In today’s world, time is valuable, and many people suffer from slow phone battery loading or low battery life. To address this issue, we have compiled a list of the best charging booster apps. These apps can help users save time and reduce the need for charging their phones when they need it most.

Best Charging Booster Apps:

  • Battery Doctor
  • Dr. Battery
  • Super Fast Charging
  • Super Fast Charger 5x
  • Ultra Fast Charging 5x
  • DU Battery Saver
  • Super Charger
  • One Touch Battery Saver

This article discusses the best charging booster apps for cell phones, boosting charging processes and increasing battery life by nearly twice. Although it takes a little of your space and ram, it pays off when the time comes.

Best Charging Booster Apps

So, if you think your Phone’s battery is draining faster and you don’t want to carry a power bank and USB cable with you every time you go out, here’s what you can do.

In this article, I will familiarize you with some of the best charging booster apps for Android, which you can install on your cell phone. It will not only boost the charging process of your cell phone but also increase the battery life of your cell phone. Here’s the first one.

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is one of the best charging booster apps for Android and fully deserves its 4.5 rating on the Google play store and its 8 million voters. This app identifies what functions are consuming the most of your battery.

If your cell phone already has a turbocharger for fast charging, but your battery drains too quickly, this app is perfect. Battery Doctor is not primarily designed to boost your Phone’s charging speed.

battery doctor

Instead, it is designed to save the charge on your Phone while you play games, watch movies, or do anything, making your battery drain faster. Simply put, it slows down the process of draining the storm.

It also gives you advanced charging tips, battery temperature, and a unique 3-stage charging system; it even lets you modify brightness and schedule energy-saving modes. It also switches off Bluetooth and WiFi. You can hope for an excellent user interface as this app is presented in over 14 languages. It shows the accurate remaining time of charging.

This is perfect if you are looking for an app that controls your Phone’s draining.

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Dr. Battery

Dr. Battery boasts a 4.5 rating and 84,000 voters on the Google Play store, which functions in methods similar to Battery Doctor. This app additionally cleans your Android and maximizes your battery life, making it one of Android’s best charging booster apps.

Dr. Battery increases the charging rate on your Phone by nearly ten times faster than the standard charging time. All you have to do is switch to the Optimize button. It also shows the battery status.


It kills the unnecessary background processes to accelerate the speed. Dr. Battery consists of some advanced features and provides some advanced data.

For example, it shows accurate data on your battery status, such as time remaining to full charge and time residing to use. It efficiently optimizes your cell phone’s power usage with intelligent battery consumption.

Download: Dr. Battery – Fast Charger App

Super Fast Charging

Super Fast Charging switches off background data, WiFi and Bluetooth and holds a 4 rating from 13,000 voters on the Google Play store. You can view all the stats related to battery data, such as the battery’s temperature, voltage charging, and the amount of time left for the charge to reach 100 per cent.

The app offers you tons of premium features for absolutely free. Super fast charging charges your Phone nearly ten times faster than before, and it’s ad-free.

It stops all the battery-draining apps running in the background, increasing your cell phone’s charging rate. It helps your phone charge faster and extends the life of the battery.

super fast charging

This is one of the charging booster apps that allow you to control camera functions and flashlights while the app is being used, so your Phone still sustains some tasks for you to use during the process.

In addition, the app also provides you with information such as the live temperature of the battery, the voltage of the storm, and even its health. And more importantly, it has a comfortable interface design, making it very easy and handy.

Download: Super Fast Charging 

Super Fast Charger 5x

As the name indicates, Super Fast Charger 5x can maximize your charging speed and battery life by five times the usual rate of such apps. You’re looking at an app with an impressive 4.4 rating from 48,000 voters on the Google Play store.

super fast charger 5x

Apart from improving charge speed, this app enhances the Phone’s battery life while getting rid of all background data such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and apps- and thus deserves its reputation for being one of the best charging booster apps for Android.

Visit Super Fast Charger 5x

Ultra Fast Charging 5x

You’ll be pleased to discover that Ultra Fast Charging 5x lives up to its name by maximizing your Phone’s charging by 30 to 50 per cent and helping you finish charging it in 30 to 50 minutes. This app scans your Phone for all the functions that consume extra battery and switches them off.

Ultra Fast Charging also reports to you the battery health diagnostics. And lets you view the amount of time left for charge completion. The app comes with an Optimize button. Since the app has received a significant rating on the Google Play store- 4.6 from 76,000 voters, you can be assured that this app is one of the best charging booster apps for Android phones.

Download: Ultra Fast Charging

DU Battery Saver 

du battery saver

If you haven’t heard of the best charging booster apps for Android, you’re in for a delightful surprise. DU Battery Saver confidently enjoys a 4.5 rating from 13 million voters on the Google Play store. You’re probably wondering how an app has earned such a significant number. The unique thing about DU Battery Saver is that it doesn’t turn off apps for maximum charging efficiency.

Once you start the app and select optimize, this app will find out about the apps that are consuming more data, and lastly, after tuning, it will let us know how much we have extended our battery life. You can customize your apps and their functionalities to make the most out of your device’s battery. 

Download: DU Battery Saver

Super Charger

Super Charger is one of the charging booster apps with both fast charging and RAM cleaner, so your battery can be charged fast and utilized optimally. This feature makes it one of the unique fast-charging apps and one to have on your device so that you have optimal usage of your battery.

super charger

Optimize your Phone’s battery usage and moderate certain apps with one click. When you plug in your Charger automatically kills the background apps, so your Phone gets charged quickly. And once your battery is set, you can exit the app, which automatically starts all the necessary background apps, like WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

Download: Super Charger

One Touch Battery Saver

One Touch Battery Saver is another excellent app for fast battery charging. It not only can boost your battery charging speed but also get you to save your battery by optimizing its usage according to your preferences.

one touch battery saver

If you want a straightforward app to save your battery life with no difficulties, go for this fantastic, easy-to-use charging booster app and use your mobile for a more extended time. Just click on the “Power Saving” mode and boom! Increased battery life. It will inactivate Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI, Mobile Internet, flashlight, and other settings.

With one touch, it will do everything, making this app a sure place in this list of Charging booster apps. You can also change the battery settings by monitoring battery usage by different apps. TACOTY develops this app, and you can download this app via the link mentioned below.

Download: One Touch Battery Saver

Juice Defender

Juice Defender is another fantastic app among the charging booster apps used by more than 60K+ people daily; this can become your go-to application for fast charging and saving your battery to get the best out of it. It has inbuilt ‘user profiles’ that users can select, whichever appeals to them the most. Your options include the full configuration of all the ‘apps’ running.

juice defender

The best part about this app is that it will allow you options like cutting off Internet access or allowing Internet access only when the app is opened. In the same way, you can alter various phone settings, such as the use of mobile data and WiFi, GPS, and more. Juice Defender also includes widgets so that you don’t always need to open the app and have the interface very accessible to you.

 We all know that updating apps requires data as well as battery. Now Juicedefender will customize the updates so that the updates would happen only at a time so that the process is quick and won’t consume much battery life. This is one of the charging booster apps that come for free and uses the English language for its user interface.

Download: Juice Defender 

Fast Charger

Fast Charger is an excellent app for charging your Phone rapidly. With over 5.000.000 downloads, a super fast charger surely packs many valuable things in it. It only needs one click and idealizes your Phone’s operation to enable fast charging.

fast charger

The app automatically detects if you are charging your Phone or not. If you are connected to the Charger, press the ‘Start‘ button in the app to activate the app. Fast charging is a lightweight app and doesn’t occupy much space on your Phone or use many resources. And it allows the user to enable or disable the functions from the home screen of Fast Charging as per their wants and requirements. Hence, it is one of the best charging booster apps.

It also kills off the background apps and reduces screen brightness, i.e., closes off all unnecessary applications while charging so that your device is charged super fast. It also clears up your RAM, one of the most desired features in such apps.

Download: Fast Charger

Battery Turbo

Are you tired of waiting for your battery to charge? Well, then, you should probably try out Battery Turbo. This free-to-use charging booster app charges your battery for a lesser period. There are three modes of charging that this software provides. “Extreme Mode” allows you to set your Phone at up to 40 percent of the average speed. “Fast mode” and “Slow mode” charge your battery conveniently. When your Phone is fully charged, this app notifies you.

battery turbo

This battery booster app protects your Phone from over-charging. Install this app to save your time as well as your battery. This is one of those charging booster apps that increase the charging speed to 50% more than usual. This app also provides reliable knowledge about battery performance. It will highlight the battery-dampening apps. The temperature, charge percentage left, and voltage will be visible on the screen.

Download: Battery Turbo

Ultra Fast Charging App

You woke up late and didn’t have time to charge your Phone? Please leave it to the Ultra-fast charging app. The name describes everything about this charging booster app’s properties. This app is one of the pioneers in solving slow-charging issues. This app can charge your Phone in a few minutes. While you are getting ready for college, this app will have done its work.

ultra fast charging app

This app targets battery-eating apps and eliminates them for battery saving. The temperature, charge percentage left, and voltage will be visible on the mobile screen.

Download: Ultra Fast Charging App

Fast Charging App

Fast Charging app is a veteran in charging your device at a lightning-fast speed. You can download this charging booster app from Google Play Store on your Android device. Your Phone will be charged within a few minutes of enabling this app.

fast charging

This battery booster automatically increases your charging speed to 50% of the average rate. This battery booster app searches for the power-hungry monster apps and stops them to enhance the battery life.

Download: Fast Charging

Autorun Manager

Are you also facing this issue where the applications on your software start automatically? We will advise you to use one of the best charging booster apps, Autorun Manager, which will stop these automatic starts and increase the battery life. This app has two modes, standard and advanced.

autorun manager

Advanced is for those who use rooted devices. Regular/primary mode will let you manage your apps on device startup. In an advanced way, one gains all the control over the apps and interface. You can download this app from the Google Play store. The link is provided below.

Download: Autorun Manager


How can I boost my charging?

Without using any apps, you can boost your charging by simple measures such as limiting your phone usage while it is charging, Turning your phone off, Enabling wireless charging, etc.

Do fast-charging apps work?

Fast Charging apps do nothing but power optimization. It reduced the power consumption while charging, and thus, setting speed increases, but no significant change in performance would be there.

Does fast charging damage the battery?

There is a minimal impact on the battery while fast charging, but since that does not affect the battery drastically, it can be ignored.

What is the fastest charging app for Android?

Fast Charging 2021 is the fastest charging App available for Android today. It is very user-friendly, and anyone can try using this App.


These are the fourteen best charging booster apps for Android phones. You no longer have to suffer long charging periods, poor battery life, or harmful applications on your Phone. Before installing any such app, you must look for cost-free installation and good reviews. Also, look up the best app for the specific make of your Phone for the best results. Rest assured, you’ll be pleased with any option from this list.

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