Being a student means constantly writing loads of academic papers and facing such issues as plagiarism. Regardless of the school that you attend or your academic level, there is no way you can avoid academic writing. And, as you should already know, uniqueness has always been one of the essential requirements for every paper. In this article, we give you the best Copyscape alternative websites.

Some alternatives of Copyscape
  • Grammarly
  • Turnitin
  • Quetext
  • Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker
  • PlagScan, from Original
  • Unicheck

Dealing with high uniqueness standards in academic writing is a real headache for students. But luckily, these days, students have access to a wide range of anti-plagiarism tools that can assist them in making sure that every paper they submit is 100% original.

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Best Copyscape Alternative Websites | Top 14

One of the most popular tools like this is Copyscape. But there are many other great tools too. In this article, expert essay writers will tell you about some of the most trustworthy alternatives to Copyscape that will come in handy for students. These alternatives are used by the best writing service to give your students the best written non-plagiarised articles.


 A great way to ensure originality is to use Scribbr. scribbr

Thanks to its accuracy and the fact that it is an authorized partner of Turnitin, Scribbr is probably one of the best alternative websites to Copyscape.

Visit: Scribbr

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ProWritingAid is probably one of the best websites as a Copyscape alternative. It is effortless and can provide in-depth plagiarism reports for all your academic papers. prowriting aidUnlike Copyscape, this plagiarism checker is not free of charge. To use ProWritingAid as a plagiarism checker, you must purchase the required number of checks. But it’s very accurate, so it’s well worth paying for. Check out Quillbot alternatives here.

Visit: ProWritingAid


Many students know Grammarly as a reliable editing tool. But, not many know that it also features a pretty good plagiarism checker and makes for a good Copyscape alternative. Grammarly lets you check your papers for plagiarized content.

grammarly dashboard

Also, one of its biggest highlights is a convenient citation assistant that can help you minimize the plagiarism indicator in your papers. You can check out the difference between Outwrite and Grammarly here.

Visit: Grammarly


Unicheck is another trusted tool that can be used as an alternative to Copyscape. This tool can be used as a Google Chrome extension, which is highly convenient because it lets you check originality in Google docs. unicheckAlso, this tool is known for excellent customizability and high accuracy. So, if you are looking for a reliable anti-plagiarism tool, be sure to give it a try.

Visit: Unicheck


Plagium is a convenient and straightforward tool to help you detect plagiarism in your files, text, and URLs. This tool has a free and paid version, but their plans are so cheap that students can easily afford them.

plagium plagiarism checker

One of the most significant perks of Plagium is its quick and deep search features. The last one is paid, but it allows you to get the most accurate result. So, it would help if you tried it.

Visit: Plagium


The following tool students can use to calculate a total plagiarism score in real time is Quetext. This tool can check your text against millions of sources and provide a detailed report. It is highly intuitive to use yet very accurate and trustworthy.quetext Unfortunately, this tool is not entirely free of charge. Quetext’s free version has certain limitations regarding how many pages you can check. But its paid version is unlimited, and it’s pretty affordable, even for a student.

Visit: Quetext

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The following tool on our list, Copyleaks, has been around for quite a while and earned students’ trust worldwide. One of the most significant benefits of this tool is that it supports languages of more than 100.copyleaks Besides this, Copyleaks is known to have one of the most extensive databases, which means you will always receive thorough reports by using it to check your papers’ uniqueness.

And it is also easy to use, which makes it perfect even for those students who have never used plagiarism checkers before, and it makes for a good alternative to Copyscape.

Visit: Copyleaks

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Small SEO Tools

Here is another Copyscape-free alternative to use. This versatile app has the efficiency of grammar check, text-to-speech conversion, paraphrasing tool, article rewriting tool, and many more.

small seo tool site overview


It compares many similar websites and gives an efficient report. The time consumption of the SEO small tool is directly proportional to the internet speed.

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For the following alternative plagiarism checker, students should try Plagiarisma. The first benefit of this tool is that it supports over 190 languages, making it highly versatile and suitable for students from different parts of the world.plagiarisma tool

Apart from this, Plagiarisma can be used as a free and paid tool – the choice depends on your specific needs. Finally, it is worth noting that this tool can be used from a browser by uploading a file, entering a URL, or pasting your text directly to this tool.

Visit: Plagiarisma

Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use compared to other Copyscape alternative tools we’ve mentioned in this article. It allows you to check text, URL, or a file. It has a straightforward and convenient dashboard, so it is a brilliant choice for students who have never used similar tools.plagarism detector You can use it for free until you check a total of 25,000 words, which is enough to get a taste of this tool and define whether it suits you. But then, when you run out of this limit, you will have to purchase a monthly subscription plan.

Visit: Plagarism Detector

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Finally, the last one on our list of the best Copyscape alternative website is Plagscan. This plagiarism checker has many incredible benefits. First and foremost, it is one of those tools that don’t simply tell you the total plagiarism score in your text but shows the percentage of matched text from each source, making it easier to improve the score. Plagscan is also very accurate. plagscanMillions of users worldwide, including students and professional writers, trust it. And it also has a whole range of cool additional features, such as sharing your reports with others, dragging and dropping the documents you need to check, etc.

Visit: Plagscan

Search Engine Reports

Forget what it is, Copyscape. Search Engine Reports, also known as, is another free Copyscape alternative. This SEO tool is highly popular for its multiple SEO tools.

search engine reports tool

This website provides many facilities, and that is also free of cost. This website can take up to 1500 words at a time through free service. Upon paying for the premium version, the amount can be exceeded 300 words. This app also provides another option for checking grammatical errors too.

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Grammica resonates with Grammarly and is also a great Copyscape alternative. Other apps like Grammarly and Copyscape use artificial intelligence.


Whereas when it comes to Grammica, this is not AI-based but is based on machine learning. Other than the regular grammar check, it also observes and serves details about syntax errors.


It is another exact duplicate of the Copyscape plagiarism checker. It not only helps check plagiarism but is an extraordinary and crucial resource for researchers and people involved in academics. Check out our comprehensive guide on whether Turnitin can detect Quillbot text to know more about Turnitin.

turnitin plag detector tool

This website has helped many to achieve their dream and guided them to have plagiarism-free content. And also, users have perpetual chaos about the option between Copyscape and Turnitin. So undoubtedly, this is a great Copyscape alternative.

Visit: Turnitin


Is there a free version of Copyscape?

The primary task of this app is to check your content thoroughly word by word. The word-by-word checking helps with plagiarism. This app also helps you with content theft, and the premium version is much more expert in this task. A free version of this duplicate checker named Copyscape is also available.

How can I use Copyscape premium for free?

There are a few simple steps to use Copyscape premium for free. Copy your content URL, go to the Copyscape website, paste your link or upload your documents. That's how you can use Copyscape premium. Also, the paid version checks more content for you than the free version.

Is Copyscape as good as Turnitin?

Copyscape and Turnitin are just some of the ones in the content-checking field. Many other apps also serve the same facility or service. They both possess the same points due to providing equally the best service. Other than that, opinions about an application are extremely personal. It depends upon the user's experience and preference.

Is Copyscape better than Grammarly?

Grammarly is primarily an artificial intelligence-based grammatical error checker. It also provides exceptional facilities like plagiarism checking, etc., but the only drawback of this Grammarly is that it can only do things for the English language. At the same time, Copyscape is cheaper and provides the facility in various languages.


A good plagiarism checker has to detect the tiniest hints of plagiarism, even if the author has paraphrased the text. In this case, it will only provide a comprehensive and accurate plagiarism report. Check the list here if you are writing a paper and require a citation generator.

Luckily, these days, there are plenty of options to choose from. Every checker we shared in this article is a reliable and time-tested tool for detecting plagiarism. So, if you are a student who strives for academic excellence, try all the Copyscape alternative websites listed above to get the highest grades for your academic papers.

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