Have you ever wondered how far technology can go? Ever thought if you could use your PC to send out texts using your number? Well, this is indeed possible with the help of a MightyText application. MightyText helps you get your phone’s SMS feature synced with your computer. You can then use your computer to send text messages using your phone number – how cool! There will be no need for you constantly check your phone for notifications. In this article, we will discuss the best Mightytext alternatives

If you’re looking for an Android app to manage SMS from your PC, AirDroid is a great MightyText alternative. The best part? AirDroid allows you to manage SMS and sync messages from other instant messaging apps such as Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

This article presents 10 alternatives to MightyText you can choose from

Top 10 MightyText Alternative Options

Let’s look at the best mightytext alternatives


Join is an alternative to MightyTest that you can always rely on. If you own an Android phone, this is your best option. You have the opportunity to do anything that you want remotely.

join app

You will use your Google Account, so you know that everything will be immediately backed up. If you do not trust the application, you can also use the website version of Join!

Visit: Join


One of the highly downloaded mightytext alternatives is AirDroid. It goes beyond just sending SMS from your PC. AirDroid creates a replica of your Android phone on your PC! From notifications to applications, it will mirror everything on your phone.airdroid You will get notifications and messages on WhatsApp and Slack too! So say goodbye to distractions already! 

Visit: AirDroid


MySMS is perfect for those people who want their SMS to sync with their laptop or PC. This tool will not focus on syncing other unnecessary things with your computer. The best part is that there is no limit to how many texts you can send with the free version.

my sms site

This tool works on both iOS and Android and is also user-friendly. When there is a debate between MySMS vs. MightyText, MySMS will always win.

Visit: MySMS

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One more option that you can choose could be PushBullet. It is a very aesthetic application, so you will not find it irritating.push bullet This tool completely syncs your data from your phone to your PC. The technique to sync is seamless. Therefore it is something worth trying. 

Visit: PushBullet


If you want an alternative to MightyText for iPhone, you can choose MoboPlay. This tool will help you sync data from your phone to your PC. You can control the data from their user-friendly File Manager.moboplay Moreover, you can get your things backed up with MoboPlay. You can also use this tool to clear up space besides just texting!

Visit: MoboPlay


Another option that exists as one of the mightytext alternatives is Yappy. This tool is a web extension and powerful enough to sync with any mobile and PC. In addition, there is no limit to the number of messages you can send via your PC with Yappy.

The free version of this extension gives you everything, but there is a Pro version if you want an ad-free experience.

Visit: Yappy


One fast way to manage your mobile and computer is by using Pushline. This is one of the best apps if you want to focus only on SMS receiving and sending. It is an entirely free application that you can choose from.

You will not see the free version popping with ads even when you have the free version. 


Windows has introduced this tool to facilitate people who want to sync their mobile phones to their computers. It is designed meticulously, and you will see no lagging when you use this tool. You can run any application over a PC with this tool.

Visit: ActiveSync


If you are looking for free mightytext alternatives, this one is for you. This tool can be used on the Android phone as an application.

text freeTextFree can be used from any browser that you like. You can also make calls with the number you get apart from just sending an SMS.

Visit: TextFree


This option will help you control everything on your Android phone. The control of the activities is kept remote. SMS and other applications are taken care of with this too. The only issue will be you must always connect the phone to the USB or WiFi.


What surpasses MightyText in quality?

AirDroid can be the best option if you're looking for the finest MightyText alternative for Android to handle SMS from a PC. You can manage SMS with AirDroid and sync messages from instant messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.

What is Mighty Text's substitute?

Yappy is another widely used SMS software, and for a good reason—it offers a wealth of messaging functions. Yappy is a fantastic MightyText substitute because its free edition lets you send unlimited messages from your PC, Mac, or iPad.

Is MightyText free?

Users of MightyText's free edition can send up to 25 messages monthly from a computer or tablet. They must upgrade to MightyText Pro to send more than 25 monthly messages.

Can I trust MightyText?

In the same way that MightyText has been saving and synchronizing text messages for years, your photographs and videos are also safe there. Your Google account is protected. If you only share photos, they keep your material private from others.

Can I send an SMS online for free?

With mySMS, you may send and receive SMS and MMS messages for no charge to anybody on the globe. Because it syncs with your mobile device, the app is distinctive. It will send recipients free texts using your current phone number. Hence, using the app, you can send texts from your mobile for free.

Are SMS apps secure?

Text messages sent using standard SMS are fundamentally unsafe. One can quickly read a person's received texts and data that is not end-to-end encrypted with interception. However, texting might be more secure with the correct application-to-person SMS platform.


You now have a list of mightytext alternatives that you can use. There are 10 options to choose from – you can choose either of them. It is vital that you only pick one option because all of them provide the same service.

There is no point in hoarding two or three options that perform the same. Consider all aspects, and then you can choose one option for yourself.

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