17 Best Free Mouse Clicker Software for Windows [Updated]

Since we are so much used to finding shortcuts for everything, after some point in time, we all have wondered if there is a way where we can get our work done without having even to click the mouse. Well, the question is yes. Thanks to technology, we can now automate the clicking of the mouse with the help of mouse clicker software. This type of software is used for automating the clicking process.

If you are in a job that includes a lot of mouse clicking, mouse pointer software might be of great use. Professionals and even gamers use this software. Gamers have some good preferences when it comes to their choice in gaming. For example, a good gaming mouse or gaming microphones or even making their own gaming logos. There’s so much technology has brought to us.

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You can record and automate the clicking process with the help of this software. Some good screen recorders and macro recorder tools are also handy and easily available on the web. This software enables clicking according to the recorded script. You can fix the time interval you want your mouse to click automatically using this software. There are many free software available. Following are some of the best free mouse clicker software for Windows:

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Top 17 Mouse Clicker Software

Here is the list of the top 17 mouse clicker software.

GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker is a free mouse clicker software that is quite famous among its users. The interface of this software is very user-friendly. The best part about this software is that it is effortless to use. You can automate your mouse click with this software.

GS Auto Clicker
GS Auto Clicker

One can set the time interval, location of the click, number of clicks, etc., using this software. You can assign a hotkey. Once you press this hotkey, the automation will start according to the script.

Visit: GS Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker Typer

This is another mouse clicker software that can be used for automating your mouse clicks. It has a straightforward layout. It is basic software. But, it does the job of automating mouse clicks very well. It can not only be used for recording and automating mouse clicks, but it can also be used for recording your keystroke.

Auto Clicker Typer
Auto Clicker Typer

You can record your keystrokes and mouse clicks and play it whenever you want to. Professionals and gamers across the world use this software. You can assign a hotkey for performing auto clicks.

Visit: Auto Clicker Typer

Perfect Automation

Perfect Automation is one of the time-saving and money-saving auto mouse clicker software available in the market. Also, the tool increases and improves the productivity of your mouse. Besides using it as an auto-mouse clicker, one may use it as a launcher, scheduler, and keyboard and mouse recorder. However, do not worry as it is the primary location for all these features, and no extra software is mandatory to download.

perfect automation
perfect automation

The launcher provides a simple user interface. As the name suggests, it launches all kinds of websites and files. Similarly, the scheduler can start the other programs periodically or on a specified timeline. Lastly, the keyboard and mouse recorder feature to remember active windows (also during the playback session).

Visit: Perfect Automation 

Free Mouse Clicker Pro

It is one of the fantastic mouse clicker software offering free usage along with the auto-click feature for your PC. The tool aims to prevent constant clicking and to increase the mouse’s life.

free mouse auto clicker
free mouse auto clicker

Unlike other mouse clicker software that provides the right and left buttons, this tool provides the middle button functioning. Besides, it has a well-efficient speed. Lastly, the trigger can be well-played by the keyboard along with the mouse; or you may choose a button from the mouse itself.

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Visit: Free Mouse Clicker Pro 

OP Auto clicker

OP Auto Clicker is one of the mouse clicker software aspires as a one-stop solution for mouse-related problems. It offers two modes of auto-clicking at the cursor location. Not only this, you may select the maximum amounts of clicks at a time. The tool features extend to choosing between clicking for once, twice, or tiple times.

OP Auto clicker
OP Auto clicker

It is portable and acquires low CPU usage. The beneficial aspect of this mouse clicker software tool is the virus-free version. Besides, it is convenient to use as the hotkeys do their work in the background, i.e., no interference during working hours. Once downloaded, there are many more features to discover.

Visit: OP Auto Clicker 


If you have been looking to make your daily tasks more comfortable, then the AutoHotKey mouse clicker software is the answer to all your problems. It offers free accessibility and custom scripting for the windows. Here, the user interface is simple to use. However, it is open to remodification later.


This mouse clicker software aimed to provide short-cut access to various functions, but now it offers multiple things. Besides, web-based documentation is also available. Along with featuring mouse clicks and movements, it can manipulate windows files and folders too.

Visit: AutoHot Key 

Auto Mouse Clicker

Auto mouse clicker is a free mouse clicker software. This software is a product of Murgee Softwares Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the best free mouse clicker software for Windows available. You can automate your mouse clicks using this software. You can choose which click you would like this software to automate for you.

Auto Mouse Clicker
Auto Mouse Clicker

For example, left-click, right-click, double click, etc. You can decide the time interval between each click. You can set the location you want your mouse to click automatically by setting coordinates. This software has a very user-friendly interface.

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Visit: Auto Mouse Clicker

Mouse Recorder

Mouse Recorder is one of the best clicker software available right now. You can automate the mouse clicking efficiently using this software. The interface of this software is very user-friendly. You can set the time interval between each click that you want this software to perform.

Mouse Recorder
Mouse Recorder

You can also assign the location where you want your mouse to be clicker automatically. The software records and automatically plays the movement of the mouse according to the settings that you make.

Free Mouse and keyboard recorder

This is software that can be used for recording and automate mouse actions according to your requirement. This software is quite easy to use. The interface of this software is very user-friendly. This software has a trial version and a paid version. In the trial version, you can record up to 5 mouse actions.

Free Mouse and keyboard recorder
Free Mouse and keyboard recorder

If you like the software and want to access the full features, you will have to purchase it. This is one of the most used mouse clickers in the world. You can set time-intervals between the clicks using this software. There are various hotkeys assigned by the manufacturer of this software to make the whole process of recording and playing the mouse action leisurely.

For example, by pressing Alt+F1, you can start recording your mouse actions, and by pressing Alt+F2, you can stop it. You can assign the number of times you want the action of your mouse to be repeated by pressing Alt+F3.

Visit: Free Mouse and keyboard recorder

Auto Clicker

Auto clicker is one of the best free mouse clickers. You can assign hotkeys for performing different actions efficiently on this software. This software remembers the action that you record once. This feature is handy because you don’t have to enter what you want the mouse clicker to do repeatedly.

Auto Clicker
Auto Clicker

One can automate single-clicking and double-clicking using this software. You can assign the location where you want your mouse to be clicked or leave it in random mode. You can select the number of times you want your mouse to be clicked.

Visit: Auto Clicker

Clicky Mouse

Clicky Mouse is free software that can be used to automate your routine mouse-clicking task. It is simple to use. Just record macros and perform the task that you wish to perform. You can choose options also to record keyboard tasks. Clicky mouse allows you to set up playback speed and loop times to repeat. You can export script as XML and TXT files and can be saved as 4CM and MCR.

Auto It

If you have a love for coding and programming, you’ll love this software. To use AutoIt, you do require programming knowledge. In AutoIt, you have to create an AutoIt v3 Script as AU3 and run it again later when required. But it also provides you with the option to convert the AU3 files to .exe files using AUT2Exe. In AutoIt, you can compress the files to various sizes. It allows you to use AutoIt scripts on other devices where AutoIt is not installed.

autoit script
AutoIt script

Visit: AutoIt

Mini Mouse Macro

Mini Mouse Macro allows you to record your mouse and mouse clicks’ movement so that you can play again. On opening the mini mouse macro, it will give the feel of a video player. Moreover, It works like that too. You can also set up conditional statements and command-line statements to automate tasks. The files are stored as MMMACRO, and the files can again be opened using the software.

Ghost Mouse

With just two buttons present on the screen, the Ghost Mouse is the simplest to use. You have to record the task using a record button, and then you can play it with the green play button. You can also speed up and down the mouse clicks and movements. On Ghost Mouse, your scripts are saved as RMS files. You can use the Ghost Mouse app to open RMS files again later on.



Tiny Task

The tiny task has the simplest app structure of all the apps. You can use Tiny task to automate the task of mouse clicks. With its simple interface, all you have to do is record the button. And, then you can play it any anytime again to do that boring task again and again.
It also provides you with the option to record and create a .exe file so that you can port your task to another computer.

tiny task
Tiny Task

Visit: Tiny Task

Do It Again

With Do It Again, all you have to do is create a new task and record it. Then you can run that task anytime to achieve your task. You can choose to make custom hotkeys, pause keys, repeat keys, and many more whenever required in the options menu. With its quick help menu, you can easily look for anything you are facing with the app.

Wee Script Automation

Wee script automation is a freeware software, which comes with its lite version. It uses scripts to automate mouse-clicking tasks. You can create new console applications via Wee script automation. Even though the software generates scripts, its interface is very simple and easy to use.


This was our list of top 17 Mouse Clicker Software. Tell us your favorite. In case you have any doubts or questions regarding the same, be free to comment your views below.

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