Headphone Jack Broke off in iPad [Solved] [4 Ways]

The iPad is one of the most revolutionary devices created by Apple to set the tablet market on fire. Expanding on the iOS mobile operating system, Apple created a bigger and more utilitarian version of their beloved iPhone without the phone calling feature which became a hot seller and still is the go-to tablet for beginners and professionals alike who need a tablet to execute operation which lies in between the range of a laptop and a phone.

Released on the 3rd of April 2010, the iPad became Apple’s second tablet following the Newton Message Pad 100 which was introduced in 1993 and discontinued in 1998.

The iPad was put into development before the iPhone. In the beginning, the iPad was available only in the Apple Store but soon was available in all retail stores.

Ever since the release of the iPad, Apple has been improving with every version they have been releasing, sometimes making them in different classes like the smaller iPad mini or even making them with an extra color luscious huge 12 inch screen as the iPad Pro.

All of the iPads can connect WiFi, and the 2nd version of each generation comes with the feature of using cellular to stay connected all the time.

The iPad and its classes have been ranked second in the world with its retina display and have stood the test of time from its Android competition who are in the first place.

But sometimes one of the most important and desired feature of the wired age we are in fails on the iPad. And no, it’s not your charging port but the 3.5 mm jack which gives you full audio privacy while enjoying your jam or watch a video in utter audio privacy.

And it doesn’t fail due to any system problems but the fact that the user broke his or her headphone jack in the jack and cannot get the broken piece out.

So today we are here to give some tips and solutions on how to fix headphone jack broke off in iPad issue. Over here read about why your one airpod is louder than the other.

The solution given below can be used with a wide variety of devices which accommodate the 3.5 mm jack as many devices are going wireless due to the current trend of Apple removing the jack.

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4 Ways to Fix Headphone Jack Broke Off in iPad

The ballpoint pen stick up

The ballpoint pen sticks up is the solution where you take a ballpoint refill and jam it into the jack and then pulling out the refill after you apply some pressure at the speed of light.

This method can be improved with a bit of super glue but when the user uses this add on one should be careful not overdose the ballpoint refill with lots of super glue as it can sometimes coat the walls of the 3.5 mm jack which will make it unresponsive or even solidify the broken jack in the hole.

The ballpoint pen stick up
The ballpoint pen stick up

Always try to use a ballpoint pen refill which has got the same diameter of the jack. Don’t use the nib of the pen instead always use the back end in such situations even though you might be able to wedge out the broken jack using the nib.

This is because it might damage the wall of the 3.5 mm jack which will provide you with occasional interference when using the jack. Most probably after this method you won’t face headphone jack broke off in iPad issue again.

Thumbtack Bend

From the name itself, one can derive that this solution involves a thumbtack and the action of bending the said thumbtack.

This, in theory, is the most straightforward solution but in practice, it’s the hardest as you have to bend the pointy edge to a shape of a hook which in turn on has to use to hook the broken jack out of the hole.

Thumbtack Bend
Thumbtack Bend

It’s not very risky to neither the broken jack nor the 3.5 mm jack but a minor risk persists to the user as you could get yourself pricked, so watch out. A safety pin can also execute this solution. This will fix headphone jack broke off in iPad error.

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Sticky toothpick

This is another version of the second solution which is mentioned in this list.

This solution involves taking a single toothpick and dipping any edge of it in super glue or any adhesive like super glue.

Sticky toothpick
Sticky toothpick

After which one should be careful not to touch the walls of the jack and just touch the broken jack and slowly drag it out.

While dragging out also be very careful not to touch he gluey end of the toothpick on the walls of the jack. This is a more inexpensive solution as you won’t be spoiling a pen but instead an expendable toothpick.

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Re jacking the jack

This solution involves using the broken earphones or headphone wire from which the jack broke from and then jamming it back in and by luck, it will reattach hence making you pull it out.

If you don’t want to play on lady luck, one can just apply some super glue on the broken end and jamming it in will allow you certify a connection to the broken jack which in turn will let you pull the broken jack out.

One should be careful when applying the super glue because one should not overdose it as it might spread when it comes in contact with the broken jack.

If you generously used superglue, then you should be careful not to jam it in too hard. Just make it touch the broken jack which in turn must be slowly and gently pulled out delicately.

It’s because you just touched the broken jack and not establish a full proper contact which can only be achieved by jamming it.

Hope, you won’t face headphone jack broke off in iPad issue from now.

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