Apple created the iPad to set the tablet market on fire, making it one of the most revolutionary devices. Apple’s iPad, a larger version of their iPhone without calling capabilities, is a popular tablet for beginners and professionals who need something between a phone and a laptop.

The iPad was released in 2010, becoming Apple’s second tablet after the discontinued Newton Message Pad 100. The iPad was put into development before the iPhone. Initially, the iPad was available only in the Apple Store but soon became available in all retail stores. Ever since the release of the iPad, Apple has been improving with every version they have been releasing, sometimes making them in different classes like the smaller iPad mini or even with an extra color, a luscious giant 12-inch screen like the iPad Pro.

But sometimes, one of the most essential and desired features of the wired age fails on the iPad. And no, it’s not your charging port but the 3.5 mm jack, which gives you complete audio privacy while enjoying your jam or watching a video in utter audio privacy. It doesn’t fail due to system problems but because the user broke his or her headphone jack in the jack and cannot get the broken piece out. We’ll provide tips for fixing a broken headphone jack in an iPad.

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4 Ways to Fix Headphone Jack Broke Off in iPad

The ballpoint pen sticks up

The ballpoint pen sticks up is the solution where you take a ballpoint refill and jam it into the jack and then pull out the refill after you apply some pressure at the speed of light.

Be careful not to use too much super glue when improving this method with a ballpoint refill. Too much super glue can clog the 3.5 mm jack, making it unresponsive or stuck.

the ballpoint pen stick up

Always try to use a ballpoint pen refill with the same diameter as the jack. Use the back end of the pen instead of the nib to remove a broken jack.

Don’t twist the 3.5 mm jack to avoid interference. After this method, you probably won’t face the headphone jack breaking off in the iPad issue again.

Thumbtack Bend

From the name itself, one can derive that this solution involves a thumbtack and the action of bending the said thumbtack. Removing a broken jack from a hole requires shaping a hook from a tool’s pointy edge.

thumbtack bend

Be careful when handling a broken or 3.5 mm jack to avoid getting pricked. A safety pin can also execute this solution. This will fix the headphone jack that broke off in the iPad error.

Sticky toothpick

This list mentions another version of the second solution.

This solution involves taking a single toothpick and dipping any edge in super glue or adhesive like super glue.

sticky toothpick

After which, one should be careful not to touch the walls of the jack and touch the broken jack and slowly drag it out.

While dragging out, also be very careful not to touch the gluey end of the toothpick on the walls of the jack. This is a more inexpensive solution as you won’t be spoiling a pen but instead an expendable toothpick.

Re-jacking the jack

This solution involves using the broken earphones or headphone wire from which the jack broke and then jamming it back in, and by luck, it will reattach, making you pull it out.

To fix a broken jack, apply super glue on the broken end and jam it in to certify a connection, allowing you to pull the jack out.

Be cautious with super glue, too much could cause it to spread when it touches a broken jack.

If you generously used superglue, you should be careful not to jam it too hard. Make it touch the broken jack, which must be slowly and gently pulled out delicately.

You just touched the broken jack and failed to establish proper contact, which can only be achieved by jamming it.

I hope you won’t face the headphone jack breaking off in the iPad issue from now. This is how you can know how to fix headphone jack broke off iPad.

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What to do if the headphone jack breaks off in the iPad?

If the headphone jack breaks off in your iPad, power off the device first. Avoid using metal objects. Use a fine-tip pair of tweezers or a broken headphone plug to extract the broken piece gently. If unsuccessful, seek professional repair assistance from an Apple Store or certified technician to avoid further damage.

How do you get a broken-off headphone jack out?

1. Power off the device. 2. Inspect the broken piece's visibility. 3. Use tweezers or needle-nose pliers to grip the broken part gently. 4. Apply even, slow pressure while twisting and pulling. 5. If unsuccessful, seek professional repair assistance to prevent device damage.

Can a headphone jack be replaced on an iPad?

Yes, a headphone jack can be replaced on an iPad. However, it's a delicate procedure best done by a professional technician or at an authorized service center. Attempting it yourself may lead to further damage. Contact Apple or a certified repair center for assistance in replacing the headphone jack.

How do you remove a broken headphone jack from a Kindle Fire?

1. Power off the device. 2. Inspect the broken piece's visibility. 3. Use fine-tip tweezers or needle-nose pliers to grip the fragment. 4. Gently twist and pull it out. 5. If unsuccessful, consult a professional technician to avoid causing further damage.

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