13 Best Free Charging Booster Apps for Android

Charging Booster Apps: We all have been through a time at least once where our cell phone gets dead exactly when we need it the most. It a common problem for everyone. When we go out, the last thing we want is our cell phone to switch off because of low battery.

Most of the time, the battery of our cellphone drain faster when we are out because we tend to increase the brightness outside and sometimes in a rush, we forget to close the recent apps which keep running in the background.

As a result, the battery drains faster. But did you know there are some apps which boost up the charging process of your cell phone and increase the battery life of your phone to almost twice than it was before? Although, yes it takes a little of your space and ram, when the time comes, it pays off.

So, if you think the battery of your phone is draining faster and you don’t want to carry power bank and USB cable with you every time you go out, here’s is what you can do.

In this article, I’m going to make you familiar with some of the best charging booster apps for Android which you can install on your cell phone. It will not only boost the charging process of your cell phone but also increase the battery life of your cell phone. Here’s the first one.

Top 13 Charging Booster Apps

Go on and explore the following chosen charging booster apps.

Battery Turbo

Tired of waiting for your battery to charge? Well, then you should probably try out Battery Turbo. This free to use charging booster apps charges your battery in a lesser period of time. There are three modes of charging that this software provides. “Extreme Mode” allows you to charge your Phone up to 40 percent of the normal speed. “Fast mode” and “Slow mode” enhances your battery by charging conveniently. When your Phone is fully charged, this app notifies you.

Batter turbo
Batter turbo

This battery booster app protects your Phone from over-charging. Install this app to save your time as well as your battery. This battery booster app increases the charging speed to 50% more than usual. This app also provides reliable knowledge about the battery performance. It will highlight the battery dampening apps. The temperature, percentage of charge left, and voltage will be visible on the screen.

Download: Battery Turbo

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Ultra Fast Charging App

You woke up late and don’t have time to charge your Phone? Please leave it to Ultra fast charging app. The name describes everything about this charging booster apps properties. This app is one of the pioneers to give a solution for the slow-charging issues. This app has the capability to charge your Phone in a few minutes. While you are getting ready for college, this app would have done its work.

Ultra Fast Charging App
Ultra Fast Charging App

This app targets the battery eating apps and eliminates them for battery saving. The temperature, percentage of charge left, and voltage will be visible on the mobile screen. You can find it free on playstore for android devices.

Download: Ultra Fast Charging App

Fast Charging App

Fast Charging app is a veteran in charging your device at a lightning-fast speed. You can easily download this charging booster apps from Google playstore on your android device. Your Phone will be charged in a few minutes on enabling this app.

Fast Charging App
Fast Charging App

This battery booster automatically increases the speed of your charging to 50% of the normal speed. This battery booster app searches for the power-hungry monster apps and stops them to enhance the battery life.

Download: Fast Charging App

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Fast Charging

Want a super cool charging booster apps that fits with the theme of your device? This battery booster app comes with two themes: Light and Dark. Choose according to your liking. With this app installed, you can easily charge your Phone quickly.

Fast Charging
Fast Charging

It notifies you when the battery is fully charged. On enabling this app, you can start or close the battery consuming features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. to enhance the battery life. This battery booster also shows you your charging status, RAM usability, etc.

Download: Fast Charging

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One-Touch Battery Saver

If you want a straightforward app to save your battery life with no difficulties, go for this fantastic, easy-to-use charging booster apps and use your mobile for a more extended time. Just click on the “ Power Saving” mode and boom! Increased battery life. It will inactivate Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI, Mobile Internet, flashlight, and other similar settings.

One-Touch Battery Saver
One-Touch Battery Saver

Just with one touch, it will do everything which makes this app a sure place in this list of Charging booster apps. You can also change the battery settings by monitoring battery usage by different apps. TACOTY develops this app, and you can download this app via the link mentioned below.

Download : One-Touch Battery Saver

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DU Battery Saver

The best way to save your battery life is to stop the ongoing processes running in backend, and saving is consumption by unnecessary applications. DU Battery Saver is amongst the most excellent Charging booster apps designed for Android users. You do not even have to pay anything and download it from the link provided below.

DU Battery Saver
DU Battery Saver

Initially, once you start the app and select optimize, this app will find out about the apps that are consuming more data, and lastly, after tuning, will let us know how much we have extended our battery life. You can customize your apps, their functionalities to make the most out of your device’s battery. Want to track your beloved family members? Use these apps and try it out.

Download : DU Battery Saver


Want to use your phone all day but upset with the battery life of your device? Do not worry, JuiceDefender, an ultimate charging booster apps is here for you to save your batteries life with simple hacks and tricks. Once you start the app, this app will show you several user profiles for your daily use to customizing your apps completely.


The best part about this app is that it will allow you options like cutting off Internet access, or allowing internet access only when the app is opened. We all know that updating apps requires data as well as battery. Now Juicedefender will customize the updates in such a way that the updates would happen only at a time so that the process is quick and won’t consume much battery life. This app comes for free and uses the English language for its user interface.

Download : Juicedefender 

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Autorun Manager

Are you also facing this issue where the applications on your software start automatically? We will advise you to use one of the best charging booster apps, Autorun Manager, that will not only stop these automatic starts but also increase the battery life. This app has two modes, standard and advanced.

Autorun Manager
Autorun Manager

Advanced is for those who use rooted devices. Regular/primary mode will let you manage your apps on device startup. Whereas in advanced mode, one gains all the control over the apps and interface. You can download this app from the Google Play store. The link is provided below.

Download : Autorun Manager

Super fast charging

Super fast charging is one of the best-known charging booster apps for Android, and also, it’s ad-free. The app offers you tons of premium features for absolutely free. Super fast charging charges your phone nearly 10 times faster than it was before.

Super fast charger
Super fast charger

It stops all the battery draining apps running in the background which increases the charging rate of your cell phone. It not only helps your phone charge faster but also extends the life of the battery.

Addition to this, the app also provides you information such as the live temperature of the battery, the voltage of the battery and even its health. And more importantly, it has a comfortable interface design which makes it very easy and handy to use.

Download : Super Fast Charger 

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Fast Charging

Fast Charging is again a capable app for boosting your charging. Just like the first one, even this app is absolutely free and offers some premium features. Its very simple to use.

Fast Charging
Fast Charging

The app automatically detects if you are charging your phone or not. If you are connected to the charger, just press the ‘Start’ button in the app to activate the app. Fast charging is a lightweight app and doesn’t occupy much of space on your phone, neither does it use much of the resource. And it allows the user to enable or disable the functions from the home screen of Fast Charging as per their wants and requirements.

Download : Fast Charging

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Dr. Battery – Fast charger app

Dr. Battery is a smart and absolutely free app available on Play store with over 40,000 active users. Dr. Battery increases the charging rate on your phone nearly 10 times faster than the standard charging time.

Dr. Battery - Fast Charger
Dr. Battery – Fast Charger

It kills the unnecessary background processes to accelerate the speed. Dr. Battery consists of some advanced features and provides some advance data.

For example, it shows the accurate data of your battery status such as time remaining to full charge and time residing to use. It does the efficient monitoring of power usage of your cell phone with smart battery consumption optimization.

Download : Dr. Battery – Fast Charger App

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Battery Doctor

If your cell phone already has turbocharger for fast charging but your battery drains too quickly, this app is perfect for you. Battery doctor is not primarily designed to boosts the charging speed of your phone.

Instead, it is designed to save the charge on your phone while you play games, watch movies or anything which makes your battery drain faster. In simple words, it slows down the process of draining down of the battery.

Battery Doctor-Battery Life Saver
Battery Doctor-Battery Life Saver

Battery Doctor basically kills all the unnecessary background processes which make your battery drains faster. It has various power saving modes such as Work, Class, Sleep and much more which you can schedule as per your convenience.

Addition to this, it also gives you advance charging tips, battery temperature, and a unique 3 stage charging system. If you are looking for an app which controls draining of your phone, this is perfect.

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Super Fast Charger Apps x5

Super fast charger Apps x5 works pretty much like Super fast charging. Its available on Play store for absolutely free with the rating of 4.5. It’s one of the most reliable charging booster apps out there, which boosts up the charging of your phone nearly 5 times than the average speed.

Super Fast Charging 5x
Super Fast Charging 5x

It gives you some advanced data such as the temperature of the battery. Also, it displays the time remaining to full charge which is very accurate.

Super fast charger app x5 not only boosts the charging rate of your phone but also increases the battery life of your phone and makes the process of draining slow by controlling the functions running in the background such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile data, etc.

Download : Super Fast Charging 5x

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Final Thoughts

Here were the best rated charging booster apps for android available on Play store for free. These apps boost the charging rate on your phone. Not to mention, they also slow down the draining of the battery increasing the battery life of your phone.

You don’t have to carry a power bank and a USB cable anymore. You can always have these apps and you can rely on them. I hope this article was useful to you.

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