I’ve seen a few Android customers ask this exact query. Why can’t I open pdf files on my android phone? And I let you know that some elements cause it. New Android smartphone customers typically request this type of query.

So this article explains why you can’t open pdf files on your android phone and the solution. You can use any PDF editor on your PC, but things are different when it comes to your phone. The answer is relevant to any Android smartphone you’re using.

Why Can’t I Open Pdf Files on my Android Phone?

As a new user, you get pressured to know the problem stopping the Pdf document from opening on your android telephone. Despite all your efforts to open it, it won’t open. What may be extra painful than downloading a massive pdf document from the net and you can’t seem to open it?

PDF files

Today the PDF files are standardized, and we use them both for legit, personal documentation or to host any form of interest that we do not want to be modified. The problem comes when we can’t open PDF documents on a mobile phone.

You cannot work with a format as enormous as PDF for your cell phone.

Fortunately, deciding why that is happening is simple as locating a direct method to your problem.

You may not be able to open pdf documents on an android cell phone because you do not have a pdf app installed on your android phone, or possibly the pdf document is corrupt and broken.

You cannot open pdf files on an android phone for four significant reasons.

No PDF Application On Your Phone

This is something that a few Android phone customers don’t realize approximately is not all Android smartphones come with a pre-set-up pdf report app.

This calls for the person to visit the google play shop and download the pdf file app on the android cellphone.

No pdf app

I noted that some low-budget android smartphones generally no longer have a pre-mounted pdf app.

So the principal reason I can’t open pdf files on my android cellphone is that your android phone doesn’t have a pdf document app.

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Damaged PDF Record 

Users can’t open PDF files even on computer systems. Now is not the best for your mobile if corrupted. A saving error or some code within the report layout can reason the file to turn out to be incompatible with the device.

error in downloading pdf

It usually happens when the document is not downloaded efficiently. The distinctive way to recognize if the trouble is inside the document or on your mobile phone is to open it on another device.

Encrypted PDF Record 

Decryption gear or a password is once in a while required to open.

Pdf encrypted

Ignoring it will bring a clean window; otherwise, you cannot open the record. You can also check out PDF unlocker tools for windows here.

The App No Longer Assists PDF Document Formats

Sometimes, applications intrude on the basic features, stopping them from running nicely.

app no longer exists

Thus, the phone won’t open the pdf.

Fixes to Why Can’t I Open Pdf Files on my Android SmartPhone

Find out the fixes to the issue here.

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android

The first technique to your query on why can’t I open pdf files on my android smartphone is downloading and putting in Adobe acrobat reader for Android phones and pills.

adobe acrobat

This is an exceptional pdf document app that I recommend to android customers, and iOS users can use it, also.

Adobe acrobat reader for Android, offered through the famous adobe, helps you open and study pdf documents for your android telephone.

Adobe acrobat reader opens it no matter how huge the pdf document length is. It is very speedy, besides having a very low ram.

I like Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android because of the interface and navigation, and no longer the most straightforward way to signal your signature at the pdf record.

So,  one way is to install adobe acrobat reader, which gives such a feature.

If you have a web form to fill, in reality, load the form and open Adobe Acrobat reader installed for your android telephone. Then fill in the shape of the usage of the application.

A PDF form filler characteristic lets you use your finger or stylus to feature an e-signature to any record.

You may search, scroll, and zoom in and out at the pdf reader. Also, you may comment on PDFs immediately using sticky notes and drawing equipment.

Masses of features come with this pdf report app, making it the quality pdf report software for Android phones and drugs.

So, in reality, load it, and it will clear up your query on why can’t I open pdf files on my android phone.

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Re-downloading the pdf file

The 2nd approach to your question on why I can’t open pdf files on my android phone is downloading the pdf file using another browser.


You may think that this may no longer work and no longer be the purpose of your hassle. However, the reality is that it does show up.

Sometimes, this takes place typically. Downloading a document receives corruption because of your net isp network or the browser you’re using to download the report.

This occurred, and I observed that it turned into a result of the browser I became the user of to download the record. I switched to another browser and downloaded the report again, and the information opened.

If the pdf report you downloaded is corrupt, it will show the document is corrupt or corrupted. Then it would be best if you used another browser to download it and spot that the problem isn’t from your stop.

If again it indicates a record is corrupted after using another browser to download the file, relaxation assured that the hassle is from the owner and the ad.

Usually, it got corrupted all through importing the report to the internet.

Your handiest should notify the proprietor or uploader that the record is incorrect. If you’re lucky enough, they might re-add the file once more.

So that is the quantity two methods to your question on why can’t I open pdf documents on my android phone.


Why is the PDF not opening in my phone?

Unsupported report kind: This is the maximum commonplace motive you cannot open PDF. Occasionally a few files may additionally erroneously have the default application set to Adobe Reader. This trouble is typically an inadvertent human mistake. Outdated Acrobat or Adobe Reader: An old Adobe Reader or Acrobat software will throw this error.

Why are PDF files not downloading on my phone?

That's possible because you haven't any app for your phone to manage/study PDF files. So you need to put in an app that could open PDF files. You may download Google PDF Viewer or Adobe Reader. Using an Android tool

Why can’t I open downloaded files on my android?

If a report may not open, a few things could be wrong. You do not have permission to view the record. You're signed in to a Google Account that doesn't have to get the right to enter. The accurate app is not installed on your smartphone.


As discussed above, there can be numerous reasons why you can’t open pdf files on your android phone. You need to check whether these situations apply to your case or not. You can resolve all the problems with the solutions provided in the article.

If the problem persists, you may consider upgrading your smartphone, as outdated versions may not operate with the latest format. We hope we have solved your query about pdf not opening on Android.

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