Everyone loves the spooky stuff we read about them, hear about strange things and occurrences, and discuss them on late nights to creep ourselves out even more! Thus, you must know about the best Ghost Hunting Apps out there.

There are plenty of applications for Android and iOS that celebrate the bone-chilling sensation of fear and paranormal panic. So read our list and find out who is living with you, and don’t forget to check under your bed.

Are you fascinated by the supernatural and enjoy searching for paranormal activity? If so, you might want to explore the world of ghost hunting using your smartphone. Luckily, there are numerous apps available for both Android and iOS that cater to this interest. Here is a list of the top 23 ghost-hunting apps that you can try out to satisfy your curiosity about the unknown.

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Real Ghost Detector – Ghost Scan Radar Simulator

Real Ghost Detector – Radar is one of the fun Ghost Hunting Apps, which can make you feel like a ghost hunter. With this application, you can measure the presence of electromagnetic radiation around and scare your friends.

real ghost detector - ghost scan radar simulator

The app uses your device sensors to check the presence of these radiations around. It also gives indications to you about any unusual activity around. Show your ghost hunting skills by finding out about the paranormal activities and spirits near you.

Download: Real Ghost Detector – Ghost Scan Radar Simulator

Paranormal Window

Paranormal Window app is one of those ghost hunting Apps that has some information about the parallel world. If supernatural behaviors make you excited, if you want to know deep about the supernatural existence, then Paranormal Window is your true helper.

The application doesn’t necessarily check if you have any strange spirits around you somewhat it is catered to give information about ghosts, spirits, and other paranormal beings.

paranormal window

If you are one who doesn’t believe in all, this application is surely made for you. It’ll clear your doubts and also has an active archive that has the latest news, proofs video, photographic, and audio on the particular searched subject matter. So go ahead, download this application, and upgrade your paranormal knowledge.

A few little details of the Unidentified Flying Objects have also been fed into the system of the application. The application also consists of all the latest news regarding the paranormal world.

Some videos, news, etc., can be related to the same. So, in short, if you are a person who wants to discover the treasure of these parallel worlds, the app is something you are likely to fall in love with.

Download Paranormal Window

Real Ghost Detector Radar (Ghost Hunting Apps)

This application, to begin with, does not guarantee a real-life experience but if you are looking for fun then go ahead and download it. If you want to show to spoof a friend, for instance, the Ghost Detector Radar app is perfect for you just download it and move with your camera and this app will detect the entity in front of you.

real ghost detector radar

You will know its type and can ask any question you want. This is one of the ghost hunting apps that’s purely made for fun purposes, so go ahead and walk around and enjoy.

Download: Real Ghost Detector Radar

Ghost Detector Radar Simulator

It’s more of like a fun chit-chat game with a ghost. It’s effortless to use and delineate. It lets us communicate with the entity present around us.

ghost detector radar simulator

It’s been updated recently on 25th May 2019 which enables us to use it explicitly free of bugs and crashes. It has also introduced a new scanning sound. And hence, it is one of the best ghost hunting apps.

Visit: Ghost Detector Radar Simulator

Paranormal EMF Recorder And Scanner

Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner belongs to the family of those ghost hunting Apps, which were designed especially for the ones hyped up with investigations and paranormal recordings.  

This EMF detector is fun and super easy still, one thing to note is that it’s not just a game, the readings are really using the magnetometer of your phone.

paranormal emf recorder and scanner

The magnetometer embedded provides accurate measurements, and the automated EMF is responsible for recording long-time sensations and is pre-installed in the app. The real-time EMF magnitude strength can be traced according to their height, width, and length.

There are also special devices, more like sensing ghosts or spirits. The mobile phones we use consist of sensors to detect any paranormal behavior with the help of electromagnetic fields.

Often these kinds of real devices turn out to be very expensive, but mobile gadgets make the process easier by providing easy-to-use services.

Visit: Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner

PAIRS Spirit Box (Ghost Hunting Apps)

Now, this is the real spooky app. PAIRS Spirit Box application is another masterpiece with the brains of three major countries running together. It also mentions one of the countries being the love of our life – Our Own India.

pairs spirit box

The different models in use here get inspiration from Mahabharata stories. There is a wide picture display that allows viewing all the details regarding a picture.

The dominant feature of this app is that you can seek a spirit from a distance. The display enhances your feel and experience.

It is essential to set your phone on flight mode with Bluetooth off and set the mode beforehand.

The different lights ensure the presence of spirits or any action. The EMF readings change with a 20% increase or 20% decrease, depending on the intensity of the presence. It gets scarier when the conversation features the paranormal initiate.

The interface is pretty primary, so don’t forget to apply specific settings before use.

Visit: PAIRS Spirit Box

Ghost Finder – Paranormal Discovery Tracker Hunter

Ghost Finder is mostly for play purposes as it does not work as a real tool, and neither does it participate in sensing any abnormal sensations. The only purpose it serves is off have fun using the app. It has a UI that is not very difficult to understand. As the camera launches, the surrounding area comes from the display.

ghost finder

One interesting thing about this app amongst the other Ghost Hunting Apps is that you can choose how to use it as you launch it. You turn on the camera and view the world around you. At a given moment, the Ghost Finder app creates a vision that identifies some paranormal activity around someone or something.

The app belongs to ghost hunting Apps which have the function of creating any specific vision that guarantees the identification of spirits. Several other features that can be accessed after upgrading the settings are impedance, timeout, capacitance, etc.

The wavy matrix features go well along with the wavy elements. The recordings can be made and saved to have fun while listening later.

Visit: Ghost Finder

EVP Recorder-Spotted Ghosts

This is the ultimate ghost hunting app. Paranormal investigations are recorded using an EVP recorder. The ghost does not speak directly through this app, so it would be silly to look for miracles.

evp recorder - spotted ghosts

The application is user-friendly, and once you are done installing the app, start recording playfully. The famous Haunted Hotel TV show used the same recorder to get the signs of paranormal activities.

The EVP recording folder holds all the recordings made using this app. There are possibilities to record and hear the same later in case you missed out on some important details. There is also a list of messengers that help to send the recorded videos.

Visit: EVP recorder

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SpecTrek (Ghost Hunting Apps)

SpecTrek is one of those Ghost Hunting apps that will help you live your dream of being a mighty ghost hunter and finding the scariest ghosts around. Well, no vacuum cleaner is required, like that used in ‘Hunter of Ghosts.However, you can still be those tough ghost hunter uncles and also make your friends believe in the existence of spirits in the world.


SpecTreck uses your GPS to track down paranormal activities. It also has a magnificent design, and the classic clock, with the colorful transmission of the terrain, will keep you amazed. SpecTreck creates an illusion of reality so that you can have a blast with the creatures of the dark world. 

Download: SpecTrek

Ghost Hunting Tools

Ghost Hunting Tools is one of the finest Ghost Hunting apps, and you can get it with its super-sensitive microphone and ghost radar. It comes with a built-in camera, a photo analyzer, and also a quantum flow detector. This app lets you detect the directions more accurately with its colorful readings.

ghost hunting tools (simulation)

Ghost Hunting Tools is a great application for real ghost lovers and will keep them in awe. You will get access to EMF meters and EVP detectors to enthrall your ghosts, and spirits’ hunting sessions. The app will keep you intrigued with the presence of spirits with its strong dictionary, including several thousand words. 

Download: Ghost Hunting Tools

SV-1 SPIRITVOX CLASSIC (Ghost Hunting Apps)

With the SV-1 Spiritvox, you can turn your mobile device into a mysterious spirit box. Amongst the other Ghost Hunting apps, this application is carefully designed by ghost hunters to serve its purpose well.

Thousands of paranormal experts have approved of this magical application. It generates two sets of random carrier sounds with the help of your device’s audio playback algorithm.

sv-1 spiritvox classic

SV-1 SpiritVox Classic creates a real-life atmosphere of the darker world. Its demonic sounds will surely get you goosebumps all over. 


Ultimate EMF Detector Free

The most primitive yet widely popular machine to detect the paranormal was the EMF meter. Ultimate EMF Detector has a reasonably accurate EMF meter that shows the changes of the magnetic field measured in different units: microTesla, guess, and milliGauss and auxiliary field H in an ampere meter with a needle and LED’s using the sensors of your device.

ultimate emf detector

With its new design, it has impressive graphics and high accuracy, which very simply show fluctuations of a magnetic field at different places. Also, one thing to note is that if your phone doesn’t have a magnetic sensor, this app will not work.

Download: Ultimate EMF Detector Free

Ghost Camera Photo Prank (Ghost Hunting Apps)

Again, the name is kinda of descriptive itself. This is one of those ghost hunting apps that are for fun. So, if you are looking to click an unusual picture or probably add some ghosts to spook people out, then with this app, you can create the best paranormal pictures ever!

ghost camera photo prank

Ghost Camera Photo Prank will look incredibly scary and gory then you can share it with your friends and the world. First of all, you need to choose the ghost sticker to add to your photo, then pick a filter to make your picture scary. The added feature is that you can choose the pose for your ghost and spirit, and you are good to go.

Download it here.

Ghost Detector Camera

Ghost Detector Camera is one of the Ghost Hunting Apps that has garnered a lot of attention lately due to the atmosphere it can create, and it’s true. Using this app, even the ones who do not believe in ghosts will be scared out of their wits. It is super refreshing because this ghost detector knows how to make the experience truly an authentic one.

ghost detector camera

Like other Ghost Hunting Apps, this ghost app uses real EMF readings, but along with it, the graphics are phenomenal, along with remarkable sounds. Just switch on the camera, move around, and enjoy the show.

Download it here

Ghost Observer (Ghost Hunting Apps)

Ghost Observer is yet another free ghost hunting app for Android as well as iOS users. This app allows you to interact with spirits for free on your smartphone without much effort.

Designed with highly advanced technology and unique features, you can record paranormal activities on your device using the camera option. It includes voice effects and other amazing features to enhance the voice quality of the app.

You can easily ask them questions and listen to what ghosts are telling you. This app works perfectly in the dark so you can have entertainment and get the best experience. However, this app does not contend with any scientific accuracy and is meant for the purpose of fun only.

Download: Android / iOS

SGK1- Ghost hunting kit- Android

This application includes almost all the features you need to detect ghosts and observe paranormal activities. It’s manageable and very easy to use.  With high popularity and numerous ratings, this is one of the best free ghost hunting apps you can find on the internet.

sgk1- ghost hunting kit- android

ghost observer

From Spirit Box to interact with ghosts to EMF detector to discover ghosts, this application has covered it all. You can relish your journey of catching a glimpse of ghosts with more than 3000 audio clips.

One can use it for free and have a premium account to remove unwanted ads and pop-ups. Also you can also have access to additional extraordinary features of this app through the premium account.

Visit: SGK1- Ghost hunting kit

Ghost Hunter M2-iOS (Ghost Hunting Apps)

It is one of the most highly-rated ghost hunting apps in the Play Store today, with over 1500+ reviews. It has a complex yet amazing toolkit to detect ghosts with negligible glitches.

ghost hunter m2-ios

This application is well-known for its amazing features and posh graphics. EMF and EVP detectors are the most fundamental ones to interpret audio signals and indications. The downloads of this app run into millions. It explains why Ghost Hunter M2-iOS is one of the best free paranormal apps one can recommend to you.

Moreover, this app also brags about having wonderful features like FFTV (Fast Fourier Transform Visualizer), barometer, and spatial displacement tool. The barometer examines the information that your phone collects while hunting for ghosts.

Visit: Ghost Hunter M2-iOS

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SONO X10 Spirit Box

This is one of the best free ghost hunting apps available on the internet for both Android as well as iOS users. It is safe to say that this application is the professional version of the well-known ghost spirit box.

sono x10 spirit box

This app also features a “low sweep” tool, helping you to control the speed while discovering ghosts. What makes this app stand out from the rest of the apps is its voicebank technology. With multiple sound effects and speech clips, this application amazes most the paranormal app freaks.

The spirit has the ability to control the sensors of your cell phone and create messages in order to interact and scare you. Download this application now and begin your journey of paranormal gaming today.

Visit: SONO X10 Spirit Box

Ghost Locator (Ghost Hunting Apps)

If you’re in search of ghost hunting apps through which you can locate ghosts and spirits in a jiffy, then your quest has come to an end. This app helps to find ghosts and spirits precisely, literally speaking. And gives you a lot of details and information to locate ghosts.

ghost locator

It consists of radar to discover ghosts quickly, cheat codes, and a ghost world map. This application doesn’t claim any scientific accuracy and is meant for the purpose of fun and entertainment.

Download this app now to discover more new features and investigate paranormal activities during the investigation.

Visit: Ghost Locator

Ghost Hunting Sonar

It detects the presence of spirits and other anomalies in the environment. Ghost Sonar uses a variety of sensors in the phone or tablet to interpret the situation. Anomalies are detected and interpreted through the available sensors in the phone EVP signals are being interpreted by amplifying the underlying signals that are being picked up by the device’s microphone.

ghost hunting sonar

It can also be used for more accurate results by using speakers since part of the detection happens by interpreting the audio signal from the device’s speakers. It also plays a vital role in entertaining. Hence, it finds it way to the list of best ghost hunting apps.

Visit: Ghost Hunting Sonar

Ghost Detector Prank

The next one on the list of best ghost hunting apps is Ghost Detector Prank. As the name suggests, one can scare his friends and make fun of them by showing them the position of the ghost on the phone camera. We can make them believe by showing them the various signals and ghost radiations and such; we can prank anyone whom we want to.

ghost detector prank

It’s the latest update has now included the provision of communicating with a ghost as well. One can take a ghost picture with the ghost Camera view. We can pretend to be a professional ghost detectors along with our friends.

Visit: Ghost Detector Prank

Ghost Radar – CLASSIC (Ghost Hunting Apps)

It is one of the oldest and original ghost hunting Apps that can detect any paranormal activity by taking different readings under different conditions. The presence analysis carries by reading changes in ambient energy and, thus, its color. It also has a voice detector which lets us know when any Interesting suspicious sound is observed.

ghost radar classic

It was first introduced in 2010, and its latest update has been provided recently in 2018, and it has been downloaded by more than five million people across the world.

One of the finest and most widely used ghost hunting Apps in this digitally mastered world. The user interface tends to look a little tricky and is difficult to use. The pinch of classic elements in the app does wonders for the entire function. Ghost Radar has a key feature to differentiate between the equipment used for haunting ghosts which can simply turn void when exposed to any energy.

It also helps to find all the different kinds of sports and divides them into categories. The phone’s magnetometer is used to find out about paranormal activities. This app gets downloads worldwide for serving the purpose of ultimate fun.

Download Ghost Radar – Classic

Ghost Radar – LEGACY

The last one on the list of ghost hunting apps is Ghost Radar- Legacy. This is another improved version of the previous application and comprises a few updates. Ghost Radar serves the same purpose as before, which is to arouse the sensors to look for paranormal activity, but this time, making various readings in the device.

The interface is much better than the Classic version of the same application making it quite easy to use for advanced users.

ghost radar legacy
Ghost Radar Legacy

It has the power to convert energy into symbols and Vedic mantras. They can also get features graphically on the device. It has an added facility of multi-language.

Download the app start with the investigations, and make sure that the radar gives the updated reading; otherwise, look at the settings to ensure the same. Have a blast with the ghosts!

Download Ghost Radar Legacy


What Features Do Ghost Hunting Apps Have?

Ghost-hunting apps often include features like EMF detectors, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recording, night vision filters, and real-time audio analysis. Some use GPS for location-based data, while others provide a database of known haunted places. Note that their effectiveness is debated, and they should refrain from replacing professional equipment for serious investigations.

Do Ghost Hunting Apps Detect Real Spirits?

Ghost-hunting apps claim to detect spirits, but their reliability is questionable. They often rely on sensors like EMF detectors and random word generators, but scientific evidence supporting their efficacy still needs to be provided. Many factors can influence their readings, so they should be used cautiously, and real spirits remain unproven.

Are Ghost Hunting Apps Safe to Use?

Ghost-hunting apps are generally safe to use for entertainment purposes. However, relying on them for serious paranormal investigations is discouraged. Some apps may request unnecessary permissions or pose security risks, so it's essential to read reviews, research the app's developer, and exercise caution when downloading and using them.

What Are the Best Ghost Hunting Apps?

Several ghost-hunting apps are available, including Ghost Radar, Paranormal EMF Recorder, and EVP Recorder. However, their effectiveness varies, and they should be used for entertainment, not serious investigations. Always read reviews, research the developer, and exercise caution when choosing and using such apps.

Conclusion (Ghost Hunting Apps)

Enjoy the ghost hunting Apps on your Android as well as iOS devices to have a ghostly night. These ghost hunting Apps are sure to give you long-time goosebumps.

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Also, don’t forget to look under your bed, behind your back, and at the ceiling over you!

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