9 Best Free Keylogger Software for Windows [2019]


What is a keylogger software? A Keylogger software is a tool that stores information of the keys entered on a keyboard by a person using the computer without his knowledge. Keylogger records absolutely everything that the person has typed using the keyboard. Along with recording keystrokes, free Keylogger software also records information like the websites visited, total time spent on the computer, functions performed, etc. on the computer by the person.

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Keylogger software can be used for tracking online activities of your kids. The Internet is not a safe place for kids. With Keylogger software, you can find out who are your kids talking to, what are the messages that they are sending online, etc. Keylogger is a software which is also used by corporate firms to track the productivity and time spent by their employees working on computers.

The best part about using Keylogger software to monitor keystrokes is the ability of the software to run in disguise. The person using the computer won’t even know that his keystrokes are being logged. While this software can be used for tracking online activities of your children and employees, it can also be misused by someone for finding out your passwords and other private information.

9 Free Keylogger Software for Windows to Monitor Keystrokes

Here you will find few of the best free keylogger software for Windows for you to Monitor Keystrokes with ease.

Free Keylogger

Free Keylogger Software
Best Free Keylogger Software for Windows to Monitor Keystrokes – Free Keylogger

This is one of the best free Keylogger software. It records keystrokes, website addresses and other activities performed on the computer. As its name suggests, this software is completely free. You can run this software in incognito mode. You have to do this manually. For running this software in incognito mode, follow these simple steps.

  1. Right-click on the Free Keylogger icon in the notification bar.
  2. Click on Apply and spy.

The disadvantage of this software is that it does not go incognito automatically upon the reboot. Once you do it manually, it will run in incognito mode until the next reboot. You can use a shortcut for removing the name of the software from the start list and the uninstall list. The shortcut is “ctrl+shift+Alt+U”.

Visit: Free Keylogger

Refog Free Keylogger

This is another excellent free Keylogger software for Windows. This software has a free version as well as a paid version. The free version is pretty good for most of the users it will do the job. The free version records the keystrokes, websites visited, clipboard and ran programs. If you need more advanced features, you need to purchase the advanced version of this software.


The drawback of this software is that its icon appears in the notification bar. The user might find out the fact that his activities are being logged. You can set a password for this software so that the other person won’t be able to access it.

Visit: Refog Free Keylogger

Danusoft Free Keylogger

This is a pretty good keylogger software for Windows to Monitor keystrokes. This software is very simple to use. The UI of this software is very user-friendly. This software can be customized for running automatically in incognito mode every time the computer reboots. Danusoft free keylogger does not show up in the start option or notification bar, but it appears in the Windows Task Manager.

DanuSoft Free Keylogger
DanuSoft Free Keylogger

This software has a keyword-based response system. If you want to open this software, you have to type SHOWKEY, and if you want to close this software, you have to type HIDEKEY. There is no other way of opening this software. This software records keystrokes accurately making it a good Free Keylogger Software.

Visit: DanuSoft Free Keylogger

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Real Free Keylogger

Real free keylogger is one of the best software for Windows to monitor keystrokes. This software runs in incognito mode. You can guard this software with a password. This software does not appear in the notifications bar. You can set a shortcut of your choice for opening the software whenever you want to.

Real Free Keylogger
Real Free Keylogger

This software stores the keystrokes and other activities of a person on the computer. You can even export the stored data using this software. The UI is very user-friendly.

Visit: Real Free Keylogger

Revealer Keylogger Free

This is one of the best keylogger software for Windows to Monitor keystrokes. You can take screenshots of the recorded information on this software. This software can be protected with a password. You can effortlessly install and run it on your computer as the size of this software is very small and does not alter the performance of your computer in any way.

Revealer Keylogger free
Revealer Keylogger free

It is possible to assign hotkeys on this software for performing various tasks and you can also delete the recorded information on this software. It records the keystroke activity efficiently and accurately.

Visit: Revealer Keylogger Free


If you want to record the activities and keystrokes of your kids on the computer, this software is for you making Kidlogger a great free keylogger software for Windows to monitor keystrokes. There are many features in Kidlogger that you won’t find in other keylogging software and for example, Kidloggers records microphone activities and takes screenshots of skype videos, record USB files usage, etc.


You can assign hotkeys for performing various tasks. Kidlogger runs in incognito mode. You won’t find it on the notification bar, but Kidlogger is visible in the Windows Task manager. This software is a light-weight Free Keylogger Software software.

Visit: Kidlogger

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Spyrix Free Keylogger

A Keylogger Software that promises to be completely undetectable by any antivirus software is Spyrix Keylogger Free. Not only this great promise but also Spyrix Free Keylogger is an award-winning keylogger.

Spyrix Free Keylogger
Spyrix Free Keylogger

The keystroke recorder of Spyrix Free Keylogger can be controlled remotely from any place. It can also be controlled with any device with a current web browser through a reliable web interface. Spyyrix Free Keylogger eliminates the need to visit the monitored computer to retrieve log files or uninstall the keystroke recorder. As the name suggests, its a Free Keylogger Software which you can use without putting a hole in your pockets.

Visit: Spyyrix Free Keylogger

Ardamax Keylogger

One of the most compact Keylogger is Ardamax Keylogger. Although it is compact, its highly capable Keylogger. The unique feature that it offers unlike other Keyloggers is its ability to use the microphone to record audio and the ability to use the webcam to record video. Blended with its ability to capture keystrokes from every application, Ardamax Keylogger surfaces as a very prominent computer activity monitoring solution.

Ardamax Keylogger
Ardamax Keylogger

Consequently, it keeps track what’s happening on the computer and also what’s happening in front of it. Ardamax Keylogger comes with a Seven Day trial version that will allow you to test the complete functionality of the product for free. Though it is primarily paid, you still get a Free Keylogger Software for 7 days.

Visit: Ardamax Keylogger


Kidinspector is primarily designed for parental monitoring of their children’s activities on smart devices and computers. Although the main concern of the design was parental monitoring, it can be used by everyone who wants to supervise someone’s online activity. KidInspector is a budding brand starting out as a traditional keylogger. It has a number of astonishing features, such as capturing visited websites and search queries, making screenshots of active windows, live broadcast of the screen and webcam, saving chats in most famous social networks and messengers, audio and video recording, etc.


KidInspector also provides several other features to control Internet usage. A user can also block unwanted websites by a keyword, a category, or a URL. KidInspector is accessible for Android/iOS and macOS/Windows, making it solve all the primary problems related to a child’s activity on any smart device or a computer. It is on of the Best Free Keylogger Software in the market.

Visit: KidInspector

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