Computers are machines that can do various things. They can process multiple terabytes of information and can show you the desired action all the same time. This power comes with the interaction of the software and hardware. The software packages like OS, MS Office, Windows Media Player, etc., conclude all the actions.

How to get rid of Win32/Virus in 3 easy stages

  1. Download the rmvirut.exe file.
  2. Launch the tool to eliminate compromised files.
  3. Update: After rebooting your computer, check to see if your antivirus program is current, and then perform a thorough system scan.

Sometimes while using the computer for browsing the internet or transferring information from one drive to another, there may be some nuisance that may ruin your computer. These are the Malware. They slow down the system and even breach the user’s privacy. They are dangerous in every form.

One of the most common forms of malware is the Win32:Malware-gen Trojan. Yep, it’s a long name, as long as the threats it poses.

How to Remove Win32:Malware-gen Trojan

In this list, we will look at the steps to remove the Win32:Malware-gen Trojan easily. So let’s have a look!

Method #1 Use Anti-Malware Software

The first way to remove Win32:Malware-gen Trojan is by installing powerful anti-malware software. There are many software packages available on the market.

The most preferred anti-malware software is Malwarebytes. It is anti-malware software with an extensive database of malware. It can detect and delete malware quickly.

Malwarebytes Scan Now

This dominant feature is why Malwarebytes is the anti-malware to remove Win32:Malware-gen.

  1. The first step that should be taken to remove Win32:Malware-gen Trojan is the installation of Malwarebytes.install the malwarebytes
  2. Go to the website and install the essential software. Now when prompted, choose the free version. Go to the scan option and select the Scan full computer the software

This would allow Malwarebytes to scan all the files on the computer for the malware. The software would find the malware and delete the malware altogether. This handy process can be used to remove the Win32:Malware-gen Trojan from the computer system.

Method #2 Use Spyhunter

There is a specific program that is highly effective in malware like Win32:Malware-gen Trojan. Software like SpyHunter is ideal for removing Win32:Malware-gen Trojan.

The first thing that users must know about the malware is its property. It should be noted that the malware mentioned above is the worm. It can transmit the information of the user to the remote server.

The malware can also mess with the settings of the computer. There are also chances that the malware will infect the files on the computer. Win32:Malware-gen can corrupt the internal files and may make them inoperable. The malware can also create a backdoor for the hackers to access the system.

Remove Homepage

This scenario is a nightmare for any user. The malware doesn’t stop here. Win32:Malware-gen can start to disrupt the booting of the machine. It is primarily the one-in-whole package of troubles.

Luckily, for typical users, many antivirus software can detect and delete them. But sometimes, they don’t. It is this time when we can bring the SpyHunter into the equation.

The SpyHunter is a powerful cleaner of malware. It can search the registry files and the files on the system of use to get the malware. This deep cleaning is why the user should opt for the software.

It should be kept in mind that the SpyHunter is paid software. So to use it, you need to shell out some money. However, it is free to download, and the scanning of the system is free. If you need the software to remove Win32:Malware-gen, I suggest it’s worth the price.

Method #3

The last way to the list is the manual method. This technique is easy and efficient if you follow the steps carefully. In manual mode, you need to find the file infected manually and the malware to remove the Win32:Malware-gen trojan from the system.

The steps are easy but systematic. To apply this method, we must first find the system’s malware. To do this, click Ctrl+Alt+Del and open Task Manager.

Task Manager

  1. Find the Win32 tasks and let click on the option.
  2. Go to the location of the task and find the executable file.
  3. Delete the file and all the files in it.
  4. Now move on to the temporary file of the system. Install a cleaner and clean the registry of the computer.

This should get rid of the files of the malware. There can be infected files that could have been corrupted; delete those too. If you don’t want to remove it, then use an antivirus to scan the files for safety.

Finally, go to the browser setting to see if any extensions are corrupted. Reset the add-ons of the browsers. This should fix your problem.


How do I eliminate Trojan from safe mode?

Press F8 and start your computer in safe mode, then restart it. Select the Trojan-affected program or file by going to Remove or Add Programs in the panel. Remove a program's files from the Windows System folder and delete all of its files.

What is a Win32 API?

The primary set of Microsoft Windows APIs used for creating 32-bit applications is the Windows API and WinAPI. These APIs handle the following categories of functions: Installing, configuring, and maintaining systems or applications. It is known as administration and management.

What does a Win32 Trojan do?

Trojans can grant an attacker access to users' identities, financial information, and other sensitive information. It can also damage user files or corrupt other network-connected devices

Can users of Windows 11 use Win32?

Yes. Users of Windows 11 can now execute Win32 applications in a separate environment. Other operating system components are shielded from potentially harmful software by it. Hence, the new security measure helps to keep hackers out of sensitive data.

How can users detect Trojans?

The user needs to launch a thorough computer scan using an anti-virus scanner to find it. Hence, it can quickly recognize all dangers and let the user know what kind of malware is present. Additionally, the scanner typically recommends taking steps to entirely remove the Trojan and any implanted malware from the system.


With this, we have come to the end of our list. The methods discussed in the list are user-friendly in all aspects. You can use any of the above techniques to remove the Win32:Malware-gen Trojan.

We request users to take into account the severity of the situation. In each case, it is important to consider the effectiveness of the methods that can be chosen. We also advise caution while manually deleting the malware to avoid unintentionally removing critical files. I hope that the methods will be helpful for anyone in need.

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