Top 14 Free Macro Recorder Tools To Use in 2020

Don’t you simply get annoyed when you have to perform some boring, tedious yet important task on your computer again and again? You sometimes even think of hiring people for doing such tasks. Neither do you have to perform this boring task by yourself again and again, nor do you have to hire some one to do it? Thanks to modern technology, all you have to do is download and install a macro recording software. These Free Macro Recorder Tools analyzes your type and click pattern and can automatically do the task that you do again and again.

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Some great macro recorder tools are available for free which can do the task for you.

14 Best Free Macro Recorder Tools

Here’s the list of best free macro recorder tools.Pulover’s Macro Creator

Pulover’s macro creator is a high-end automation and script writing software. It records your continuous keyboard and mouse movement.

Free Macro Recorder Tools
Best Free Macro Recorder Tools – Pulover’s Macro Creator

It has a built in recorder. This software can record a wide range of automation commands. This software has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to use. This memory requirement for this software is very low.

Visit: Pulover’s macro creator

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AutoHotKey is one of the most leading macro softwares out there. It is completely free and open source. This ensures that the software is continually updated by both publishers and the community. This is one of the more versatile softwares out there, owing to its open source nature. 

auto hot key
auto hot key

This software is touted as the most efficient to integrate mouse and keyboard actions for commands that are performed in a loop. The UI is extremely efficient and easy to use. It allows you to create a number of hotkeys to enable seamless integration. It also allows you to store and feed acronyms that automatically expand when you type, greatly reducing the time required in drafting lengthy documents. AutoHotKey is available only on the Windows platform.

Visit AutoHotKey


This software has a variety of automation options. This is a very simple software which can be used by any person easily. This is a very light weight app. AutoIT records the keyboard and mouse movement of the user which helps in doing the assigned tasks easily.



Further it has a specific script which lets the software run DOS command or Windows app. It can also operate Windows activities like minimizing, maximizing, closing, hiding, etc.

Visit: AutoIT


Easy Click Macros

Easy click macro is one of the Free Macro Recorder Tools available. This is a dynamic tool which lets you run multiple macros at the same time. The novel feature of this software is that it has provided various keyboard shortcuts for the quicker performing of a task.

EasyClick Macros
EasyClick Macros

If there is no keyboard alternative for the task that you are looking to perform, you can simply assign a new key of your own choice for the same task.

Visit: Easy click macro

Tiny Task

The Tiny task is one of the Free Macro Recorder Tools available. It has a very simple and easy to understand interface. Just like the name, even the size of the software is tiny. This software is of hardly 400 KB. It is a very simplistic app that does the function of recording and playback very efficiently. The resolution of this software is very small; it is so small that it might become a little blur if you have a high-resolution monitor.


Visit: Tiny task

Mouse Recorder Premium

Don’t let the word premium in the name of Mouse Recorder Premium think that it is an expensive software. It is free of cost. This is an excellent software for performing repetitive tasks on your computer.

Mouse Recorder Premium
Mouse Recorder Premium

This software records your mouse movements and reads your key strokes. This software provides you with unlimited recording and playback for absolutely free.

Visit: Mouse Recorder Premium

Mini Mouse Macro

Mini mouse macro is one of the portable Free Macro Recorder Tools. This means that you don’t have to install this software on your computer. You can even store it into a USB or a pen drive and use it on another computer.

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Mini Mouse MacroWhen you use it on an another computer, this will show no past trace whatsoever. This is a pretty simple and easy to use the software. It records and playbacks the actions that you want to efficiently. Along with recording and playback, it also shows you the animation of the recorded action.

Visit: Mini mouse macro

Perfect Automation

Perfect automation is one of the best and robust Free Macro Recorder Tools. This software does not need to be installed in your PC. You don’t have to install each application differently, as all the actions can be performed by clicking just one icon.

Perfect automation
Perfect automation

This software is useful for both experts and amateurs. It has lots of pre-recorded scripts to choose from. You can also write your script in this software.

Visit: Perfect Automation

Macro Maker

Tired of doing the same task on your computer again and again? Just use the macro maker to do the work for you. It records your mouse movement and keystroke action which can be played back anytime you want to.

macro maker
macro maker

The user interface is not as manageable as all the other macro software. There is a detailed user guide which will help the user in understanding how to use the software in a better way. Macro maker lets you assign keyboard shortcuts for various actions.

Visit: Macro Maker

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Mouse Recorder Pro

As the name suggests, this Free Macro Recorder Tools software is a real pro when it comes to performing automated tasks. You can edit or write a script using this software. The unique feature of this software is you can assign a future script to to play by this software automatically via the calendar.

Mouse Recorder Pro
Mouse Recorder Pro

It records your actions efficiently for the quick automatic performance of the task later. This macro program is available for free.

Visit: Mouse Recorder Pro

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Auto Mouse Clicker

Auto Mouse Clicker as the name suggests is a program that automates your mouse movements and clicks. It is a relatively bare bones software, it has very limited keyboard functionality which makes it less appealing than others on the list.

auto mouse clicker
auto mouse clicker

However, it automates your mouse seamlessly and is very simple to work with. The app itself is very lightweight both in terms of its size as well as it’s RAM usage. If you require a software that is very easy and only want your mouse movements recorded, Auto Mouse Clicker is the way to go.

Visit: Auto Mouse Clicker 


Another open source offering. Xnee is being touted as the kind of robot that manages all your actions.


It is worthwhile to note that Xnee is not a single application per se, but a host of programmes working in sync on the X11 platform. This Macro recorder can even manage two systems at one time ! 

Visit: Xnee

Do it Again

Do it Again is a free macro recorder for windows. This program keeps the things on the simpler side, it lets you feed in your tasks and lets you store all of them to play on-demand.

do it again
do it again

It is a complete pilot, allowing you to log on as the administrator, parlay with mail servers, anti virus software. It makes it easier to multitask on a single system by doing a lot of the tedious repetition by itself. 

Visit: Do it Again

Ghost Mouse

 Ghost Mouse is one of the most user friendly and easy software out there. There isn’t much to do in terms of the setup and you’re good to go. The window itself is the simplest, with just a couple of buttons on it.

ghost mouse
ghost mouse

Ghost mouse would help you automate and streamline your entire process whilst keeping the setup clean, simple and bare-bones. It’s worth noting it will only record mouse actions but does so beautifully.

Win Macro

Perhaps the second most easy to use software. The process to set-up only has a trio of steps that can be easily followed and understood by all. It is also very efficient in doing tasks, recording and playing it back. Among the features on it, you could specify the file directory where you want to store your files. There is ease to play and stop the recordings with just a single tap or click. 

Visit: Win Marco


This is our list of best Free Macro Recorder Tools. We hope you liked them all. In case you have any queries, feel free to comment them down below.

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