Stud Finder Apps For Android | Top 15 {Updated 2023}

Gone are those days when you used to mess up everything surrounding you to find something that you have lost. What will you do when you can’t see your mobile? You will probably borrow some other mobile and call on your number. You know that the ringtone will help you find the mobile. Similarly, if you lose any metal object or want to detect studs stuck in the wall, the same mobile can help you find them. All that you need is the right app installed on your mobile. Thus, you must know about the best Stud Finder Apps out there.

The device in your pocket can do wonders once you put it to the right use. The sensors in the mobile have broad applications than you know. Magnetic sensors are embedded in your mobiles which can be put into use by installing a few apps available in the store.

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15 Best Stud Finder Apps For Android

The top 15 stud finder apps which are ranked based on user ratings and reviews are listed below:

Real Metal Detector

Have you lost your precious room key? This situation can turn into your worst nightmare! Don’t worry; the solution to your problem is in your pocket. Just take out your android device and download a Real metal detector. This stud finder is a pocket freeware that searches for metal objects near you.

real metal detector
real metal detector

The magnetic sensor installed on your device is activated by this software and can easily search for lost keys or any other metal object. You can even wood studs using this app. With the position of nails and screws, it can easily find wood studs. Its stunning features are what make it popular.

Download: Real Metal Detector

Wire Metal Detector (Stud Finder App)

Is there a fault in your house wiring? Is there a broken wire in your power line, and the electrician is taking time? Don’t panic! Wire Metal Detector has got you covered. It’s a free-of-cost, straightforward and basic-level stud finder. It is primarily used to find power lines. It uses the magnetometer of your phone to search up to 5 inches thick walls.

wire metal detector
wire metal detector

This app’s disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of power (around 200 watts). The magnetic field option can help you find studs too. This stud finder can give you precise detection on high power.

Download: Wire Metal Detector

Stud Detector By Guylyhey

Guylyhey developed this stud finder to find wood studs. This freeware can easily be installed on android phones. The stud detector is the best of its kind. The principle behind this is also the same as the others. It incorporates the compass sensor to find any stud, screw, or metal.

stud detector by Guylyhey
stud detector by Guylyhey

Also, for different uses, there are three distinct levels. It can search deep into mirrors, plastered walls, and metal walls precisely.

Download: Stud detector by Guylyhey 

Best Metal Detector

Best Metal detector, as the name suggests, is one of the best stud finder apps in the android market. Install it from Google playstore on your android system. The working of this stud finder is similar to the others on this list.

Best metal detector
Best metal detector

Just enable your compass (magnetic) sensor of your phone. Without much hassle, align your phone against drywall, plaster, etc. to find studs. It is freeware, so you don’t have to worry about extra expenses.

Download: Best metal detector

EMF Meter (Stud Finder App)

EMF meter is essential freeware that detects metal or stud for you. It is available for android devices. It is similar to the above-mentioned stud finders. This app also incorporates magnetic sensors to detect studs. Although one of the best studs finders, it doesn’t give accurate results near other electronic devices.

EMF meter
EMF meter

The developer of this app loved physics! Not just for studs, this app can also be utilized to detect electromagnetic fields. It can easily find the fields created by moving charges and, therefore, is very useful to detect radiation emitted by devices.

Download: EMF meter

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Metal Detector By Smart Tools

Metal Detector by Smart Tools is the best in the store for its magnetic detection. It is on the list of one of the amazing stud finder apps. The app requires a magnetometer embedded inside your device.

When you open the app and move around, it measures the magnetic field with the magnetic sensor. It has a magnetic field level that increases when you approach a metal.

Metal Detector by Smart Tools
Metal Detector by Smart Tools

The accuracy depends on the magnetic sensor that is present in your mobile or tablet. Its distinctive features are alarm level, beep sound, and material design.

Download: Metal Detector by Smart Tools 

Metal Detector By Kurt Radwanski

Metal Detector by Kurt Radwanski is a real stud finder app that helps you find studs and metals. All you need to do is install the app, open it, read the instructions and follow the guide. Stay away from stuff like computers and TV or any other electrical appliances that may interfere with the readings and muddle the accuracy.

Metal Detector
Metal Detector

It may not detect non-ferromagnetic materials like aluminum. The app scans for objects and displays the result as detected or failed to identify.

Download: Metal Detector by Kurt Radwanski

Metal Sniffer (Stud Finder App)

Metal Sniffer is a stud finder app that detects nearby ferromagnetic metals based on magnetic fields. The possible distance of detection depends upon the magnetometer embedded inside your mobile. You can set a threshold value where your mobile vibrates and alarms you of detecting an object.

metal sniffer
metal sniffer

This app gives battery reading alerts. If the reading is off, re-calibrate the sensors. This app can detect electrical wires and studs inside the drywalls. The initial reading is the magnetic field value of the earth, any alteration of that value is the presence of metal that is somewhere nearby.

Download: Metal Sniffer

All Tools

All Tools is a multipurpose app that serves around 40 purposes. You need not install so many apps for individual objects. Having this stud finder app, helps you save your mobile storage as well as meet all your tool requirements.

It works on WiFi and connects up to 4 devices. You can use it as a walkie-talkie, metal detector, CCTV, compass, mirror, speedometer, stopwatch, temperature, pressure, humidity, altitude, spycam, heart rate, counter, color detector, and much more.

All tools
All tools

This app is one of those essential apps that have a reasonable purpose to stay on your app list. You can use it as a walkie-talkie, metal detector, CCTV, compass, mirror, speedometer, stopwatch, temperature, pressure, humidity, altitude, spycam, heart rate, counter, colour detector, and much more. This app is one of those essential apps that have a reasonable purpose to stay on your app list.

Download: All tools

Metal Detector By Netigen (Stud Finder App)

Metal Detector by Netigen detects studs, metals nearby, and electrical wires inside the drywall. The stud finder app uses a magnetometer inside the mobile. All mobiles may not have this magnetometer.

Hence this app may fail in such cases. The app measures the magnetic field and beeps and vibrates when it finds a metal.

Metal Detector by Netigen
Metal Detector by Netigen

This one of the stud finder apps may not detect metals like gold, silver, or aluminum which are termed non-ferromagnetic metals. It identifies only metals that have ferromagnetic properties like iron.

Download: Metal Detector by Netigen

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Metal Detector By Gamma Play

Metal Detector by Gamma Play is a ferromagnetic stud finder app that uses the magnetic sensors present in the mobile. These sensors sense the magnetic field and measure the magnetic value. When the magnetic value increases, there is a clear chance of finding a metal somewhere nearby.

Metal Detector by Gamma Play
Metal Detector by Gamma Play

Electromagnetic waves from electrical appliances might disturb the accuracy of the detector. Make sure you are at a certain distance from such appliances when using this app. This app is a premium version and you need to purchase this app from the store.

Download: Metal Detector by Gamma Play

Metal Detector By RZTech Stud Finder App

Metal Detector by RZTech is a stud finder app that works on the principle of magnetism. The phone’s magnetometer senses the magnetic field level and the app displays that reading on the screen. When the level reaches a threshold value, the alarm beeps and the phone vibrates.

Metal Detector by RZTech
Metal Detector by RZTech

You can change the threshold value in the settings. The higher the magnetic field value, the nearer the metal is. It has a multi-language facility and you can choose the language you desire.

Download: Metal Detector by RZTech

Magnetic Stud Finder

Magnetic Stud Finder is one of the stud finder apps with a customized bubble level view. It can be used to find both metal and wooden studs. It is also a ferromagnetic object finder. The app is an adequately tested service that can find studs even in the deepest of the walls.

Magnetic Stud Finder
Magnetic Stud Finder

But still, the app has few back draws. When the magnetic field is weak or plaster layer with more than a quarter inch thickness, the app may not give its best.

Download: Magnetic Stud Finder

Stud Detector By Chatterbox Stud Finder App

Stud Detector by Chatterbox is a metal detector app that uses the magnetic sensors of mobile. The app alerts you if your mobile has no sensor or your magnetic sensor is faulty. In such cases, the app doesn’t work as expected.

Stud Detector
Stud Detector

With a magnetometer embedded in the device, the app works with maximum accuracy. This one of the stud finder apps has an adjustable sensitivity and visual indication. The vibration and audio feedback are projected when a stud is detected.

Download: Stud Detector by Chatterbox

Metal Detector By Dexati Tools

Metal Detector by Dexati Tools is one of the Stud Finder Apps that turns your smartphone into a real metal detector. You can detect precious metals using this app. When you are around other electrical appliances like TV and computer the electromagnetic waves disturb the precision.

Metal Detector by Dexati Tools
Metal Detector by Dexati Tools

The magnetic sensor reading is displayed on the screen. When you are near any metal, the reading will update, and following this reading and you can make your way to the metal.

Download: Metal Detector by Dexati Tools

Conclusion (Stud Finder Apps)

If you ever lost your keys, nails, screws, or wanted to find studs through walls, mirrors, etc. Don’t panic. Just download the stud finder apps listed above and make your life easy. Do let us know how much this descriptive list helped you.

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