Top 10 Best FLAC Media Players For Windows

For most of us, Mp3 files are the best format for storing and listening to high-quality audio files. Most of us don’t even know if there is any other format for listening to high-quality audio files or no. The answer is yes; there is a better format than Mp3 for listening to high-quality audio files, it is FLAC. FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. Thus, you must know about the best FLAC Media Players out there.

FLAC lets you enjoy original CD like audio quality in your digital audio playing device like mobile, Computer, etc. It is slowly gaining the popularity that it deserves. It provides the perfect copy of CD that too in half the size. FLAC compresses the size of the audio file without diminishing the quality of the audios. Here are some of the FLAC Media Players for your Windows PC.

Best FLAC Media Players For Windows

VLC media player

VLC is one of the best most used media players for Windows PC. This is the best media playing software out there. It supports FLAC audio files along with supporting many other audio and video formats like Mp3, mp4, AVI, etc.

FLAC Media Players

VLC is a very good software with constant updates making sure that VLC is always up to date. Many shortcut keys and user-friendly interface makes VLC the people’s favorite media player.

Visit: VLC Media Player

GOM Player

GOM is another media player that supports FLAC audio format. You can easily download and play FLAC files on your Windows PC by downloading and installing GOM player. GOM player is quite a hit among the users due to its user-friendly and simple interface.

GOM Player
GOM Player

It supports almost all media formats out there. GOM has codec finder feature which makes it an ideal media player for all your playback needs.

Visit: GOM Player


Foobar2000 is another popular media player that supports FLAC audio format. This is quite popular among its users. The uncommon feature of this media player is the customization settings that it offers.


Replay gain is another unique feature that this media player provides. Replay gain in simple terms is automatic control of volume. It has user-friendly interface and has keyboard shortcuts for easy use.

Visit: Foobar2000


Winamp is one of the older FLAC Media Players. It has been out there since 1995. So obviously, this media player is one of the best out there. It supports almost all media format out there including FLAC. It is really easy to use because of its simple interface.


Winamp is a very big player in the media player scene. It is trusted and used by millions across the globe. You can easily create a playlist, rate the songs in it and organize your playlist accordingly.


Media Monkey

Media Monkey is a great one of the FLAC Media Players for your Windows PC. It automatically detects all the music and video files in your PC once you install it.

Media Monkey

It has a very basic and simple default user interface. One can change the default home screen of the software and customize it according to his taste or needs.

Visit: Media Monkey

Music Bee

Music Bee is one of the best media players for Windows PC that supports FLAC files. Ithas an equalizer in its home screen for adjusting the sound settings easily. This software imports songs from various libraries in your PC.

Music Bee
Music Bee

It can be used for creating a playlist according to your taste and choice easily. Music Bee has features like automatic tagging, ripping, automatic playlists, etc.

Visit: Music Bee

5K Player

It is a popular tool. 5K Player, lets you hear FLAC files in high quality in your Windows PC. You can convert videos to Mp3 or AAC files using this media player.


This one of the FLAC Media Players has many interesting features and options. But, on its home page, it shows only those options that are important and useful to avoid clutter on the home page. You can share media files with different speakers and screens using airplay feature.

Visit: 5k Player


Trout is a very basic one of the FLAC Media Players that takes minimum possible place on your computer and makes sure that it does not affect the performance of your computer. It has features like tagging, searching and editing.

Trout Player
Trout Player

Trout is a very basic and simple media player which supports FLAC and other audio formats. So, if you are scanning for something very fancy you should try some other software. But, if you want a very basic, portable, easy to use media player. Trout is the right media player for you.

Visit: Trout Player


iTUNES is another media player that supports FLAC audio format on your Windows PC. iTUNES has online radio feature where you can listen to hand picked favorite songs of other users. You can customize the layout of this media player.


You can also decide the size of the media player on your computer screen according to your choice. It has a unique feature where it analyzes your song listening pattern and suggests new songs for you from the genre you love.

Visit: iTunes

Z Player

Z player is another one of the FLAC Media Players. Zplayer is built on Java platform. It looks very simple and basic in its lay out. It can be run on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Z Player has features like auto-generated play list.


It keeps a complete record of the songs you played in the past. Although this media player is very basic in its looks, it has some amazing and cool features. You can add plugins to this media player.

Visit: ZPlayer

Groove Music

Microsoft developed this music software for Windows 8, Windows 10 and the upcoming upgraded OS if they are planning to launch. Groove Music Pass was also launched in 2014-15, like iTunes and Google Play for streaming music online but it was discontinued on December 2017. But the players are still available to listen to music, UI is also designed good with colours shadows with light and dark theme.

Visit:Groove Music


This one of the FLAC Media Players is very popular in many countries as mostly every windows user has heard or used it once. The UI and the program of the media player itself are simple but have many features like tools, plugins, stream, and much more.


It is one of the media players supportable with FLAC format. It is also an open source audio player which was released on October 2005, basically supported for Linux and Windows.

Visit: Audacious

Above mentioned, audio and FLAC Media Players are the best , and one can’t regret downloading and using it.


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