6 Best Audio Enhancer Tools for Windows

In today’s world of NVIDIA Titans and Intel i9s, a lot of people without all these buffed up computers still have to face issues with performance, memory, and, most of all, sound in windows. Simply put, many innocent consumers are victims of bland and unsatisfactory audio output from their laptops. A good and clear sound production is a necessity for any person of any age. For this we have audio enhancer tools and we are going to look at best audio enhancer tools for windows 10

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6 Best Audio Enhancer Tools for Windows 10

We did the hard work for you and present to you the best audio enhancer tools for windows 10 on the planet right now. Let’s dive in without further delay.


BOOM 3D is developed by the Indian company Global DelightIt was released earlier for iOS and has received multiple awardsincluding Best of App Store 2014It released its Windows version in 2018 and is probably the best pro– audio enhancement appWith its patented 3D Surround Sound Technologyit delivers a surrealist experience typical of some of the most expensive sound systemsYou can play all types of content in 100Surround Sound on any headphoneany playerany mediaand any streaming service.The equalizer comes with superb presetsor you can make your own too.


Best Features

  • Windows 10 compatible
  •  Incredible 3D Surround Sound With such technologyyou can hear literal silence.
  • Spectacular Audio Effects
  • Very simple –It needs no prior experience with audio managing at all and very userfriendly.

Visit-BOOM 3D


This is a speedy and easy fix to your audio problems.Jukebox connected to your computer sound like JBL. One of the best audio enhancer tools for windows 10 This software can be altered to work with any hardware output typeand so it makes a perfect companion for instrument players like guitars to connect to their ampsFxSound boasts a powerful yet straightforward EQ to modify the sound in the way you want and need it.

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Best Features

  • Best audio enhancer for Windows 10 and it is compatible
  • Available on most versions of Windows
  • Fully optimized EQ with custom effect
  • Incredible presets and spectrum settings available
  • Boost volume with zero distortion
  • Not many apps can provide an algorithm for distortionfree amount boosting


Equalizer APO

It is an opensource equalizer built for WindowsYou can change the way your software works any time you wantThe complete version of this EQ is available at the low cost of freeThe only drawback is that this interface of this app is a bit daunting for firsttime users since it has all the highlevel technical terms used for audio management.

Equalizer APO

Best Features

  • Built for Windows Windowsfriendly software
  • OpenSource software- Makes it free and easy to modify
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Puts almost zero strain on your computer
  • Huge number of filters
  • Innumerable extensive features
  • Low latencysupport for VST pluginsvoice meteretc.

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Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Prolevel audio management is possible on BreakawayIt improves your audiovisual files in real-time before they hit your speakers. It raises low-level audio and keeps loud noises in check. Only sweet sounds reach you!

Breakaway Audio Enhancer
Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Best Features

  • Stateoftheart audio processors·
  • Wizard setup
  • Incredible output quality

Bongiovi DPS

This is the most straightforward software on our listNonethelessit is mightyIt is dynamic in the real senseit continually adapts the sounds depending on computer capabilitiesIt segregates sounds essential to the user and makes them more audible than regular volume.The Digital Power Station (DPSTechnology adds incredible depthclarityand bass definition along with enhanced stereo field imaging to your computer audio output. Bongiovi DPS comes is one of the Best audio enhancer for windows 10.

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Bongiovi DPS
Bongiovi DPS

Best Features 

  • Content selection-Audio for gaming isn’t the same as audio for cooking videos on YouTube. Automatically alters settings for different situations.
  • DPS Technology-Powerful DPS processors do the job for you. You just have to turn it on.
  • Bass and treble management
  • Intelligent and easy-to-use bass and treble controls for the tone best for you

VisitBongiovi DPS

Fidelizer Audio Enhancer

Fidelizer is an independently developed softwareIt provides modern touches to your sound output and provides a profound experienceIt will change your computers audio into a perfect sound oasis using its optimization technology as it is one of best audio enhancer tools for windows 10 It is compatible with most of the significant audio apps like YouTubeSpotifyand many others.


Best Features

  • Coreaffinity isolation of nonaudio processes-uses this technique to ensure sound processes are unhindered
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly and easy access to enhancement options

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This is the end of our article. There are many music sites as well for you to download the music and use audio enhancer tools. Also, you can bring a change to your regular windows player sound. We hope your computer finds its best friend in the list of the best audio enhancer tools for windows 10. If you liked our list of audio enhancer tools, then let us know about it in the comment section. 

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