4 Best Free Caesar Cipher Decoder Tools [Latest]


You might be familiar with Caesar’s Cipher. It is a simple encryption technique employed for preserving data integrity and for security purposes. It follows a straightforward encryption pattern for the given data. Each letter is shifted left by a certain number of stages of alphabets and then rewritten in that new order.

So according to this cipher, with a shift of say, three, the alphabet A will replace a D in the data, B will be substituted in place of E and so on. When the normal alphabet series starts like ABCDEFG, the cipher for the same will be XYZABCD.

So if you ever found a secret message that some geeky friend of yours sent encrypted, or it’s the assignment you need to copy, currently in an unreadable format thanks to some trickster buddy of yours, you will probably be looking for a Caesar Cipher decoder, right?

You could use some mathematics and derive two simple formulas to decode it. But there is always the risk of damaging those fragile brains of yours via “hardcore” math. Isn’t there a more natural way?

Well, there is, apparently! This article solely exists here to save you some hassle of looking for some unique tools yourself. Here I have listed 5 best Caesar Cipher decoder tools for your convenience. Be sure to give them a try before you yell at that friend of your who sent you that encrypted gibberish in the first place. Let us begin.


Caesar Cipher Decoder Tools


The title is the name of the website that aids you in your decoding adventures. It’s a good looking website that takes the encoded text and decodes it based on a known difference, in this case, let’s say a difference of 3 letters.

But unfortunately, it cannot attempt to decode it based on a brute force approach of testing all possible combinations. That option is seemingly unavailable. Just paste the encrypted text in the Cipher text box and click on the Decipher button.


Depending on your Internet speed, you will get the decrypted message as plain text in the text box to the left of it. You can quickly encode text here too. Just do the opposite of what I instructed earlier.

You can also choose the number of places by which the text needs to be shifted, so that’s cool. Visit this website for yourself and use this tool. It was fast and accurate in my experience.


This website also has a similar tool that can decrypt a cipher of a shift key starting from 1 to 26. It’s considered as one of the most reliable Caesar Cipher decoder tool out there.

There is also an option to guess the amount of shift on the available encoded text if you don’t know the shift key yourself. You can either encrypt or decrypt the text by a certain number of shifts using the press of a button.

It just replaces the alphabets as we discussed above, so you can use the same method for encrypting it as well.


Just paste the text to be decoded and select the key size. Hit the button which says encrypt/decrypt, and done. The result is shoes below the text box as ‘output.’

It is a speedy and functional tool. Check it out and see how you like it. You probably aren’t going to decode stuff on a daily basis anyway, so I’m guessing that it will do just fine.


Though Cryptii.com has a rather weird name, it is by far the most well-designed tool of the bunch. You can choose to either encode or decode in the central control box, where you can do a little bit more.

One can change the shift value, enable or disable case sensitivity, check for foreign characters, substitute your alphabet sequence and more.


You can choose to view the output as plain text, bytes, which shows a bunch of hexadecimal or even cool matrix style binary 1 and 0. One can also apply case formatting to the output, for it to be incomplete lower/upper case.

It is a feature loaded tool which happens to be my favorite of the bunch. You should try this out for yourself, just for fun, even if you have found the earlier options to get your job done well enough.


This website uses a straightforward interface to help you encrypt or decrypt a cipher text with the shift key value of your choice. It is left blank at first, and you are supposed to fill it up yourself.

Enter or paste your text into the left-hand side text field, set the decryption shift to the key value you know and hit decrypt. You will have your result in the right-hand side text field. You can also encrypt using the same method.


If you don’t know the key value, you can leave it blank and click on the brute force button for decryption. You will get a list of strings you can decrypt with the automated application of key values from 1 to 25.

You can do this for encryption as well and see which key produces the most confusing encryption, though they are all dull gibberish to any other person without this tool.

It is one of the most accessible tools to encrypt/decrypt your text. You should give this one a fair trial as well. Hope, our list of Caesar Cipher decoder tools was helpful for you.


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