It is a pain to face when your battery doesn’t charge to 100 on Android or any other software. Also, it is impossible to even think of living a day without having a battery charge on our phones. Our world stops working; we cannot call, work, chat, etc.

The USB cable or the charger is the root of many charging problems. Or it might be the faulty ports or a temporary software crash behind this charging problem. Moreover, additional causes of slow or abnormal charging can be caused by the unstable power source or fault charging adapter and cables

Living in a digital realm, we must have phones to survive, as they are an integral part of our life today. This article discusses people’s issues when an Android battery won’t charge. Read below to understand more. Check out Charging booster apps here.

Answers to Why the Battery Won’t Charge to 100 On Android

These are:-

Overheating of the Mobile Phone

Excessive video gaming while multitasking causes the phone to heat up. This is a common problem that is often why the battery won’t charge to 100 on Android phones. And for heavy gamers, this causes a huge impact, and this is a cycle, and gamers keep doing this over and over again to such an extent that it damages our phones so much that we start seeing issues with our mobile phones.over heating phone

Moreover, another factor that causes your Android phone to heat up is charging and playing games on it and accessing the internet to download or stream videos.

Using your Phone When You Put It for Charge

Another reason your battery won’t charge to 100 on Android is that you are using your smartphone while simultaneously using it. This is equally as damaging as overheating the phone. Although a few people support this and say there will not be any damage to the phone when you use it while charging it, this is entirely wrong. using phone while chargingIt is inescapable and inevitable in a few cases where you are forced to use your phone while charging it, but if this is done sparingly, aka a very few times when there is no other way to go about it, then it is okay. Else this will cause a lot of trouble and contribute to being the main factor in why you cannot charge your phone to a hundred percent.

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Issues with your Charger

The answer might be straightforward if you continually keep questioning why I won’t let my phone charge 100 percent. There is no problem with your phone. Rather the problem lies with the phone’s charger. However, issues with your phone charger can ensure that the phone is not getting charged to its maximum extent or not getting charged at all.charger

On the other hand, a faulty charging adaptor is relatively easy to spot. If your Android phone charger is suddenly unable to charge your phone adequately, you should try charging it with a different charger.

If the other charger sets it to 100%, you have a faulty charger and should replace it immediately. Aside from the charger, a USB cable can also be the source of this issue. In this situation, try using a different USB cord with your phone charger to determine if the problem is with the charger or the USB cable.

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Using the Wrong Charging Adaptor and USB Cable

Using an inappropriate charging cable or USB can also result in your phone’s battery not charging 100 percent, and continued use can permanently damage your phone’s battery. Moreover, this could be due to a faulty charging adapter or USB cord.adapter and cable If the charger or USB cable that came with your Android phone (out of the box) has been broken, you should verify the specs and ensure the two are compatible before purchasing a replacement.

Low Power Voltage of Supply

Do you know that a low power voltage might cause the battery not to charge 100 percent on an Android phone? You might not even be aware of this simple thing, but this can contribute to being the main factor as to why your phone is not charging completely. It can become unusable when you try to charge your smartphone with a low power voltage supply. The following are two advantages of setting your gadget with a low power voltage:low voltage

This is for users who charge their phones with a portable charger or power bank. Using a portable charger to charge your device is fine; there’s nothing wrong with it. However, difficulties can develop if you use low-quality chargers. Have you ever considered that these cheap or poorly constructed portable chargers or power banks could harm your phone? bad chargerI’ve seen several people who bought these poorly designed portable chargers and had their phone batteries ruined. If you cherish your Android phone above all else, please don’t try to charge it using a phone or an inferior power bank.

A Charging Port That Isn’t Working Correctly

A faulty charging connector can cause your Android phone to charge inefficiently or at all. However, the USB cable connection may be wrong, so it does not allow the power to flow through it.damaged pin This is a common problem faced, so make sure to cross-check. Phone engineers can assist you in identifying a damaged charging port when your battery won’t charge to 100 on Android.

Issues with Software

Your phone won’t charge 100 percent if there is an issue with the Android phone OTA software updates generally cause this.

The Battery is Faulty

If you cannot wholly charge your phone to the maximum extent, the problem may lie in your cell phone battery. faulty batteryThis can be a particular problem if you cannot remove your cell phone battery. 

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What do OTA Software Updates mean in simple language?

The technique of updating the entire root file system, executing a hardware update, or updating a program from a remote area.

How can I fix this issue when the battery doesn't charge to 100 on Android?

You could try replacing the battery of your phone. Other methods like rebooting your phone, checking and fixing software updates, and using the correct USB port to charge your phone can help fix this issue.


This article talks about the reasons why your Android phone might not be charging till a hundred percent completely. This could be due to the aforementioned factors that we commonly perform unknowingly. These can contribute to the battery issues on Android phones. We can try a few ways to fix this issue, but if those are not fruitful, it is high time to call a technician to fix it. Also, when the Android battery doesn’t charge or reinvest money into buying a new phone, take good care of it; if the same not charging issue occurs in iPhone, check this out.

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