7 Best Movie Downloading Sites For Mobile | 2019

Nowadays people are fond of movies and want to watch every latest movie on the go. They either go to theatres or download from the websites so that they should not miss any movie which has done well at the box office. There are thousands of sites made available on the net to stream and download movies via various Movie Downloading Sites. Many of the sites may cost some money but some of them are absolutely free. People tend to attract towards the free websites and download their favorite movies.

Going to the theatre for an every movie that hits the theatre is a bit costly, and every movie doesn’t do that well at the box office. People opt to download movies either on their PC or mobiles or tablets so that it would be safe and also they can view them in their free time. But carrying a PC with you for short journey may not be possible, and you cannot use your laptop everywhere due to some security reasons.

Watching Movies on you Mobile Phone

So you only have your small 5-inch mobile phone where you can watch all your favorite movies in a very comfortable way if you have downloaded them through these Movie Downloading Sites for mobile. Now there are innumerable options available to download a movie on your Android/Windows/iOS phone. You can surf through various sites and get your download done. These sites may contain some idiotic ads, but you need to face them to get your movie. You can also stream the movie online if you have decent internet connection.

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You need patience till your movie gets downloaded and then you can watch your movie without any interruption. As I have mentioned priorly, there are many sites from which you can download the movies and have access to them on your smartphone.

Best Movie Downloading Sites For Mobile

Here you will find descriptive list of all the Best Movie Downloading Site for your Mobile Devices. Enjoy the article!


This is an amazing site that lets you download all your favorite Hollywood movies and also allows you to stream them online. If you get any fault like “the content is not available in your country,” then you can try any proxy or VPN server to watch the movie. You can also download the movie on your smartphone from the site.

Movie Downloading Sites
Best Movie Downloading Sites For Mobile – Mydownloadtube.com

You can select a particular genre in which your favorite movie is present and then download it from the website. This is one of the best Movie Downloading Sites.

Visit: Mydownloadtube.com


You can call Crackle as the most entertaining Movie Downloading Sites as it has all the content you need it. It has all the popular Hollywood movies and lets you download in mp4 format on your smartphone.


You can also watch the uncut, uncensored version of the movies on the site and enjoy them. You also have frequently played, most popular, recently added sections which you can go through when you access the website and view the content. Making it one of the Movie Downloading Sites.

Visit: Crackle


You can get movies of different languages here. Movies of Hindi, Kannada, and Marathi all are available here, and you can download them on your smartphone too. You also have an option to get the movies in HD format.


Even 3D movies are available on the site so that if you are interested in 3D movies, you can have one. The collection has even movies of small size to large size, i.e., from 200MB to 700MB. So you can have a peek at the website if you are fond of regional language movies.

Visit: Moviesmasti.in


Vidmate is also an awesome app from where you can download any content whether it may be videos, movies, music and you can also stream movies and music in the app. You will not be able to find this app in your play store or app store. You require downloading the apk file of the app. After you download the apk file of the app, then you can search your favorite movie and then download it.


The drawback of the app is that the movies are available in parts so you may face some difficulty while downloading the movie but it gives you quality options and if possible movies are also available in HD also. This app is must worth trying if you are looking to download a movie on your smartphone.

Visit: Vidmate


You can get HD movies and also some Hollywood movies here. But Bollywood movies are present in it, and Bollywood fans can take a look at this site, and they can download the movies from the site on their smartphones.

You can also have access to animated movies and also download them if you are an animation lover.

Visit: Hdmoviesmp4.org


This site also has a varied collection of movies and also has different genres in which people can search for their favorite movies. You also have download movies of regional language and watch them if you are interested in them.


Punjabi, Bollywood, and Hollywood, all kinds of movies, are made available for the users. You can also download music from the site. Dual Hollywood movies are also, users.

Visit: World4free4u


Gingle is one of the best Movie Downloading Sites for downloading Bollywood movies of all genres. You can also listen to radio, download wallpapers and also download music from the site and enjoy them.

All the latest movies have also been available on the site so that users have a great experience while surfing through their favorite movies.

Visit: Gingle


These were some Movie Downloading Sites from which you can download your favorite movies on your android phone and watch them without any disturbance. There are many other sites, but they could not gain a spot in the list due to some technical issues with them or due to the bad interface.

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