If you’re frustrated with the limitations and restrictions in the original WhatsApp, consider trying WhatsApp MODs apps on your smartphone or tablet. Before smartphones, people used cracked software for PCs to modify apps and games. Nowadays, users can use mod or pro versions to customize apps and games to meet their specific needs and preferences.

WhatsApp MODs app for the 21st century:

  • GBWhatsApp
  • YoWhatsApp (YoWA)

These mod or pro versions help players get the upper hand while playing games. It also helps to bypass all limitations in different apps. Apart from removing the restriction, mod or pro versions also unlock premium app features and game resources for free. Let’s learn about these in detail.

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What are WhatsApp MODs?

As the name indicates, these are modified versions of the original WhatsApp developed and released by a third-party developer. They have extra features, better controllability, and a good messaging and calling experience.

Friendly saying WhatsApp is one of the best and most used messaging, chatting, and calling apps. It has millions of registered users from all around the world. As you know, the original WA app allows users to send text, images, videos, GIFs, documents, user location, audio clips, phone contacts, voice notes, and many more features for free with data.

But still, some professional people are not stated with these features and want to get some more powerful features by bypassing all limitations in the original WA app. So, they start searching for MODs of the Pro Version of the App on the internet.

whatsapp modApart from the direct download link, app users will get a brief introduction that includes key features, downloading process, and many more, which you will know here.

What People prefer the WhatApp MODs app to the original WA app?

If you are using any mod version for the first, you may not know about the benefit you will get in the mod or pro version. We have mentioned some key benefits below, which you will get in every WA Mod version, like,whatsapp

  • Option to send large files and documents.
  • Mod versions allow users to add more people to WA groups.
  • Option to hide status seen.
  • It allows users to hide online status and also always add online status.
  • Customized themes and stickers.
  • Option to use two WA accounts on a single app.
  • New emojis and stickers.
  • Option to download other users’ statuses.
  • Option to block unliked users.

Whatsapp MODs are similar to the original Whatsapp only. Many tools use Whatsapp to add humour to life. For instance, fake WhatsApp Chat Generator Tools have no considerations about whether the app is original or a MOD version.

What is the WhatsApp MODs app for the 21st century?

Currently, there are hundreds of WA Mods apps on the internet with different features. We have mentioned to WA Mods app below for new users like,


This is one of the most downloads and uses the WA Mod version after the original WA app.

gbwhatsappPeople love this app because of its simple and straight interface with enhanced security features which they mostly do not get in any other MOD version available on the internet.

YoWhatsApp (YoWA)

Thousands of Android users download this new mod version. This is because it allows them to use multiple WA accounts on a single app. Currently, this app allows users to use a triple WA account with just a single app for free.

yowhatsappApart from the above-mentioned WA Mods app, users may also get so many other apps similar to them. They have different powerful features and tools which help them to enhance their call and messaging experiences.

While using WA Mod apps, one thing to keep in mind is that these apps are not legal and safe to download and use. If you are caught using the WA MOD app, your WA account will be banned, and also, your data may be at full r Because of the breached security and other features in the original WA app.isk.

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Is it safe to use WhatsApp mod?

The modded websites are not part of the official launch, and you can access them via third-party websites, which you cannot rely on entirely. According to Google Security guidelines using WhatsApp mods can impart a threat to your data.

Is GB WhatsApp legal?

Third-party Apps like GBWhatsApp do not support the users' privacy; therefore, there is always a possibility that it may get your account banned.

Which is the best GB WhatsApp to use?

According to the 2022 trends, GB WhatsApp 2022 plus 15 is currently the best version.

Can I send a 1 GB file on WhatsApp?

Absolutely! The maximum file size in WhatsApp is 2GB. You can send any size data below that.


WhatsApp MODs Apps have powerful features packed into them. There are tools for professionals that they do not get in the original WA app. If you want to use extra features in the WA, you must try one of the above-mentioned WA Mod versions of your device. Whatsapp has many other features, including changing the language of the application. You can also share it with your family and friends. Click here to learn more about it.

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