in your PC, processors are the most drastically averse to causing issues in your device. Notwithstanding, they are not undying and can bite the dust very much like different segments; however, it’s typically because of an electrical flood or overheating.
Fortunately, the Intel Processor Diagnostic device can help you fix all issues brought about by flawed processors. How can it function?

The device performs different pressure tests on the processor, tests explicit processor highlights, confirms the processors working proficiency, and checks for brand recognizable proof.

intel processor diagnostic tool
Intel processor diagnostic tool

The device at that point shows the test outcomes. If any test outcomes don’t satisfy the guidelines for working proficiency, the apparatus will show the tests that fizzled, and you need to investigate getting another processor.

You can download the apparatus from Intel’s site. Notwithstanding, try to download the correct rendition for your machine, 32 or 64 bits. This is one of the best pc diagnostic software for technicians in the market.

Visit: Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool


MalwareBytes is one of the most popular Computer Diagnostic Software Tools when it comes to malware scanning and has been for many years. For the majority of Computer users, MalwareBytes is a must-have application. The best thing for all you lovely users is that MalwareBytes comes in Free as well as premium versions.


The Free version will mostly suffice all needs of a domestic home user. The Premium is a bit more advanced and comes with a few more features, used mainly by Professionals. With the Premium version, real-time protection is very preemptive, scans can be scheduled etc. With the features it provides with Free and Premium Versions, MalwareBytes surely lives up to its name.

Visit: MalwareBytes


There have been times when we all wonder whether our hard disk drives or SSDs are in good condition or not. Honestly, it is not at all easy to find this out, and this is where CrystalDiskInfo comes into the picture.


CrystalDiskInfo will give a complete overview of the condition of all your data drives, HDDs, USB drives, and SSDs. It will let you know all the information of these data drives, which would include uptime, error rates, the temperature of the drive, spin-up time, and many more.

Primarily it calculates the Overall Health of your data drives and will give you a systematic Health Status. You, as a user, will have full awareness of your data disk’s health.
Thus, these features make CrystalDiskInfo one of the best Computer Diagnostic Software Tools.

Visit: CrystalDiskInfo


Here we have listed descriptive information of the Best Computer Diagnostic Software Tools you can use in 2021. With Modern times and technology getting upgrades exponentially, it is crucial to maintain your system’s health. We hope this task solve your problem of finding the best computer diagnostic tools. Do comment on your choice below!

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