If your system is often at home, you have probably faced the trouble of protecting your laptop from the innocent but careless hands of toddlers, pets, or nosy relatives. In the process, you may even lose valuable information. Thus, you must know how to Lock Your Keyboard.

To activate the lock function on your keyboard, hit the keys Ctrl+Alt+F together. You’ll notice the Keyboard Locker icon display change, showing that the keyboard is now locked.

To guard your keyboard, there are several measures for you to take to lock your keyboard. Your laptop may be equipped to lock the keyboard, but there is also some simple software to try.

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Lock Your Keyboard with Unique Methods

Here are some unique ways to lock your keyboard to protect your valuable information.

Without Additional Tools

  1. First, spot the Windows logo on one of the keys on your keyboard.
  2. Press this key with the letter U. You will be presented with an access center.
  3. Choose the icon on the keyboard.
  4. You will see a suggestion “Make the keyboard easier to use.”
  5. However, remember that some Windows systems may not have this option.
  6. In that case, you must press the left shift key in five quick taps.
  7. After this, you must turn on the sticky and filter keys and save them.
  8. Now, you will notice that the keyboard will only make noises when you tap the keys and will not type anything on the screen.
  9. You must unselect the filter and sticky keys to unlock your keyboard and save your results.

These are the steps to lock your keyboard without the help of apps. However, this method may not work for systems that don’t run with some versions of Windows or even other operating systems.

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Anti-Shaya is a free and versatile tool that you can use to ensure that your keyboard is locked. It’s not difficult to utilize and functions admirably with any working framework. The interface comprises the lock symbol and a little segment to enter the secret word. A solitary click on the lock symbol bolts the console, incapacitating every one of the keys, and you should depend on the mouse to work the PC.

antishaya software

Simultaneously, opening the console is simple as a solitary snap on the Anti-Shaya symbol on the framework plate opens the secret phrase window. You can enter the secret phrase from here and free the console keys. Anti-Shaya’s benefit is that it doesn’t entangle the framework vault and requires no establishment. You work it straightforwardly from the EXE record. 

Visit: Anti Shaya

BlueLife KeyFreeze

Another helpful tool for Windows, you can once again click on the .exe file of the download package provided by this software to get it running. You will notice an icon that looks like a tray. If you right-click the tray icon, lock all keys or press the Ctrl, Alt, and F (letter) keys together. You can choose to close your keyboard or your mouse.

bluelife keyfreeze software

By default, you can unlock the system only by pressing Ctrl, Alt, and F keys together once again. If anyone tries to get sneaky and pushes the Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys, the whole computer gets locked. Suppose you want to change the natural lock combination. In that case, you can explore the Options by right-clicking the tray icon, choosing the menu next to Hotkey for lock/unlock, and opting for an appropriate variety. Finally, you must click Apply Options.

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You will be pleased to know you don’t have to install this app. Instead, you must click on the .exe file you will spot in the download setup file. This will automatically run KeyboardLock.

keyboard lock

Like Toddler Keys and other such software, you need a password that you can type to lock or unlock your keyboard. You can alter the default password. You will notice that your keys and mouse button will show no functions even when tapped. Keyboard lock is a very easy-to-use software allowing the Ctrl, Alt, and Del commands to open the Task Manager.

Child Lock

Child Lock is a free console storage program that accompanies a lot of choices. It’s an essential apparatus that is extremely simple to utilize and accompanies an easy-to-understand interface.

child lock software

After you dispatch the product, it puts a symbol on the framework plate. The UI incorporates six buttons, which are:  

  • Auto-Lock – Automatically bolts the console following 10 minutes of idle time.  
  • Lock – Instantly bolt the console with a solitary click so you can lock the keyboard for cleaning.  
  • Block – Disables start key, Alt, Control, and Context menu key.  
  • Allow Only – Only chosen keys can work. You can characterize which keys you need to permit.  
  • Cancel – Cancels the console obstructing guidelines.  
  • Exit – Exit the application  

You can likewise utilize a blend of critical groupings to bolt and open the console. To run the console, use the essential bunch Shift+Alt+End. To open the console, press the default essential succession Alt+Home. 


KeyFreeze is the most uncomplicated software on this list because it serves the simple purpose of locking your keyboard on a laptop. The moment you install it, the software directs you to a window that states the locking time of the system when you click on “lock keyboard and mouse.”


To get out of the lock, press the always reliable Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys and follow this up by pressing ESC. This tool is for Windows.

Using Toddler Keys

Toddler Keys is a tool you can install that helps you know how to lock your keyboard on Windows 10. And also has the means to distract toddlers who stray toward the keyboard. It is effortless and works best for Windows XP and Windows 7.

toddler keys

Toddler Keys lets you lock a keyboard when your system has been inactive for a certain number of minutes, and you can quickly unlock your keyboard by typing an unlock passcode on the idle keyboard. The software will recognize that you have typed the word and open your computer.

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Baby Keyboard 

Baby Keyboard was created as insurance for your PC from little children to ensure you don’t lose important information. It doesn’t lock the entire console; however, specific keys may raise a ruckus whenever squeezed unconsciously.

Ordinary in sequential order keys and numeric keys are not impeded. The obstructed keys include Backspace, Copy and Paste blend, Cursor Control Keys, Function Keys, Windows keys, Tab keys, Caps Lock keys, etc.  

Boost this console storage window and click on Exit to open the console. This is excellent software to use if you don’t know how to lock the keyboard on Windows 10

Visit: Baby Keyboard


KeySearch is principally a product to perform a search on celebrated web search tools and can be utilized for keyboard lock without any problem. The console and mouse quit working once you apply the safety.

To bolt the console, press Alt+Ctrl+P; utilize similar keys to open. Aside from console lock and search, this product has the following highlights: Frequently visited sites, Keystroke recording, and Clipboard logging.  

Go to the settings tab to set different boundaries, such as Always run-on startup, always on top, Record clipboard, Record keys squeezed in the wake of locking, Password to open, and so on. 


WinKeyLock is adaptable programming to bolt console. You can choose to Lock the console, the mouse button, the mouse wheel, the mouse development, etc. Click on the lock Now catch to secure the desired things.

You can bolt or open your mouse by setting any hotkey, or you can also open it from the system tray using your mouse if it is not bolt. It’s refined, at this point, basic keyboard locker programming for Windows.

Visit: WinKeyLock 

Kid Key Lock

Kid Key Lock is helpful software when you want to lock your keyboard in a partial or customized way. You can know how to temporarily turn off the keyboard except for certain ones such as space, characters, and enter, or you can lock the entire keyboard.

kidkeylock software

Remember your passcode to produce the setup screen again, just like in Toddler Keys. One must note that this software can be installed in systems from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.


If you’re a Linux user, the track is a tool you must try to lock your keyboard. You can install it by typing a matching sudo code followed by “install track.”


However, this is a manual program that you may have to learn to use the software.

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Can I lock the keyboard on a laptop?

Yes, you can lock the keyboard on a laptop using the same keyboard shortcuts mentioned earlier. The keyboard lock function works on laptops just as on desktop computers, providing an additional layer of security when needed.

Does locking the keyboard affect the mouse or touchpad?

No, locking the keyboard does not affect the mouse or touchpad functionality. The keyboard lock function only turns off keyboard input, allowing you to continue using the mouse or touchpad to navigate and interact with your computer.

How do I unlock the keyboard if the keys are not responding?

If the keyboard keys are not responding, you may need to restart your computer. In some cases, a software or hardware issue may cause unresponsiveness. Restarting the computer can help resolve such issues and restore normal keyboard functionality.

Can I customize the keyboard lock shortcut?

The keyboard lock shortcut is predefined on most operating systems and cannot be easily customized. However, some third-party software or utilities may allow you to customize keyboard shortcuts or assign alternative methods to lock or unlock the keyboard based on your preferences.


These are some of the ways you can lock your keyboard. Windows operating systems are more compatible with both manual and software-based methods. It would be best if you also explored more advanced security options for your keyboard and data.

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