Best Movie Downloading Sites For Mobile | Top 16 In 2023

Nowadays people are fond of movies and want to watch every latest movie on the go. They either go to theatres or download from the websites so that they should not miss any movie which has done well at the box office. There are thousands of sites made available on the net to stream and download movies via various Movie Downloading Sites. Many of the sites may cost some money but some of them are absolutely free. People tend to attract towards the free websites and download their favorite movies.

Going to the theatre for an every movie that hits the theatre is a bit costly, and every movie doesn’t do that well at the box office. People opt to download movies either on their PC or mobiles or tablets so that it would be safe and also they can view them in their free time.

Best Movie Downloading Sites

Without any further ado, let’s quickly dive into the list of best movie downloading sites.


Mobilemovies.Me is one of the best movie downloading sites on your Tablet, PC or even your Mobile Phone. This website has all the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Better yet, this website has options like Hollywood movies (with subtitles), Hollywo

od movies dubbed in Hindi, Hollywood movies with English subtitles, Hollywood movies with dual audio (Hindi+ English), etc. to download from.

The layout of this website is very simple and basic. It is not at all attractive, but it is easy to understand for the viewers. Along with movies, this website also has an option for downloading songs which are a plus point of this website.

The Admins of this website regularly updates this website with latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies.


Sony Crackle (previously called Grouper)

Well, the name says it all. This is one of the most trusted movie downloading sites or stream movies and TV shows. The site which is run by Sony Entertainment provides users with tonnes of uncut original content to choose from.  It has all the popular Hollywood movies and lets you download in mp4 format on your smartphone or tablet.

sony crackle
sony crackle

Even though registration is not compulsory on this website, you will save a lot of time by registering once. Unregistered users have to enter their DOB every time they use the site, which is pretty annoying.

Also, users have to watch a couple of ads before watching the movie itself, but in this YouTube era of video viewing, this may not be a big issue. Crackle is very user- friendly and even lets you create playlists (only if you are a registered user).

Visit: Sony Crackle

Finally taking the number one spot on this list is AZMovie. What makes this website stand out from other movie downloading sites is the fact that it only provides its users with quality HD content. You will find not even one movie on this website, which is a cam version. Videos can be browsed inefficiently, thanks to the excellent organization of content.

azmovie to
AZMovie to

The site also has a search tab which comes with filters helping every user to curate content according to their personal choices. Registration is not required on this website, plus it offers three servers to choose from. This means that there is very little chance that you won’t find your favorite content here.



This is one of the places where movies are available for download right after the first cinema release. And is the best movie downloading sites out there.


The cam versions are usually uploaded first followed by the HD version pretty soon. You can find your favorite movies by searching or by browsing through the genre section.


As the name of the website, WorldFree4U suggests, this website provides the whole world of movies free for you. This website is constantly updated with latest super hits. All you have to do is select the movie you wish to download from all the movies available on the website.


Punjabi, Bollywood, and Hollywood, all kinds of movies, are made available for the users. You can also download music from the site.

This website provides you with the option to download the same movie in different sizes. You can select the size of the movie according to the quality you wish to watch the movie in.

The movies on this website have good audio and video quality. Along with the name of the movie, the website mentions the IMDB rating, the synopsis of the movie and a link to the trailer of the movie, which is a handy feature to decide which movie to download and is one of the few movie downloading sites which offers this.

Visit WorldFree4U

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the favorite websites of movie lovers to watch and download movies. With over seven thousand films and TV shows, this website will be beneficial for finding your favorite movies.


On top of all this, Tubi TV is completely free and doesn’t even require you to create an account. New content is added every week, and there’s also a section called Not on Netflix, which includes movies and TV shows produced by Netflix.

Visit: Tubi TV

Popcorn Flix

Operated by screen media ventures, this website allows you to download and stream any movie of the hundreds to choose from. The site is one of the very user-friendly movie downloading sites and requires no signup. One of the critical features of this website is its Most popular and Recently added categories.

popcorn flix
Popcorn Flix

These are very helpful if you want to find the latest content or if you want to watch a movie which is popular among other users. The one downside of this website is that access is restricted in some regions, and if you’re an unlucky one, you may have to use VPN to access this site.

Visit: Popcorn Flix

The best feature of this website is that you can even stream the movies online and watch it on the website itself without downloading it. If you wish to download, just tap the download button and select the size that you want to download it in.If you get any fault like “the content is not available in your country,” then you can try any proxy or VPN server to watch the movie. You can download the movie on your smartphone or tablet from the site.


This is one of the best movie downloading sites in the list when it comes to attractive layout. The layout of this website is captivating, and it attracts the viewer in the first time itself. 

The layout is so well-designed that you are curious to explore this website furthermore.

The slider on the home screen of the website shows the list of latest movies that you can download and watch. This website has all the latest movies that you would want to watch.


DivX Crawler

DivX Crawler is another one among the movie downloading sites. You are also allowed to download movies to your mobile phone and computer from this website. The UI of this website is very plain. This website has a whole list of latest collections on its home page.

divx crawler
DivX Crawler

Along with the name and the poster of the movie, the website has mentioned the size and format of the movie. A short synopsis of the movie is also provided by the website.

A unique feature of this website that makes it stand apart from other websites in the list is the support team of the website. If you have any queries or doubts, you can contact the support team, and they will help you instantly. This website has a huge collection of movies.

Visit DivX Crawler


The next one in the list of best movie downloading sites is Gingle.

In the home page of Gingle, there is a mixed collection of old classics and latest super hits. This website is for all kind of movie lovers- old or new. The attractive thing about this website is the layout.


If you hover your mouse over to the poster of the movie, on the right side of the screen, you can see all the data related to the movie like the genre, year of release, IMDB rating, the size of the file, etc.

On the top of the website, there are options for downloading music and wallpapers too. This website has pretty good collection of movies- old and new.

The audio and video quality of the movies on this website is pretty good. If you want movie downloading sites to download movies on your Mobile, Tablet or PC; this is the perfect website for you.

Also Visit: 36 Free Movie Streaming Sites In 2023 (No Signup Required)


Vidmate is also an awesome app from where you can download any content whether it may be videos, movies, music and you can also stream movies and music in the app. You will not be able to find this app in your play store or app store. You require downloading the apk file of the app. After you download the apk file of the app, then you can search your favorite movie and then download it.


There is also a website of this app with a pretty basic layout. On its home page, you will English and Hindi movies that you can download. The unique feature of this website is that you can also download WWE series on your Tablet if you are a wrestling fan.

You can download English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam and Punjabi movies from this website. For the convenience of the users, this website has categorized movies according to their genres. For example – animated movies, horror movies, action movies, fantasy shows, etc. The audio and video quality of the movies on this website is really good.

The drawback of Vidmate is that the movies are available in parts so you may face some difficulty while downloading the movie but it gives you quality options and if possible movies are also available in HD also. Vidmate is must worth trying if you are looking to download a movie on your smartphone. Therefore, this is one of the best movie downloading sites listed here.

Vidmate: App / Website

AVI Mobile Movies

AVI mobile movies is another one of the movie downloading sites on your laptop and Tablet. This website has English, Hindi, Tamil and Punjabi movies. This website has categorized movies by their formats like- 3gp and Mp4. It also has HD movies that can be downloaded to your phone or Tablet.


This website categorized into three sections. 1st is “latest collection section,” the second is “select category” section and third is “special service” section. Downloading movies from this website is really simple. The audio and video quality of movies on this website is really good.

Visit: AVI mobile movies

House Movie

House movie is another one among the movie downloading sites. The layout of this website is really attractive, and the UI is very simple. On the home page of this website is the list of latest movies that you can download. This website is regularly updated with latest movies.


If you can’t find the movie you are looking for easily, you can type the name of the movie you are looking for on the search bar which is located on the right-top of the website.

Along with the poster and name of the movie, there is a short synopsis, IMDB rating, year of release and the genre of the movie.

Visit: House movie

The next one in the list of best movie downloading sites is You can get movies of different languages here. Movies of Hindi, Kannada, and Marathi all are available here, and you can download them on your smartphone too. You also have an option to get the movies in HD format.


Even 3D movies are available on the site so that if you are interested in 3D movies, you can have one. The collection has even movies of small size to large size, i.e., from 200MB to 700MB. So you can have a peek at the website if you are fond of regional language movies.

The next one in the list of best movie downloading sites is You can get HD movies and also some Hollywood movies here. But Bollywood movies are present in it, and Bollywood fans can take a look at this site, and they can download the movies from the site on their smartphones.

You can also have access to animated movies and also download them if you are an animation lover.

Movies Mast

This website is one of the best movie downloading sites on your tablet. The layout of this website is very basic. The best part about this website is that for the convenience of the users, they have categorized movies by the size of the movie, the genre of the movie and the language of the movie.

This website also has a very good collection of 3D movies in it. This website also has HD movies in it.

If you are someone who fancies watching movies in high-definition, this website has some movies that you are able to download on your tablet and watch in HD. You can also download regional movies from this website other than just Hollywood and Bollywood movies.


All the movie downloading sites mentioned above are entirely free and legal. But nothing is open on the internet, and advertisements are frequent on all these sites. Just a small trade-off for the free content they provide you with. But these websites are undoubtedly the best to choose from if your need is movies free of cost, free of piracy, and other illegal practices.

We hope you liked our list of best movie downloading sites for mobiles and tablet. In case you have something else to share, kindly let us know down in the comments.

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