9 Best Free Cursive Text Generator Tools {2020}

In our childhood, the first and foremost thing we learn when we start writing English alphabets is to write them in Cursive handwriting. And many of us have struggled a lot in accomplishing that beautiful cursive writing. Even as an adult, we sometimes wish to have that sophisticated handwriting, i.e. Cursive Handwriting. Therefore, we understand your emotions and hence are here to help you with your writing problem with the help of cursive text generator tools.

We know this article won’t going to improve your handwriting skills, but can definitely fulfill your desire to at least see your name in the lavish Cursive font.Apart from generating cursive text you might want to generate fancy text. Generate your fancy text from here.

Top 9 Cursive Text Generator

Today in this article, we have listed out 9 best online free Cursive Text Generators. So, go ahead and try out creating some cool and attractive phrases in cursive.

Rapid Resizer

This Cursive text generator website comes in with a super simple interface. It will offer numerous options for you to create your text and transform it into beautiful cursive writing. It also provides a free stencil maker with exclusive opportunities. You can choose from various fonts. Not only this, but you can also change the thickness of the generated cursive text. Once the text gets created, you can either download it on one page or directly share it with the desired person or location.

Rapid resizer
Rapid resizer

It also gives you options to download to any size onto one or more pages. Go ahead and use the site via the following link. Adjust letter overlapping and color of the lines as per your choice. Also, explore more with a premium membership. Tired of thinking of a good username? Don’t worry try generating some good ones here.

Visit : Rapid Resizer

Find Tattoo Design

This site is the best cursive text generator site I have ever used, and I bet you would also say the same. Not only it has a very captative and straightforward interface, but it also gives you many options. You can generate your text into various font styles.

Find tattoo design
Find tattoo design

There are also different themes according to your gender or choice, e.g., it gives options for the army, women, men, etc. But what is so different about this site? Not just it generates your cursive text but also gives you suggestions, various designs, and last but not the least tags. Tags like cool, badass, fancy, etc. Isn’t it exciting? What are you thinking about now? Go and use this cursive text generator site with a pool of options that it provides. The link is given below.

Visit : Find Tatoo Design

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Text Anim

Introducing Text Anim 2.O, a must cursive text generator website one must use. This website has a very cool, captative, and eye-catching interface. Now you might be wondering what makes this app different from others. No worries, we will let you know every detail about this app. First of all, it generates super cool animated text. You can create GIFs too.

text anim
text anim

You have to put in your text, select a font type preview, font size, background color, direction as isn where you want your text to be at the top, side or middle, etc. You also have to choose a shadow text side along with the delayed movement. After this, choose from millions of background designs, click on generate, and your beautiful cursive text or gif would be created. Now you can download this font on your computer and share. The link is provided below for easy access.Want to create a random identity?Then, use this site for free.

Visit : Text Anim 

Mess Letters

Let us talk about another cursive text generator, Mess Letters. This site generates a very catchy and fancy text generator. This site will produce your text in many fonts. You can add emoticons, emojis, shapes, symbols, characters, and text art.


You will be able to generate mirrored text, stacked text, large text, and waves. Go to this cursive text generator website and check it out yourself with the link provided below.

Visit : Mess Letters 

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Font Meme

Font Meme is a multi-font generating tool. Once you head to the site, you will get 30+ fonts style categories. Scroll a little bit and find Cursive Font, click on that.

Under the Cursive Text generator, you will get many customizing options. And also, you can select any of the cursive handwriting among a wide range of variety of 70+ cursive fonts.

Font Meme
Font Meme

You will find a text box followed by other customizing options. After you complete typing the text, select a cursive font and the effect from their respectively drop-down list, and set the size and colour of the font.

Click “Generate” button and it will give you the output in image format. Right-click (if on PC) or long-Tap (if on a mobile device) to save the image. Fond of memes? Try out generating some here.

Visit : Font Meme


Lingojam is the simplest and the most straightforward Cursive text generator. Any user can handle the site without facing any problem. The web page offers you a simple user-interface where you only need to enter any text and it will automatically generate the cursive font.


You don’t need to click or tap anywhere to create it. The output contains two cursive fonts; one is of normal size, and the other, is in bold. To use the text, copy it and paste it wherever you want.

Visit : Lingojam 

Letter Generator

Letter Generator is the most efficient Cursive text generator available. Navigate to Letter Generator and after it opens the website, scroll down a little, you will find the entries and settings options.

Type your name, place or anything in the designated text box. Select the cursive font style from the drop-down list. You will also need to provide the resolution of the generated image in which you want the cursive text.

Letter Generator
Letter Generator

Set the font sizes in “pt”, font colour, and background colour. Once you are done typing the text and setting all the parameters, click on the “Generate Cursive Letter” button.

After clicking it, within a few seconds of time, a small window will pop-up containing the output image. You will also get two links; one is the image link and the other, image BBcode link.

To share the picture, you can copy either of the two links, or you can save the image to a Right-click and Save as and then send it to whoever you want to.

Visit : Letter Generator 

Can’t think of any text for trail? Generate some dummy text with these best dummy generator websites.

Font Generator

Font Generator is the ultra-cool Cursive text generator that you will come across. The website offers you with more than 10 font categories and furthermore, each category contains numerous font styles.

It also has got some advanced features where you can sort the order of the generated fonts, filter them and also set the restrictions as a visitor or a registered user. And according to that, you will get the output displayed below.

Font Generator
Font Generator

To generate the cursive font, type anything in the given input text box. After you are done typing, click on Go button. It will show you the output of the generated cursive text as per your settings. If you like or find attractive a particular font, you are allowed to customize it further.

Just click on the font and it will take you another page where you can customize the generated image. Remember, you cannot copy the cursive text. If you are satisfied with the default font or done the customizing, scroll down and click on any of the downloading options. And alternatively, you can also directly print the font as a PDF. Also, use the following cursive text generator websites if this site did not satisfy you.

Visit : Font Generator 

Want to generate Anagram? This site is made just for you.

Online Text Generator

Online Text Generator is a customizable Cursive text generator on the list. If you get into the site, you will find a lot of similarities with our third mention, “Letter Generator”.

As we have said, everything is the same except the font styles. Here, you get some different font styles. To generate a Cursive text, you have to enter the text in the text box and set all the parameters as per your preference.

Online Text Generator
Online Text Generator

After you are done typing, selecting the font style, font size, resolution of the image, font colour, and background colour, click on “Create Cursive Text Letter”. It will take one or two seconds of time and within that, you will get a small window pop-up.

The pop-up holds you’re the cursive text image and along with two links; image link and image BBcode link. You can directly share the image by clicking on the “Copy” button to copy the link and send it to someone. Or you can also save the image to a Right-click and then send the downloaded image to anyone. Do you own a channel on youtube but can’t think of some catchy Channel name? Do not worry, try generating some here.

Visit : Online Text Generator 

Final Thoughts

All of the above-mentioned Cursive Text generator websites are very effective and efficient in generating you with cursive text. They are absolutely free services; the only thing on which you will have to spend is getting a data card. Without an Internet connection, none of these will work.


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