Do you ever wonder how hotels, malls, and stores deal with your card transactions? How is the payment magically completed just by a little wave of your hand? Well, it is all technology. A series of steps primarily involves your card and the Credit card reader for Android. 

The receiver, whether they’re a store owner or a restaurant guy, they’ve got the credit card reader for Android. It performs a bunch of authorizations and then deducts the money from your account. Then, they sign it off to the receiver’s account. That is how it goes in a nutshell. It is one of the payment solutions humans have ingeniously devised to save them from many inconveniences. Digitalization has undoubtedly made the process of transactions more accessible, saving a lot of time and effort. 

After reading till now, why did you never notice the credit card reader for Android? You have. It is an alias for the machine in which the dealer puts your card while paying—just a more formal one. There are a bunch of readers who can assist the storekeepers in making the payments a breeze. Listed below are the ones I think are the best.

Best Credit Card Reader For Android To Get Your Hands-On

Here is the complete list for you to ponder over.

CardPointe – Payline Mobile

The credit card reader for Android we’ll be looking into goes by the name Payline Mobile. One of the best in the game, it is most suitable for businesses of considerably small size. Owing to its cost. It has a dealers’ account option and works with the mobile app. Thus making it very feasible to control everything.


Initially, you work with the entry plan, which is like 10 dollars a month. The amount might contradict what I said about it being perfect for small setups. But believe me, if your payments are generally 50-60 dollars, you’re in for huge savings. Not to mention the .10 dollars over that, though.

What stands out is the facility to single out products valid for exempting taxes. The app makes the same very effortless for you.

It can be effortless when you have a related business—no need to go through everything again.

Visit: CardPointe


It is an unusual name on the list, though it is a handy credit card reader for Android. Suppose your sales are skyrocketing day after day. If it’s becoming hard to manage the usual credit card reader for Android, then you should give Fattmerchant a chance. It is worth every penny that it charges you for. By the way, these are only the fees you must shell out once a month. Of course, the cost behind every transaction is implied.


It supports EMV, giving it an edge over the rest of the lot, and if you’re in for a more extended period, you’ll get benefits like quicker payments. 

What adds to everything is they have a reliable customer support service to listen to your grievances—any time of the day.

Visit: Fattmerchant


How could we forget Square when discussing top-notch Android credit card readers? Prompt and easy payments, supervising everything, and accepting all kinds of money. That is how we sum up the square credit card reader for Android.


What more? It has no fixed amount you must take out every month. It keeps track of how much of your material is left: food items, bags, books, or whatever.

Do you know what makes it even better and why so many people prefer it over others? The primary reason is that it isn’t specific to any business size. It works equally well for a small and a rather large one, with a thousand daily transactions.

It also accepts any and every mode of payment. Pay with your debit card, or use the apps on your phone if you’re too particular about hygiene. To ensure no-contact payment.

Lastly, you get a whole package for managing your bills and invoices and hastening your payments.

Regarding the security quotient, you can log in securely using your credentials. This prevents any competitive barging in and looking at your stats and figures.

Visit: Square


Payanywhere is a credit card reader for Android with a vast number of possibilities and infinite potential. If you’re looking for a credit card reader for Android that won’t shell out a lot of money. It should be your go-to option. It comes with a POS to manage and see through everything. But it has got some fascinating features.


The first of the lot is that it can work in offline mode. If the internet is somehow not working, it asks you whether to switch to the offline mode. I’d prefer that any day instead of the payment being interrupted every time the connection is lost.

It makes way for contactless modes, for instance, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc. The cherry on top? It allows payments via other options like debit cards and CASH. Yes!! Now that is something different, right?

I could go on and on about how fantastic the credit card reader for Android is. It straightens up your routine tasks by allowing you to keep track of everything. Which employee took how much payment, and at what time? How many stocks of burger buns are left? 

It even maintains when employees check in or check out if you guys work in shifts.

To take things further up a notch, it accepts everything from Amex cards to magstripe payments. You name it!

Visit: Payanywhere

Shopify POS

It’s no secret that Shopify is a popular and reliable e-commerce platform. Being an existing Shopify user proves a plus point if you want to use Shopify POS. The Shopify POS system creates an advantageous and reliable way for sales processing. You get a multifunctional dashboard; it’s surprising how many provisions Shopify POS has in a single interface. It has management tools and financial analytics.

shopify card reader

It is an affordable credit card reader. You can say that the price is justified for a system this good. One of its top features is the ability to sync with your online store. The syncing paves the way for your revenue, customer data, and inventory information to stay perfectly updated. Moreover, it has some fantastic deals on discounts. The savings could further pay your software fee.

When dealing with credit card processors for Android, privacy and security become our priority, too. Shopify POS is trustworthy in this case as its tools analyze and filter suspicious charges. It makes use of Machine Learning tools for fraud protection. Using Shopify, you won’t be disappointed for sure.

PayPal Here

Getting started with PayPal Here is relatively straightforward. First, you must sign up for a business account and download the app on your Android device. This account is essential and allows payments via PayPal, Venmo, etc. PayPal is another easy credit card processor from any device or location. Along with a card reader, it will give you provisions like inventory tracking and management tools for the customer and staff.

paypal here

You can accept payment using a card in multiple ways. You can receive via invoices, wherein you mail the invoice and get paid when the user taps the link. Payments can also be accepted via social media platforms or a virtual terminal. It is very flexible in this case. PayPal Here is also very affordable, making it easy for solopreneurs and small businesses to use. It has been tested and proven to be a quick and trusted digital payment processor.

Payment Depot

Payment Depot ramps up your credit card processing on Android with the help of its app, SwipeSimple. It gives tough competition to other card processors like Square, Shopify, etc. You might notice that when you process high-volume transactions, it could work in your favor. This is because Payment Depot has interchange-plus pricing, which can help the seller save thousands of dollars a month.

payment depot

Payment Depot also provides additional services like risk monitoring, free POS equipment, and a free payment gateway for online transactions. One thing worth mentioning about Payment Depot is its customer service. Customers have repeatedly commented on how quickly and efficiently the team responds. One downside to it is the non-refundable chargeback fee. However, overall, it’s a great card reader for Android.


Why can't I remove my credit card from Xbox?

If your existing subscription uses a particular credit card and you might not be able to pull that from the Xbox, you may do that after the subscription period.

How do I stop payment on Xbox?

Go to your Microsoft account, where you will find an option to manage the subscription in payment, cancel the subscription, and also make sure you turn off the billing.

Is it safe to use a debit card on Xbox?

Yes, usage of credit and debit cards on Xbox is entirely safe.

Why do we need a credit card for Xbox?

Xbox as we know, is a payment-based platform. It is necessary to use a credit or debit card to pay.


We’ve reached the end of the blog revolving around the credit card reader for Android. We have given you the list of which could make it big in the business. But then again, each company is different. So you have to try each one of them. Only that’ll help you determine your business’s requirements and the tools you need to run your business effectively.

Go on. What are we waiting for?

Stay tuned for more such content.

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