3 Best Email Spoofing Tool With Advance Features


There have been many instances in both of our lives where we were asked to submit our email addresses, and being the privacy-craving things that we are, we have hesitated to do so. I mean, I get it.

I don’t feel like sharing my email with a company or some download site, just for the sake of that one-time service, or that crappy limited time trial offer.

Contact information sales is a significant thing on the Internet. Marketers buy and sell emails all the time, back and forth, which is precisely why you get all those weird “hair fall controls” and “weight-loss” advertisements in your inbox, though you don’t remember signing up for that crap.

Well, there is a quick and easy fix for that. Temporary emails! But who can be asked to put up with the creation of one? If you want to create a temporary email on any valid server, you still need to fill out a (comparatively smaller) form for it.

So how do you create some dispensable email addresses quickly and easily? This post is all about that! Go through the list of email spoofing tool mentioned below.

List of Best Email Spoofing Tool

I physically got out of my bed to do some research on this one, so you better thank me for this. Here are the 3 best email spoofing tool or fake mail generator websites that you can find on the face of the Internet. (not a Reddit post) Let’s get started.


Mailinator is one of the best email spoofing tool that you were possibly in search of. This website is quite cool. It does not require you to enter any credentials of yours, and lets you create an email address with a @mailinator domain instantly!

On top of that, it enables you to check any inbox if it already exists. For instance, I typed in imdb@mailinator.com and I could access an email inbox mad by someone in that name.

This facility of checking your temporary mail inbox becomes very handy when there is some annoying verification or something which requires you to go to that spoof email address that you typed in and click on some link to confirm your purpose.

With mailinator, you can do that and still not worry about getting tons of junk ads and other spam emails from the residue of that signup.


On top of that, they even suggest you some email names if you cannot think of a random name to generate at that second. The suggestion which I got was “DimmestMan.” Coincidence?

Why We Prefer Mailinator?

Although don’t expect any emails to linger around for eternity. That kind of an email service would be too perfect for this world. They explicitly say that all emails will auto-delete after a couple of hours, which is sensible and understandable.

Maintaining servers is no easy task, and keeping it as an active email server for that many users, for free? Forget about it. As I said, it would be too good for this world.

So if you want a quick email address which is not yours and is auto-generated, but has an inbox facility for a limited period, definitely go for mailinator. I highly recommend it.

Guerrilla mail

If the above service with a single server name did not tickle your fancy, try Guerrilla mail. It has a lot of different server names for you to choose your temporary email addresses from.

The upside (depending on your requirements) is that, unlike mailinator, the addresses generated here will stay forever according to the guerrilla mail guys. So you can create a temporary spoof ID for some subscription trial period and share it with a friend as well.

If you can’t be asked to create an address of your own, you can choose to generate a scrambled email address for yourself using the on-site tools.

But beware, the scrambled address is almost impossible to remember entirely, and will always have to be copied from the guerrilla mail website to wherever you plan on using it.

This makes for a slightly more unique inbox ID but makes sharing it a little bit inconvenient, as you may not be able just to type it from your memory and send it to someone.

Guerrilla Mail
Guerrilla Mail

Why Guerrilla Mail is beneficial?

All the emails received will be available directly below the email generator on the same page of their website, easily accessible. They do a fantastic job with it as well.

I mean, they have apparently processed over 6.5 billion emails so far. That is pretty impressive, even if guerrilla mail say so them. They also have a small donation link right below your inbox, so consider donating a bit to them.

I mean, they work hard to keep your original inbox cleaner and tidier, so it would be an order for you to buy them a beer, don’t you think?

Try out guerrillamail.com and see if you like their spoof mail service from dozens of available servers. I wonder if these guys are normal humans because they are managing terabytes of data on the fly, and here I am, struggling to finish one article per day.

But if you appreciate that, you could buy me a beer as well; I wouldn’t mind!


Maildrop is an excellent email spoofing tool that provides a great email generation service for all those (pretty much every one of us) who doesn’t like giving their work email address.

It works exactly like the other mail generators that create an inbox of your desired name. Just enter an ID I the text box to your top right or at the bottom left, and click Go. You are constricted to only one server, and that is mailbox.cc.


Not that anyone would mind. I mean, who cares which server you get, as long as it is not your email address. It even gives you unique and rather witty suggestions if you are creating a new one.

The suggestion that I got was “AntitoxicTaiwan.” What is up with me getting the weirdest suggestions for a name? But of course, that is why there is a refresh symbol to get a new suggestion.

You should check out maildrop over at their website maildrop.cc. It is simple, minimalist and easy to use. You’ll love it because you won’t have any reason not to. Enjoy your clean personal inbox!

Final Thoughts

So this is the list of best hand-picked email spoofing tool. Do share your thoughts and let us know if you know other useful services as well. Cheers!


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