FM has been ruling the music world for ages. The modern era has brought various technologies in advancing the approaches of providing easy music to people. MP3 players, iPods, boom boxes, and much more have occupied their places in this era, but none of them has ever been able to replace our favorite FM radios. Thus, you must know about the best FM Transmitter Apps out there. You can also check out Alexa radio stations here.

Let’s check out a list of the best free FM transmitter apps for Android

  • Stitcher App
  • Iheart radio app
  • MyTuner Radio App
  • TuneIn Radio App
  • Radio Tuner
  • Radio FM

Music is the best remedy to cure you mentally and emotionally. It gives you a refreshment that heals you from the inside. All those modern-day devices can give you the pleasure of music only after occupying so much memory to download or store the music files. But FM Radios belongs to a different category of providing you with all types of songs, from devotional to rock-and-roll. Well, music is fun. But it is more fun while traveling. Tune into your favorite FM station right from your car by installing these FM transmitting apps into your mobile,e, which is handy and always in your pocket.

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10 Best FM Transmitter Apps

The following are the best FM Transmitter Apps to use anywhere you travel. Some of these FM transmitter apps support your smartphones and your car devices.

Stitcher App

Stitcher App is one of the FM transmitter apps that lists more than one lakh of podcast shows and entails creating your playlist per your demand. From WNYC’s radio lob to wall street journal, it displays everything and delivers the audio version to every upcoming event every day.stitcher app new

Besides creating a list of your favorite shows and audio, you can set your playlist to download for watching your shows later. Whether it is your Apple, android device, or your car, you can listen to podcasts anytime and anywhere. Moreover, podcast access extends to the most innovative technology, Alexa.

Download: Android | IOS

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Iheart radio app

iHeart Radio is one of the free FM Transmitter Apps. It works online podcast channels and customized ones per the user’s demands. Besides, it gives entertainment and sports news.iheart app

One can use this app on mobile. The app’s outstanding feature is allowing users to save and replay the music from the live casts. However, the on-demand feature requires a subscription fee.

Download: Android | IOS

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MyTuner Radio App

Like other FM Transmitter Apps, MyTuner Radio app is not ordinary. It offers over fifty thousand PlayStations and access to one lakh podcast channels from a Sonos device worldwide.logo_mytuner_radio

Along with featuring on devices like IOS and Android, it features on Mac and Windows as well. Also, it offers an intrusive and straightforward user interface allowing users to listen to podcasts anytime and anywhere.

Download: Android | IOS

TuneIn Radio App

Among other FM Transmitter Apps, TuneIn Radio App offers something unique. The app has over one lakh real-time radio stations and over five million podcast channels.tunein radio app

The app has two versions where one is free, and the other one is premium. The difference is that the premium version offers the option to record podcasts, while the free doesn’t suggest that.

Download: Android | IOS 

Radio Tuner

If you are searching for online streaming radio, this is the right place. Radio Tuner has a vast collection of songs, and 50000 users created FM channels. It is one celebrated radio transmitter for Android as well as iOS. You can even filter the FM channels based on your interest, genre, or turner app ios

You can stream this web radio for zero charges. Moreover, you can stream with tons of free presets and create a favorite playlist. You can also search for radio stations using URLs.
However, the free plan has limited radio features. If you want added benefits, you can anytime choose a premium plan.

Download: Android | IOS 

Radio FM

With Christmas around the corner, a radio that can play Carols is a must. But searching for a frequency that plays Carol can be time-consuming, and you would not want to waste your time looking for Carol on the radio on Christmas night. So here’s a simple solution. Gift yourself a free Radio FM fm app

It is free, and it’s an official app. It plays well in both Android and IOs. And the best part is that you can search for songs using themes, for instance, Christmas, New year, or birthday. Furthermore, you can listen to concerts, comedy shows, etc., all in this one FM transmitter app.

Besides, the music is also classified into different music segments like pop, rock, gospel, classical, and so on.

You can grab the experience of an actual radio but with easy-to-use technology.
With Radio FM, you can also set timings to go to bed listening to soothing music, which will stop when the set stop time arrives.

You can also set the alarm for your favorite FM channel. You can play music from anywhere, so what’s better than listening to hometown music if you frequently travel and miss home?

Download: Android | IOS 


Need an FM transmitter for Android that works without utilizing a wire? This is the tool you need. It is one of the free Fm transmitters for Android phones, and as the name conveys, it’s super simple to use. You can scan frequencies near you and listen to fantastic music anytime.isimple bluetooth

Moreover, this FM transmitter app also supports iOS. Its hands-free feature lets you connect with radio stations using Bluetooth.

You can even adjust settings from a distance. The frequencies provided range from 88 MHz (default) to 108 MHz. The default value is 98.1 MHz.

However, you cannot listen to different country music as you can on Radio FM. However, it is suitable for working people as their hands are busy. You can connect the isimple radio transmitter app with your Bluetooth device and enjoy work while listening to great music.

Download: Android | IOS 

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Simple Radio

Tune into your favorite radio station from this Simple Radio app. You can listen to local radio stations offline or worldwide radio stations online. You are searching for songs based on genre, country, state, or city. It is an uninterrupted experience that never irritates those buffering states.simple radio


You can access your favorites with just a single tap. Simple Radio by Streema is a worthwhile app with a fantastic user interface that always grabs your attention during music hours.

Download: Android | iOS

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Smart Connect

Smart Connect is an official app released by Sony. It is a trusted app by millions of users all around the world. It gives you access to other devices by simply connecting your connect app

You can manage your intelligent accessories like smartwatches and tablets through this app. You can use your music player from the other mobile and vice versa.

It automatically downloads the required app when connected to your smart device. You can also view your previously connected devices which helps you to choose from them and connect quickly the next time you try to connect.

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myTuner is a radio tuner app that works only on an internet connection. You can switch between 40,000 AM and FM radio stations that give you all kinds of satisfaction in news, entertainment, music, and many more fantastic channels. You can switch to local, national, or international channels in just a couple of seconds.

Download: Android | iOS


myTuner is the best companion among other FM Transmitter apps for your long drives with your friends, family, or your soulmate. It gives you the best in the best drives. Enhance your drive experience using myTuner by installing it and playing your favorite radio station on your favorite device.

FM Player by TuneWiki

FM Player by TuneWiki is a new Radio that allows you to play your regional radio offline. It is mainly used in Motorola devices as a trusted FM Player.tunewiki app

You can wave goodbye to your traditional and old-modeled radio player, install this app on your ultra-modern smartphone, and enjoy the music of the modern era.

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Tune Link Auto

Tune Link Auto is an FM Transmitter that allows you to connect your mobile phone to your car device via Bluetooth or an auxiliary cable. It acts as a Bluetooth transceiver, FM transmitter, and fast charging port.

Download: Android | iOStunelink auto

It provides a wireless link between your mobile and your car system, giving you a home theatre effect inside your car. You must possess a Tune Link Hardware device for the app to work correctly. Just plug the device, pair it, and use your FM inside your vehicle.

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Quick FM Transmitter

As the name depicts, Quick FM Transmitter is a quick FM Transmitter App that helps you transmit signals from one device to another. It works only with devices that can have an antenna. Ensure your device is not in airplane mode to make the app work as designed.quick fm transmitter


Caradio provides you with a fantastic on-road experience on your long drives. Pair your device with the car and play the music on your mobile. It has a hands-free functionality that helps you drive safely with no deviation.caradio app

Navigate through Google Maps to find and reach your destination. You can control the radio from your app or your car system. It is easy, comfortable, and safe to use while driving.

Car FM Play

Are you a music addict? Want to connect your FM with your car and enjoy a break-free journey? Then no worries! You have the best app here. Connect your FM with your vehicle using Bluetooth fm play app

You can also play local music in the car by synchronizing your mobile phone. Cloud music gives you unlimited access to songs based on your interest.

Download: iOS

All Connect

All Connect is a multi-device streaming app. You can connect your smartphone to any device like Smart TV, speakers, Xbox, etc. It enables you to stream your media content to multiple devices simultaneously.all connect app

It is the only app among other FM Transmitter Apps that supports all streaming technologies and gives you the best quality and performance.


smartSOUND is a music connective FM Transmitter app which can make your music from your smartphone play in the car. Just turn on your Bluetooth, pair it with your car head unit, and enjoy the music on the sound app

You don’t have to use your WiFi or any other device to connect this one of the FM Transmitter Apps to your car system. It is easy to use and simple to download.


Can I use my phone as an FM transmitter?

Yes, your phone may serve as an FM transmitter with the right app or accessory. Some smartphones have built-in FM transmitter functionality, while others require FM transmitter apps and compatible hardware, like an aux cable or Bluetooth adapter, to broadcast audio to nearby FM radios.

What is the best FM transmitter phone?

There isn't a single ‘best’ FM transmitter phone, as compatibility and performance can vary. However, many modern smartphones from popular brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google offer reliable FM transmitter functionality with compatible apps and accessories—research compatibility with your specific phone model for the best results.

What app can I stream FM radio?

To stream FM radio on your smartphone, you can use apps like ‘TuneIn Radio,’ ‘iHeartRadio,’ or ‘’ These applications provide access to a wide range of FM and online radio stations, allowing you to listen to live broadcasts and enjoy various music and shows on your mobile device.

How do you program an FM transmitter?

To program an FM transmitter, follow these general steps: 1. Plug the FM transmitter into your device, like a phone or MP3 player. 2. Select Frequency: Set the transmitter to an unused FM frequency (e.g., 88.1 MHz). 3. Tune your car radio. 4. Play your audio source. Refer to your transmitter's manual for specific instructions.


These are the best-ever FM Transmitter Apps podcasting millions of channels and various music genres worldwide. You may download any of them and let us know which of them you found the best.

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