How Can We Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Vizio TV? Quick Steps

Vizio is a trending brand with outstanding products such as television sets, sound bars, smart casts, etc. With decent technological growth, there have been several new introductions, such as smart TV, Bluetooth headphones, smart watches, and many more. Like phones, smart TVs also have the option of connecting Bluetooth for audio. Further below, we will quickly discuss how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Vizio TV.

connect bluetooth headphones to vizio tvTo connect Bluetooth headphones to Vizio tv is child’s play. On going through the Vizio tv manual, one can figure out whether the tv has a built-in Bluetooth facility or not. With Bluetooth facilities, we can easily connect Bluetooth headphones to Vizio tv. By connecting Bluetooth to smart tv, we can avoid any disturbance for anyone around us and enjoy watching our favorite shows. Click here to know the 9 Best Apps For Moms To Use In 2022!

On checking the user manual, we can figure out if Vizio tv is smart tv or not and has Bluetooth as well. With a built-in Bluetooth facility in the tv, it is easier to connect Bluetooth headphones to the tv. On the other hand, if the tv is without built-in Bluetooth, there is still a way to connect the tv to headphones with the help of audio transmitters. By going through the article, we can come to know the details regarding how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Vizio tv.

There is a complete gist of how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Vizio tv below when:

  • Includes built-in Bluetooth.
  • Excludes built-in Bluetooth.

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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Vizio Tv, Including Bluetooth?

While connecting the Vizio Tv, Bluetooth to wireless headphones should be checked to see if the headphones are in pairing mode.

Bring the Bluetooth headphones to pairing mode. Though pairing headphones with smart tv should be easy, it differs in the case of every Bluetooth headphone. For further guidance, one can refer to the user manual. Check out the 15 best Bluetooth Headphones for windows here.

Further Below, The Steps Will Guide Us

  1. On the Vizio remote, press the settings menu of the TV. bluetooth headphones
  2. Look out for the sound output option in the settings menu.
  3. Next, go to the speaker list and the search option.
  4. From the list of devices shown, select your Bluetooth headphones and follow it up with the pair and connect option.    pair them

( PS: the settings menu will differ as per different tv models. To know more, one can check the Vizio TV user manual for details.)

  • Adjust TV volume from the Vizio tv remote directly. 

This way, we can connect Vizio tv to Bluetooth headphones.

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Procedure To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Vizio Tv Excluding Bluetooth 

In case the tv is without built-in Bluetooth, or we need to connect the tv with more than one headphone at a time, in such cases, secure the tv to audio transmitters.

Depending on the output source of tv audio, there are several options for output jacks. Use A transmitter supporting TOSLINK to audio output in the case of Vizio tv. Also, look out for:

  • Auxiliary cord connection of 3.5mm.
  • The stereo audio RCA output.
  • Optical audio outputs in digital nature. 

These are essential points to check the compatibility of the audio transmitters for Vizio tv.

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Below Mentioned Is An Elaborate Way To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Vizio TV Through The Transmitters

Here are the steps to connect bluetooth headphones to Vizio TV through the tramsmitters

  1. Firstly put off the headphones, adapter, and TV.
  2. Switch on the Bluetooth adapter connecting it to tv thereby. Turn the tv on later.
  3. Connect The tv output source and transmitter. 
  4. Pair the Bluetooth headphones with the transmitter.
  5. For pairing two devices, both devices should be close to each other. In this case, headphones and transmitters should be close to each other to form a connection. 
  6. After pairing, digital audio signals are sent to the receiver. The receivers are wireless headphones. It is converted to analog signals to be audible in the headphones. 

Also, we can connect two Bluetooth headphones with the chain-connected transmitter technique.

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What Exactly Is Chain Connected Transmitter Technique?

It is a procedure or a method where one transmitter can connect two pairs of Bluetooth headphones simultaneously. So the increase in the number of transmitters increases paired devices too. For example, two transmitters can connect four pairs of Bluetooth headphones, and so on. 

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Where is Bluetooth on Vizio tv?

The Vizio smart tv will have Bluetooth options in it. But only the Vizio tv will not have Bluetooth, which is why the ones without Bluetooth can be paired with the help of transmitters. Check the settings options, opt for sound, and then sound output. The device has Bluetooth if it is on the options list.

How can one connect four headphones to a Vizio Tv without Bluetooth?

One transmitter can connect up to two Bluetooth headphones to the TV at one time. The TV needs two transmitters for connecting four headphones, which will connect two headphones on each.

Why does the headphone not connect with the TV?

If the TV doesn't have Bluetooth, it needs a transmitter to connect the Bluetooth headphone. The TV with a Bluetooth connection will be able to connect the headphones directly with it as mentioned above. In case the Bluetooth headphones aren't connected to the tv, we need to check the settings of the TV and headphones. One of the resorts could be rebooting the devices and then trying to connect headphones and tv.

How to reset the Vizio tv?

Follow the below-mentioned steps: Press the menu and arrow buttons to highlight the system and click on ok. Let the reset and admin get highlighted, then click ok. Later go to factory defaults and click ok. After resetting, press ok. Put a password. Let the tv turn off.


Smart TVs have come up with some very convenient options these days: connecting headphones to your TV. Putting on the TV volume too high isn’t a good idea. Isn’t it? Since we end up disturbing everyone around us, even those who aren’t interested in watching tv then. But what to do when we want to put on high volume and enjoy our favorite web series or movie? Well, this is how Bluetooth headphones come to the rescue. Connecting them to the smart TV allows one to enjoy and experience a home theatre feeling easily. Thus connecting Vizio smart tv to Bluetooth headphones gives us a good experience of watching and experiencing the thrill simultaneously. Click here to know Why Does My JBL Speaker Keep Turning Off? – Solved

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