7 Ways to Lock Your Keyboard With Ease (Updated 2020)

If your system is often at home, you have probably faced the trouble of having to protect your laptop from the innocent but careless hands of toddlers, pets or nosy relatives, and in the process, you may even lose valuable information. Thus, you must know how to Lock Your Keyboard.

To guard your keyboard, there are several measures for you to take to lock your keyboard. Your laptop may be equipped with the means to lock the keyboard, but besides that, there are also some simple softwares to try.

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Lock Your Keyboard with Unique Methods

Here are some of the unique ways to lock your keyboard for protecting your valuable information.

Without Additional Tools

  1. First, spot the Windows logo on one of the keys on your keyboard.
  2. Press this key along with the letter U. You will be presented with an access center.
  3. Choose the icon of the keyboard.
  4. You will see a suggestion “make the keyboard easier to use“.
  5. However, keep in mind that some Windows systems may not have this option.
  6. In that case, you must press the left shift key in five quick taps.
  7. After this, you must turn on the sticky keys as well as filter keys and save it.
  8. Now, you will notice that the keyboard will only make noises when you tap the keys and will not type anything on the screen.
  9. To unlock your keyboard, you must simply unselect the filter and sticky keys and finally save your results.

These are the steps to lock your keyboard without the help of apps. However, this method may not work for systems that don’t run with some versions of Windows or even other operating systems.

Using Toddler Keys

Toddler Keys is a tool that you can install which helps you to know, how to lock your keyboard windows 10. And also has means to distract toddlers who stray towards the keyboard. It is effortless to use and works best for Windows XP and Windows 7.

Toddler Keys
Toddler Keys

Toddler Keys lets you lock a keyboard when your system has been inactive for a certain number of minutes, and you can quickly unlock your keyboard by typing an unlock pass code on the idle keyboard. The software will recognize that you have typed the word and it will unlock your computer.

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Kid Key Lock

Kid Key Lock is a useful software when you want to lock your keyboard in a partial or customized way. You can know how to temporarily disable keyboard except certain ones such as space, characters and enter, or you can lock the entire keyboard.

Kid Key Lock
Kid Key Lock

You just have to remember your pass code to produce the setup screen once more, just like in Toddler Keys. One must note that this software can be installed in systems from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.


If you’re a Linux user, xtrlock is a tool you must try to lock your keyboard. You can install it by typing a matching sudo code followed by “install xtrlock.”


However, this is a manual program that you may have to learn to use the software.


KeyFreeze is the most uncomplicated software in this list because it serves the simple purpose of how to lock your keyboard on laptop. The moment you install it, the software directs you to a window that states the locking time of the system when you click on “Lock keyboard and mouse“.


To get out of the lock, you just simply press the always reliable Ctrl, Alt and Del keys and follow this up by pressing ESC. This tool is for Windows.


You will be pleased to know that you don’t have to install this app. Instead, you just have to click on the .exe file that you will spot in the download setup file. This will automatically run KeyboardLock.


Like Toddler Keys and other such softwares, you need a password that you can type to lock or unlock your keyboard. You can alter the default password. You will notice that your keys and mouse button will show no functions even when tapped. KeyboardLock is a very easy to use software that also allows the Ctrl, Alt and Del command to open the Task manager.

BlueLife KeyFreeze

Another useful tool for Windows, you can once again click on the .exe file of the download package provided by this software to get it running. You will notice an icon that looks like a tray. If you right click the tray icon, you can choose to lock all keys, or you can simply press the Ctrl, Alt and F (letter) keys together. You can choose to lock your keyboard or your mouse.

BlueLife KeyFreeze
BlueLife KeyFreeze

By default, you can unlock the system only by pressing Ctrl, Alt and F keys together once again. If anyone tries to get sneaky and pushes the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys, the whole computer gets locked. If you want to change the real lock combination, you can explore the Options by right clicking the tray icon and choose the menu right next to Hotkey for lock/unlock, and opt for an appropriate combination. Finally, you must click Apply Options.

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Final Words

These are some of the ways you can lock your keyboard. Most of these methods, both manual and software-based method alike, are best suited for Windows. You should also explore more advanced security options of your keyboard and data.

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