8 Best Free GIF Viewers for Windows [Updated]

Digital Graphics has changed the way we see the world of entertainment. Nowadays, you will find most of the people engaged in some TV series, movies, songs or games. Often, we find ourselves in a position where we wish for native GIF viewers on our windows system. Sure, we can open the downloaded GIF files through a web browser, but our windows OS lacks a proper tool for handling such files. The built-in Photos app is unable to read that format and just portrays it as a boring old, still JPEG image.

Let’s do something about it, by downloading the tools we need from the vast shores of the internet. Here are 8 best free GIF viewers that you can install on your Windows system.

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Top 8 Free GIF Viewers

Here is the list of top 8 free GIF Viewers.

GIF Viewer

This GIF viewer software is quite simply called as ‘GIF viewer.’ When you open this thing, you are asked to go to the location where your GIF file is stored. You simply open it and play it. There is a distributed timeline of sorts, which goes along as the GIF plays on the homepage. You can stop or change the speed at which the GIF is playing for your convenience.

GIF Viewer
GIF Viewer

It includes a few advanced settings such as set buffer size, a minimum delay of frames on start-up and more.

Visit: GIF Viewer


This is a free GIF player with a unique interface. The controls are on the left side, with the entire top and bottom sides free for the GIF to occupy. You can play and pause your GIFs of course, and also convert them into image files with the format of your choice. They will surely be one of PNG, JPG, ICO and some others. JPEG formats are not supported here.

You can even put up some slideshows of the pictures present in your designated drive, from this software. It’s a neat, easy to use interface which you will surely love to use.

Note that it requires .NET 2 framework and administrator privileges to function. The framework is usually built into most operating system versions, dating back to the Windows XP days, so you’re pretty much good to go.


This is one of the most unaffected GIF players out there, with basic play and pause functions. To play a GIF file, you need to drag and drop it there merely. You can also increase or decrease the animation speed of your GIF. This software even allows you to save a particular frame as an image to your computer by freezing the playing pictures.


You can integrate this software with the Windows native file explorer too. I loved the fact that it allows you to rescale the quality of your original GIF file. That’s somewhat cool for such a seemingly simple tool. It has a lot of positive reviews and mentions, and this post adds to that list.

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Visit: 7GIF


This software is one of those which provides you easy access and navigation right at the home page. The file browser allows you to select the file you want from your native storage and open it.


It will display all the GIF files present in the selected drive, and you need to click on the one you want to watch the animated scene of the same. There are a bunch of GIF creation and editing features on board as well, such as JPEG transform, Batch Converter, etc. Assuming that you know which option does what, you can have a great time using this software tool.

Visit: 11view

Image Eye

This is an upgraded version of 11View. Image Eye grants you some additional control over the playing GIF file via a right-click menu. Unlike basic GIF Viewers, here you can rotate the GIF, adjust its brightness, contrast, saturation levels and more.

Image Eye
Image Eye

You can also convert it into particular image types like some others in this list. All the standard and popular formats of image files are supported on Image Eye, so no need to worry.

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Visit: Image Eye


This belongs to the category of GIF Viewers which are used to just view your GIF files without the expectations to edit it in any way. It merely plays the file you open, continuously in a loop, without any ways of stopping it.


It supports all popular image formats like .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .WAV, .AVI, .WMA etc.

You can download this software for your 32 bit or 64-bit system.

Visit: FreeVimager

DIMIN Viewer n5

This is another one of those GIF Viewers which gives you a decent amount of control over the playing GIF. You can quickly do the basics like play, pause, changing the speed, rotating the GIF left or right and more.


Additionally, you can flip the image, resize it, which is cool and even apply some color effects to it. It also supports formats like .TIFF and.RAW, which is quite cool. Check it out and download yourself.

Visit: DIMIN Viewer n5


This is also one of the most simple GIF Viewers as it does not provide any pause and play options to control the GIF. It does, however, feature a very responsive interface for browsing through your computer’s native storage and selecting the GIF file that you want to view. The list of files is on the right-hand side, and the GIF is played on the bottom left quadrant of the home screen.


Navigate down to PicViewer among other products and hit the version number to download it.

Visit: PicViewer

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Here, we sorted the list of top 10 GIF viewers which are easy to view those GIF images which used to be struggle sometime back. We hope you liked our list, in case you have some more to add or any questions related to these, feel free to comment them down.


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