Do people generally have questions on how to add album art to windows media players? Windows Media Player usually imports any media files left in the documents folder and subfolders. The files should be added to the library manually if they are not imported or located at a different location. This blog will learn how to add album art to the windows media player.

how to add album art in windows media player

When the transition from physical to digital albums occurred, Windows Media Player was the most popular platform for playing MP3s among Windows users. This program is still available for Windows 10 and works just as well. Moreover, it not only provides you with a vintage sensation, but it also makes it simple to add album art to an MP3. You can also convert MP4 files to MP3. 

Steps On How To Add Album Art In Windows Media Player

So below are some simple steps that will help you understand how to add album art in windows media player to understand and won’t take a lot of time.

Step 1

Firstly select the Library menu tab at the top of the Window Media Player 11 main screen.

click on library tab

Step 2

Secondly, adding album art to the windows media player expands the Library area in the left panel to see the contents.

see contents of tab

Step 3

To see a list of albums in your collection, browse the Album category.

browse album category

Step 4

Look through the albums until you find one that has missing or damaged album art that you want to replace.

select and copy album art

Step 5

Enter the album’s name and the artist into a search window on the internet to find the missing album art. Locate the image you want on your computer if you already have it or have created it yourself.

search the internet

Step 6

Use the internet to find the missing album art. To do so, first, locate the album art, then right-click on it and pick Copy Image from the menu.

copy the album art

Step 7

The next step in adding album art in windows media player is returning to Library in Windows Media Player.

return to library

Step 8

To paste the new album art into place, right-click the current album art area and select Paste Album Art from the drop-down menu.

Step 9

The last step in how to add album art to the windows media player is to make sure you’ve pasted the proper image into the box.

check for album art

Following these methods to update album art, the windows media player will do the needful work properly. Hopefully this helps in answering on how to add album art in windows media player.

Additionally, it is also important to note here that there will be different steps for a mac windows media player to add album art. This is because the above-given steps apply only to windows. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

We have compiled some frequently asked questions for you. They are regarding how to add album art in windows media player. Hope this helps in solving any relevant query that you have. 

Q) In Windows 10, how can I add album art?

Select the “Media Information” option from the “Tools” tab at the top of the screen. Select “Media Information” from the “Tools” menu. Album Art is at the bottom right corner of the window; right-click on it and choose “Add Cover Art from File.”

Q) Where does album art get saved in Windows Media Player 12?

The album art for a song is kept in the same directory as the protected operating system files and hidden files and folders, which can be turned off under the View tab.

Q) In Windows 10, how can I add an artist to an MP3?

Firstly, select My Music from the drop-down menu. Secondly, use the “Filter” menu under “My Music” and select the Only on this device option. Finally, right-click the album containing the tracks you wish to change and choose Edit details. You can update a lot of information under the “Edit Album Info” page, including basic information like the album title, artist, and genre.

Q) In Windows 8, how can I add album art?

1 – Include music: Use Windows Media Player to rip some music to Windows 8 by burning a few CDs. 2 Find out more about the album here: Right-click on an album to which you want to add or update the album art. Click Update album info from the pop-up menu. Then check for the proper album.

Q) WAV or FLAC: which is better?

Because FLAC and WAV are both lossless audio formats, there is no difference in audio quality. FLAC files are better for storing music than uncompressed WAV files because they are compressed though WAV files are preferred for audio editing. Converting videos into WAV files is easy as well.

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Q) In Windows 10, how do I edit MP3 files?

The steps are:

Step 1: Open Windows Movie Maker and import the MP3 file. On your computer, open Windows Movie Maker and select the Add Music option to import the MP3 audio file you wish to trim.

Step 2: Trim the MP3 file. Add to Timeline by right-clicking on the MP3.

Step 3: Double-check and save the cutting.

Q) What is the best way to include a picture in an audio file?

Select the file, open the Images tab, then push the Add images to the tag button to add an image.


In conclusion, hope this article solved your adding album art to a windows media player. If you follow the above-given steps one by one without making any mistakes you should not face any other issue while doing the same. Go ahead and listen to the music at a high volume. Sound boosters for Windows 10 enhance the experience of listening to music. 

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