LG G4 Won’t Turn On | 9 Easy Ways To Fix This Error

LG is known to offer efficient smartphones at very reasonable prices. LG G4 can be summed up for its camera and its unconventional look. It is packed with impressive features, at a lower price. Thus, you must know how to fix your LG G4 Won’t Turn On problem.

The reasonable price has made us overlook its rugged unpolished look. But like most the other smartphones, this too has a few complications.

One of them is that it will not simply turn on. Many users seem to be having this problem on their phones. However, this happens to be a temporary issue and has many fixes available.

Here we are listing some of the causes of this problem and how you can resolve them yourself. Sometimes you may have the device software running in the background, which may be causing LG G4 not to boot.

It is a common occurrence with LG G4 and other smartphones that when they run out of charge and won’t boot. Some software tweaking may also be causing this problem. Read on below for some tips that may help you to fix LG G4 won’t Turn On error.

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How To Fix LG G4 Won’t Turn On

Here’s how you can fix the LG G4 Won’t turn on error:

Check The Adapter

Make sure that your phone adapter is working correctly. Sometimes the battery is fine, but it needs charging. Plugging it into the adapter doesn’t seem to charge the battery. Check your phone for any overheating.

Check the Adapter
Check the Adapter

See if the port is clean. Also that there is no dirt on the phone and the slot in the adapter. If the dust is accumulated in the charging ports over time, it may lead to its sensors not being able to recognize the flow of current.

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Drained Battery

One of the reasons for this is that the battery is not charged. Sometimes it goes off while some application is running. When you try to reboot it after plugging it into the charger, it won’t boot, because the battery is completely drained.

Drained Battery
Drained Battery

In such a case, you need to give it at least 20 to 30 minutes to charge, and then try to boot it. After doing this if your phone can turn on, then your battery is fine. If it still doesn’t work move on to the next step.

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Remove The Battery And Re-charge

After applying the second step, if still your battery doesn’t work and there is an issue, then the last option is to get it replaced. Before doing that though, make sure that your battery is completely dead.

Remove the battery from your phone and drain the rest of the charge by holding the power button for 30 seconds. Insert the same battery again and connect it to a charger.

Remove the battery
Remove the battery

Keep it charging for about half an hour. Continue to use your phone if it gets charged applying this action. It means there is no issue with the battery. And if your battery still won’t change, it might be dead, and you may need to get it replaced. This step will solve your issue i.e. LG G4 won’t turn on.

Damage To The phone

Due to our habit of carrying our phones in our pockets or multitasking while using them, they may fall off our hands and cause some serious external or internal damage.

The shock may affect the battery and it’s not working properly. Moisture is another factor that may cause battery issues. Open the back case to make sure if there are any internal breakages.

Damaged LG G4
Damaged LG G4

You may also notice some moisture in the internal edges if the phone has slipped in water or coffee. Open it take the battery out and keep it for drying. This will get rid of the moisture. Wipe all the parts with a soft cloth and put it back together. Now try to turn on your phone again.

Restart In Safe Mode

Restarting your phone in safe mode also helps you identify what is causing the problem. To start your LG G4 in safe mode, press the power button and wait for the display of Phone options.

Then hold ‘Power off’ and wait till it displays the “Restart in safe mode”. From this screen tap the option ‘Turn on safe mode.’

Restart in Safe Mode
Restart in Safe Mode

The safe mode appears n the lower left side. With this, you can check your device and the app’s functionality. Here you can examine your device to see what is causing this problem and be able to solve LG G4 won’t turn on error.

Apply The Factory Reset  To Fix LG G4 Won’t Turn On Issue

The factoryreset should be one of the last options that you can try, after trying all other options. The risk here is that once you apply the factory reset or change your phone back to the factory settings, you can lose all your data and customized setting on your phone.

So be cautious and think thoroughly before you apply this option. To apply factory reset, hold the volume down key and power button at the same time until the LG logo appears.

Factory Reset LG G4
Factory Reset LG G4

Leave the power button for a few seconds and hold it again, while pressing the volume down key this whole time.

Here when you see the factory data reset screen, leave both the keys. Scroll down by volume down key and select ‘Yes’ tap on it by pressing the power button. The phone will automatically reboot in a while with the factory settings.

Clear Dalvik Cache And Battery Stats

LG G4 Won’t Turn On after following the previous steps? The cache has been loading up too much space and your smartphone is sort of malfunctioning as a result.

Rectify this, you have to put that into the recovery mode of the phone by pressing your specific key combination.

Commonly for many phones including the LG G4, the key combination for entering the system recovery mode is volume down + power button together.

Clear Dalvik cache and Battery Stats
Clear Dalvik cache and Battery Stats

You have to press the power of Patel for one second to confirm that you are purposefully trained to enter the recovery mode which your phone my brow duo as a security feature. You can also root your LG G4.

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Once you have acknowledged and entered into recovery mode, you will have to go to the wipe section and select the advanced wipe option using the volume buttons for navigation and the power button for selection.

In the advanced settings, you will find an option called clear Dalvik cache as well as clear Battery stats as two independent options. Navigate to each individual option and press the power button for confirmation. This will only take a few seconds as Dalvik’s cache as well as Battery stats are not too heavy in size.

Once you have successfully erased the cache as well as the Battery stats, you can go back into the main menu of recovery and select the reboot system now option. Within Iraq, if these two were the troublemakers that caused your LG G4 doesn’t turn on issue, then you would be just fine and should start up as it normally would.

Reflash The System ROM

Sometimes, a few apps that make their way into your system by bunting themselves with the third party download that you do, and wreck the native OS and might end up causing your phone to not turn on at all. To rectify this, we can refresh the system once again.

It is relatively easy to do, don’t worry. Just have to download the official firmware from the LG website and use a flash tool such as the SP Flash tool or use your own built-in recovery if the ROM file is available as a flashable Zip. If whatever I said didn’t make any sense to you, you need to hit up Google or YouTube and get your knowledge game going.

Alternatively, if you have been among the smart kids and have kept a backup of your phone, you can simply go into the recovery once again using the above mentioned in combination and restore it to the point where it was working.

I sure hope that you are enabling USB debugging. Despite getting warned by the anti-virus on your phone to turn it off. Because if you are capital from file or the backup file on a Windows PC. Android debug Bridge or ADB is the only way you can directly parachute onto the phone.

You can also try to load it on an SD card using the card reader. And then load the SD card onto the phone too. It might be difficult, but it is doable in the end.

This version of the method by which you could possibly try to recover your LG G4 from its frozen state. One of these methods should get your LG G4 not turning on and the problem solved. Best of luck to you!

LG Service Center (Fix LG G4 Won’t Turn On)

If none of these options work and the LG G4 Won’t Turn On, take your phone to the nearby service center. It could be some other complications on your phone, or your battery may need a replacement.

LG Service Center
LG Service Center

We know it could be quite an annoying thing where your phone won’t simply turn on when it has become such an integral part of our daily life. We do hope that one of the options given above helps you with LG G4 won’t turn on issue.

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